Sunday 30 November 2014


‘From November through to December, I shall cultivate a new beginning in my worldly life’
Quote of the day
‘Do you remember November for its incredible enlightenment and insight? Now I want you to embrace December for it is equally enlightening experiences from the 1st until the 31st because 2015 is going to be our year where fusion of great minds shall dissolve confusion and delusion of so many different kinds.’

Dear Friends it is so sad for me to say farewell to a wonderful month in November where memories of the past enlightened me to make brilliant new waves for the future. Creating new waves is like a luminous ball from heaven brightening up the skies above with wonder and awe and drenching us with hailstones of inspiration and motivation. The past holds our history both good and bad, the present is history in the making and the future is what we make of tomorrow. I found my memories of the past an incredible niche to tap into because it helped me remember my good old days when a smile became a smile and a friend remained a friend. Today, I want to say that without reflecting on the past the future will continue to have a similar outlook, it will continued to be dull and dreary. What I would ultimately like to achieve is to see the same harmony in all 7 billion of us here on a lovely bluish planet floating in our solar system. I like to see happiness over the faces of people that I meet. My memories reveals how wonderful happiness was in those good old days, so why can’t I try with a little bit of help from you too continue this gesture of goodwill. I would like to see poverty eradicated from the face of the Earth. In my memories of the past when I used the month of November to remember I could see happiness in people’s faces when I offered assistance. Dear Friends, take the 1st stride, be humble at heart and try to be a jolly from the start. Look back in time and pick up the pieces that were good for you and capitalise on those treasured memories. Let fond memories of the past work for you. Be kind to others and don’t find faults in them. Be gentle to the snail and to the gigantic whale. Everything in life should be important to you.

Saturday 29 November 2014


Quote for the day
‘Confidence in you is Cultivating Opportunities Nurtures Faith In Delicate Ebulliences, Creating Never-Ending Enjoyment in you.’

When you lack confidence you cannot see light at the end of the tunnel, you live your life without hope and the results you see on a daily basis will always lessen your hopes for another day. Confidence is about sureness in yourself illustrating your ability to demonstrate that you can perform anything in life with certainty. To establish a level of confidence that you have at the precise moment you need to rate your poise or composure right away on a scale of 0 – 100. Now it is quite possible that your confidence is set at 0. My confidence 20 years ago was below zero. I was shattered, devastated and extremely suicidal. Nothing would seem right, everything was ugly. I lacked dignity and self-assurance. I could not walk 20 foot without feeling that I would fall into a puddle of shame and humiliation. Perhaps you are not as bad as me, perhaps your confidence level is higher maybe set at 20, 30 or more. If your confidence level is at 100 you would not be needing inspiration but rather commendation. When you change your circumstances by polarising negatives and making them positives you are actually cultivating opportunities bespoke to your needs in your mind. Let us assume that you are a plumber and work is a bit scarce and you conjure or cultivate this desire in your mind to start working from home. You lacked the faith to do just that because you do not have the acumen for business and spent most of your life working for someone else. You then investigated the hub of business affairs and found incredible levels of support from local authorities and funding to start your own business. Mentally you took a dull situation and turned it around. By investigation you developed faith in your abilities. It is not an overnight process for your level of ebulliences will certainly come in delicate doses. Today you woke up in a new vestment. Tomorrow you go for training and the next day mail will come through your post-box or email box giving you support and wisdom. Suddenly you feel a sense of enjoyment. You took negatives and you made it positives. You took your skills and you made it work. You stopped procrastinating and started concentrating, calculating and then activating. Dullness became fullness and darkness became a new beginning for you, like light at the end of a long tunnel for you. Therefore Confidence in you is all about Cultivating Opportunities that Nurtures Faith In Delicate Ebulliences, Creating Enjoyment in you, for you and for all your loved ones.

Friday 28 November 2014

It is Often Easy to tease but hard to Please

‘It is often easy to tease but hard to please’
Quote of the day
‘Life can be hard or easy. It is easy to tease, to displease, to acquire a disease or to say cheese. On the other hand it is hard to please, be at ease, to find the right keys or to go overseas.’

When I reminiscence over my good old days when joy and happiness was at the pinnacle of my days it made realise how pleasant life can really be. It made me think of how tomorrow and my future on Earth can become. Am I going to spend my days miserable and unhappy or am I going to maintain the rhythm of keeping happy and joyful? What makes a person’s day happy and joyful? Is it materialistic things in life or is the joy of living life to the fullest? I think there are several reasons that can make you happy. The main reason is to establish what makes you happy. Remembering the good old days when you were happy helps. It recalls what made you happy and what makes you sad. It is easy to tease, to displease, to acquire a disease or to say cheese. On the other hand it is hard to please, be at ease, to find the right keys or to go overseas. By teasing, displeasing or by acquiring a disease we are actually making ourselves and the lives of other quite unhappy. Teasing is about making fun at the expense of someone else. It is a provocative type of behaviour that can make your days on earth lonely and unwanted. To be displeasing to someone can be quite hurtful and offensive. It is a horrid deed to exercise and by doing just that makes your day unhappy and unjoyful as well. By acquiring a disease due to negligence can be a painful and sometimes debilitating experience in life. You as well as those close to you become sad and despondent. So, when you looked back over your life and highlighted those high and low days you will find that the root cause of your highs and  lows were in fact you. It is always harder to do good deeds that brings smiles to people faces and their hearts. It is hard to please others as well as yourself but you just need to constantly try and try. It is hard to maintain an affluent lifestyle or simply to be at ease. It is often hard to open the doors of opportunities because you simply cannot find the right keys. Again. I say try your very best to persevere. Keeping looking and you shall find whatever you are looking for. Make tomorrow and the rest of your life be pampered with joy and happiness instead of sadness and unhappiness. It is all about your input and what triggers you to be happy and joyful!

Thursday 27 November 2014

The Road to Victory

‘The Road to Victory’
Quote of the day
‘The Road to Victory can best be described as an individual’s triumph to success. Success is about accomplishment and Achievement in not just a single compendium of conquest but rather in a millennium triumph of all subject matter.’

To say that you are successful in finance, in your romance or when you take a chance is not enough. Success is about achievements in all subject matter. It is about realisation of all things good and bad. It is about triumph at work, at school and at home. It is about being victorious in the management of your life. It is about the sensations to be a successful parent or grandparent. It is about the execution of your daily memorandum fulfilled to the core. It is about doing good deeds daily and to do it spontaneously and without obligation. It is about your personal stardom in the faculty of your goals. It is about eminence placed on the quality of your work whether you are engaged in the service industry, in the sales division or in the manufacturing arena. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls you have to seek victory in virtually every aspect of your life. You need to be kind to be gentle. You need to travel along a road towards righteousness. As you travel you will meet people with similar qualities where you shall learn and you shall teach. There are many roads out there that lead to foolishness and inequality but they seem quite enticing and lure us to an early demise or a life of misery and tension. To be successful you need to follow successful people that teach you right from wrong. You will know when you are on the right road because you will see similarity around you. You can tell contamination from divination. Contamination is a road of pollutants ready to blemish your thoughts with corruption and interruptions. Divination is the foresight to your centennial road towards success. You certainly never rush into any decision making. You are fully conscious of your adversaries. You have a complete insight into what is expected of you in life and what you are willing to do. You have an understanding between you and 7 other billion people. You know that you shall always be altruistic in your approach and that you shall never harm or hurt anyone else. You generally have a good acumen in your field and have a broad knowledge in other fields seeking advice and tuition when needed.

Wednesday 26 November 2014

Don't open the box and close the idea

‘Don’t open the box and close the idea’
Quote of the day
‘Opportunities in life come in all shapes and sizes, the only difficulties that we face is that we cannot see them even though we are constantly drawn to them. Always open opportunities bestowed upon you but never close the idea.’

Opportunities do come in all shapes and sizes. The real question is what is an opportunity? My take on the description of the word opportunity can best be depicted as the following:

‘An opportunity is a unique privilege for any human being irrespective of age, colour, creed or gender to have a independent vision of their expectancy of life on Earth from birth to death. During this centennial period in their lives we know that each individual is constantly changing by the hour and by the day. Opportunities gives people the viewpoint of what they are capable of achieving and what it takes to achieve such a perspective. The Universe pours opportunities to all but we need the courage and bravery to accept bespoke opportunities according to our needs.’

Many of us will always hesitate to make significant changes to our lives. We are generally afraid of changes and are afraid to become failures we if did try. You need to have a strong backbone to move forward in a world that is generally a backbreaker. You need nerves of steel. It is like a contest in sport with just a single victor. Victory comes at a price. You need constant training and a strong belief in yourself. When opportunities knock on your door, you need to open the door and let them in. Good opportunities are clear and not translucent or opaque. Good and Clear Opportunities illustrate a certain level of input that is required from you. Bad and unclear opportunities can be seen a mile away. They are generally appear easy to achieve like a windfall or a scheme like a pyramid scheme that lures people to their financial doom. Dear friends you have the power to imagine and therefore through your thought processes of vividness and clarity you will always see light at the end of the tunnel for you. Most of it is common sense but common sense is often tainted with greed and lust. You have to differentiate the two with immediate effect. Let opportunities come your way but you must develop the nerve to swerve past the bad and unclear opportunities and curve the good and clear opportunities towards you. To have the nerve is to serve your bravery and courage in whatever you do by observing, conserving, reserving and preserving. Observation is the thought process of examining an opportunity with care and with caution. Conservation is about maintaining and sustaining your nerve throughout the process of executing something. Reservation is about setting aside time each day to execute your agenda irrespective of what it is. Preservation is about protection. It is about protecting what you have amassed over the years of hard work that you put into a project. You can change the outlook o 2015 for you. It just requires your bravery from dawn to dusk.

Tuesday 25 November 2014

Knowledge is the greatest source of Energy

‘Knowledge is the greatest source of Energy’
Quote of the day
‘Without knowledge there is no logic. Knowledge is wisdom and logic is reasoning. Wisdom comes from learning passed down from our peers, our ancestors and our parents. Logic comes from us giving the right judgement to make at the right time.’

Knowledge is actually very old and sometimes relatively new. How old would you say knowledge really is? Would you say that knowledge is as old as we sought it? If so, then how old is knowledge? Would you that knowledge dates back to The Garden of Eden when Adam spoke to GOD in the Adamaic Covenant? Would you say knowledge is relatively young, about 150 years old or so? Knowledge is not just about wisdom, realisation, understanding, information or skills, knowledge is a vibrant source of energy whose frequency is relatively unknown, whose source is not known or seen and whose expansion is unclear. A person that learns to become knowledgeable may find his or her skills relatively new. Through experience they may become adept in their chosen fields and maybe classified as an expert in say Medicine, Astronomy, Agriculture of The Arts. This expertise may then be passed on to others lower in the ladder who then become aware, familiar, understanding and experienced. If I told you that tomorrow you shall gain new knowledge that would change your entire concept of life and that you will reach the pinnacle of your success in a given timeframe, what would you do or how would you react? This knowledge which is very old suddenly becomes new because if you knew about it you would not be reading this article but getting on with the joys of being successful. Why do so many people fall into an open pit of failure, stress and anxiety? Why do some people gain all the financial freedom that sets them apart form the rest? There are five forms of knowledge and that is:

·         No knowledge
·         New Knowledge
·         Old Knowledge
·         True Knowledge
·         Vague Knowledge

If someone such as your child asked you a question about the atom and because you learnt about the atom at school your subconscious mind brings out an answer that maybe accurate enough or a vague answer that may offer some form of understanding. You could be in a position to say I don’t know. You could look up the information and gain new knowledge. You could be an expert in the field and provide an accurate answer but commonly we all blurt out vague answers. In our rigorous road to success we need to seek True Knowledge direct from the source and implement for our use on a daily basis, just like our forefather in Adam who always sought true knowledge to cope with his life in a new environment. Knowledge is energy because you can feel it and can be touched by it. Energy is dynamism, vigour and vim to get you out of the dim, din and grim lifestyle that you may be experiencing. Life is about living and only with true knowledge can you energise yourself to reach the happiness that you so deserve. Surely this is the logical way forward. Get knowledge and then use it to make a logical step forward.

Monday 24 November 2014

The Power of Euphoria

‘The Power of Euphoria’
Quote of the day
‘The Power of Euphoria from the base of your chair to the foot of your stair can transport you to cloud nine where happiness, joy, jubilance, rapture and laughter take on a new dimension and a new you.’

To actuate a journey to cloud nine you need to make preparatory plans of where you actually want to go. The common medium for travel is Euphoria, without which is like going to an airport without a ticket. You have to build an ecstatic feeling in your heart like you would if it was your birthday tomorrow or Christmas in 31 days. Creating New Year resolutions is one approach to an ecstatic life. You create the ecstatic feeling as per your very own desires or passion. The separation is time. A journey to New York by aeroplane on the 11th of December is approximately 8 hours. The time separation to your ecstatic holiday or journey will then be 17 days and 8 hours. What do you do between now and then? Why do you have to be ecstatic just on the 11th of December and not every single day of your life? You see Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls we all live in a world construed with pressure, stress and anxiety. Everyday including today holds its inhibitions for you. No matter how hard you try or how hard you engage something from somewhere will come in between you and your personal happiness. You need to experience happiness, joy, jubilance, rapture and laughter on a daily basis. In this way you will always produce the best in you. Society is designed to produce the worst in you by your peers and the very rich. You need to avoid these negative setbacks in your day and move forward on a constant journey to cloud nine. What constitutes the keys ingredients for success? Happiness is one of them because happiness constitutes contentment and blissfulness in whatever you do. Happiness makes your body respond accurately to your mental calling. Joy is about having pleasure in what you do from dawn to dusk and the nocturnal dusk to dawn. Jubilance is that elation you get when you accomplish something, small or big it does not really matter. Rapture is the burst of enthusiasm that you have when you start something but remains a continuous process until the job is done. Laughter is the consequence of your actions. Laughter promotes a spirited feeling in you telling you that you are on the right track. You laugh not because it is amusing or entertaining, this form of laughter comes naturally. The laughter I am referring to is that feeling of enjoying life, the merriment of your existence and the glee of your efforts each day. This journey to cloud nine is the new dimension of travel for you. Like a time traveller you can exact how your life would be in a day’s time or in 10 year’s time. Go for it, go for the bespoke goals or resolutions that you want in life to see radical changes for you and for your family. This is the PAR effect. Plan for those goals well in advance, use my daily Quotes and Articles to make right decisions or choices. Then take the appropriate Action to make dreams come true. Sit back like a Time Traveller and visualise your Results in 2015, 2016, 2017 etc. Standby for your blueprint, an announcement will be made on Twitter -

Sunday 23 November 2014

The Action Plan

‘The Action Plan – Achievement and Accomplishment without Grievance and Punishment.’

Quote of the day
‘When it is time for action we will know it well. It will be written in the stars and we will encounter our workload in workable bouts of achievement and accomplishment without grievance and punishment.’
Do you stand at the top of a hill like a meerkat sentry watching out for predators or do you wait at the bottom of the hill for an easy entry. You have the appendages to make dreams come true and until you take the right action nothing will work out. How do you take the right action? How do you drive a car? How do you bake a cake? Becoming successful in life is not about reinventing the wheel but rather about revealing your dreams. Revealing your dreams makes you understand what is needed to fulfil and achieve them. If you want to pass your driving test you first do the research and then perform the search. The research is written in the stars.  The search is in the workload made up of a theory test, driving test and at least 30 individual lessons. The result is a driving licence that you have accomplished and fulfilled over a period of time in this instance approximately 6 months. If you want to increase your income again you first do the research which is made up increasing your hourly rate, studying to increase your knowledge, working overtime or working for yourself. You then perform the workloads attached to it and over a period of time you will be financially better off feeling accomplished and fulfilled. Sounds easy but is it. To learn to drive you need tuition or knowledge. To increase your income you also need tuition or knowledge. However sourcing the right tuition or knowledge plays a pivotal role in how your result fares out. How did I do it 20 years ago? How did I walk through the jungle of confusion and deceit without encountering problems and inhibitions? I did my research based on my goals but how did I go about getting the right search? What made me alert and not hurt, what made me successful and least stressful and what made me happy and not snappy? I based my venture to fulfilment and accomplishment on the parenthesis of ground rules which formulated the start of my journey. To reach the stardom of my venture I needed to follow a set of rules already laid down by someone that has done it before. This was and still remains my action plan. Ground rules create sound results. What comes next is my action plan based on a system of rules laid out by someone else who has successfully done it before. I call these rules Expound Rules. This is my deliverance to you from me in various formats to suit your needs. What are your Expound rules? Expound Rules were rules given to me to use and implement on a daily basis. Now I want to pass them onto you in exactly the same that I received them. We have done the ground rules, now we shall exercise the Expound Rules. Don’t pursue a goal or a resolution without adhering to Ground Rules and Expound Rules otherwise you will be punished and live in grievance.

Saturday 22 November 2014

The Golden Ground Rule

‘The Golden Ground Rule’
Quote of the day
‘Before you make a decision that can have an impact on your life you need to make a full revision of that decision before making provisions.’

Dear Friends, what becomes of tomorrow lies entirely on what we do today and more importantly of what we thought of yesterday. Many a failure in life stems from poor and evasive thoughts the day before resulting in a constraint day today and a less creative tomorrow. Before you embark on making decisions you need to identify exactly what needs changing in your life. This could be one or more problems only you will be able to identify. This formulates a type of resolution, pertinent to the end of the year because we now shall call it our New Year’s Resolutions. Our New Year’s Resolutions are our unique pledge to see a change in the New Year, in this case 2015. The question is are we willing to take on the challenge? This is what I call Planning. Planning is arranging your affairs in a correct way so that the New Year can take off in the right way. Planning is about preparation to find out what are the requirements needed to make our Resolutions work. Planning is about developing new skills and knowledge to counteract our problem or problems. Planning is about scheduling time each day into workable agendas to make work completed rather than incomplete. Planning is about forecasting the possibilities of setbacks, inhibitions or distractions that always tap on our front door. The entire concept of Planning is called Revision of your decision or decisions. If you are not willing to make an individual change then you will not experience an overall change. If you have to make today fulfilled and accomplished then you have to start thinking about today the day before. You have to revise before you improvise. Are you now ready for Action? Are you willing to make tomorrow a better day? If so what about your provisions? To take a plan into action you need provisions. You need vital necessities to make things work. A financially constraint person would need a moratorium as his or her provision and a time schedule to make the moratorium work. Where do we get provisions from or rather where did I get my provisions from? This is what tomorrow all is about. Tomorrow is your day of sustenance, a day where you shall receive and then perceive, believe and finally achieve your goals or your resolutions. I received some twenty years ago. I ten perceived this new knowledge over some time and finally I started to believe especially in myself. Now I have achieved what I listed on my Yearly resolutions. What I have achieved is what I wanted to achieve. I wanted to see a change and finally I got exactly the change I needed. I am here as a fully matured Human Being that awakes each with a vision to do better onto myself and onto my fellowman and woman. See you tomorrow.

Friday 21 November 2014

‘Don’t eat to stay off your feet, eat to stay on your feet’
Quote of the day
‘Eating foods that make you ill, sleepy and off your feet can do you considerable harm, you need to eat foods that keeps you well, alert and on your feet.’

How important is your life is proportional to the importance of eating moderately and considerately. I say this with great emphasis because the mind and the body are vital parts of you to make goals become reality. Keeping unhealthy leads to early mortality. Having a strong mentality to correct eating is a normality to a meritocratic Goal Setter. You are entitled to eat but what you eat is not necessarily your entitlement. You don’t have to eat a kebab a day because a kebab shop is below your apartment. You don’t have to eat a portion of chips smothered in oil, you can eat a healthier portion with no oil at all. You see, Dear Friends eating foods that make you ill, sleepy and off your feet can do you considerable harm, you need to eat foods that keeps you well, alert and on your feet. This constitutes the correct recipe, method or strategy to succeed. Your body is a powerhouse to function like a dynamo. Your body is usually ignited by inspiration and motivation but if it lacks vitality like a neglected engine your performance will be sluggish, unmotivated and uninspired. The real question you need to ask yourself is, do you want to see a radical change in 2015 or do you want to see a minor change or no change at all. The opulence from The Universe will only flow into your heart or your bank account if you open your heart or account correctly. You need an attuned mind and body to do just that. Let your body and mind harmonise during the day and during the night. Rest peacefully and work steadily, do this conscientiously for the rest of your life. Assign memos for the day and be governed by these memos. A memo could also include the amount of calories you eat. It is easy to gauge the value of calories and fats in foods. In The Databank Times there is useful information to help you along your road to success. I want you to succeed. I succeeded but my road is still long. I have a further journey of almost 45 years and during this journey I am constantly learning. Your journey could be longer or shorter therefore I want you to take the right steps forward. Ground rules are important to prepare for the best in you from the rest of you. We are all born equally, therefore we should strive for equality amongst all. Eating moderately and considerately is a valued step forward. It makes you realise the importance of your life and the importance of your very own life.

Thursday 20 November 2014

‘Don’t discriminate, don’t incriminate and don’t intimidate’
Quote of the day
‘Take heed of your fellowmen or women who may well be in need. Don’t discriminate them for their creed or their breed. Don’t incriminate them for their greed and don’t intimidate them if they cede.’

You cannot walk the furlong and long for the fur with discrimination, incrimination and intimidation in your heart. You need to love what you do, you need to love the people that exist equally in our world, you need to love your family and your friends, you need to love the punters, you need to love the hunters, you need to love our Heavenly Father and you need to love yourself. You cannot judge someone else for their ethnicity, colour, culture or creed. Don’t judge or misjudge. Don’t hate or rate even if it is your old mate. Don’t have hostility in your heart, volatility in your mind and irresponsibility in your actions. Don’t bully, don’t be woolly and don’t be silly. Don’t laugh at someone, don’t gossip about them either. Don’t pity the disable for they have an equal right to live from city to city. Don’t mock another human being, don’t shock them with your vile, don’t stalk them either and don’t hawk them neither here or there. Life is about living it and not giving it away. Everyone has a life and this is the most important thing to remember. You cannot discriminate another human being for their creed or their breed. A person’s creed is his or her chosen faith. It is personal and we should respect it. People come in all shapes and sizes, in all colours and disguises and in various walks of life. As much as we want to be successful we must respect their need to be equally successful. We need to embrace rather than disgrace. We need to be patient rather than the patient. We need to learn to be good, we also need to yearn for the good and we should show concern for the good or the bad. We need to desire friendship rather than require it. To desire is to cherish a long relationship with someone. Dear Friends I urge you to stop discriminating, incriminating and intimidating. This is your third ground rule to follow before implementing your instructions.

Wednesday 19 November 2014

‘Your mind is as colossal as an Iceberg’
Quote of the day
‘Your mind is as colossal as an iceberg floating with time and manifesting into the being that you are. Your mind is as complex as it appears floating above water with what the world can see and floating below water with what the world cannot see.’

Your mind is the vibrant source of your body likened to a Hard Disc Drive, able to store memories, capable of planning, dreaming, creating, enduring and relaxing. The mind is the giver and the body delivers. Without the mind the body is redundant. Without the body the mind is virtual. The mind can also be visualised as an Iceberg floating in the sea of existence. The visible part of the mind is like the tip of the iceberg. To the world, to the angels, to the birds and the bees the mind brings out our personality, our originality, our nationality but it can also hide our brutality, our immorality and our conditionality. You see what the mind is thinking lies only with the thinker. Like the iceberg what is below the water is what we cannot see. I say onto you always be like the iceberg, colossal, transparent and gradual. To put it another context always think big, be blatant and don’t rush into anything. Think good things and feel exalted to do well onto others. Don’t hide behind a canopy and pretend to be nice or you may end up paying a very high price. Keep the cards to your chest, trust no one but our Heavenly Father who can read all your thoughts both good and bad. Your mind, the brain of your powerhouse needs to be stress-free, carefree and free at all times. Pressure on the mind, is pressure on your time. Strain on the brain is a drain on your campaign to succeed. Tension on your mind makes you blind in your judgement, behind in your daily grind and liable to be fined. A mind that worries will always be sorry. A carefree mind is always untroubled, cheerful, relaxed and light-hearted. This is the proprietary of a successful person. A mind that is free is a mind that will always be like a tree, absorbing, manufacturing and harbouring the goodness of life. Dear Friends, if you want to succeed in 2015 you need to clear the cobwebs of hostility in your mind and you need to be at peace. A stressed mind will always be a depressed mind. You will always procrastinate and delve in irrelevant matters. A stressed mind is an oppressed and suppressed mind. You need to build on a stress-free, carefree and free mind in order to find your happiness. It takes time perhaps but what is time if we cannot use our own time profitably. 

Tuesday 18 November 2014

‘Ground Rules to get Started’
Quote of the day
‘Preparation is a lengthy program that formulates a tedious training schedule to enable you to plan for your goals. This program arranges ground rules that are as essential as air to make our goals achievable.’

Dear Friends how can you possibly erect a home on loose sand or on a hilltop where there is no protection? How can you secure confidence in yourself or with others close to you if you have no faith? How can you make money without actually working for it? How do you get started? Where do you begin from and when do you set forth on a rigorous journey that can have its ups or downs to reach your very own pinnacle of success. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls it all starts with a solid foundation where the research and the groundwork preceded it. This foundation solid as a rock and penetrating as a root shall anchor you firmly to your dreams and when the distractions come your way or one of the many disengagements in life you shall not be moved. You shall stand still, unperturbed by side issues and brave at the sight of negativity. To reach this level of confidence and bravery you need to adhere to ground rules. You need to start your day in prayer irrespective of your Religion and you need to pray sincerely. You need to end your day with gratitude expressing your thankfulness for your safe return home and for your tumultuous achievement during the day. The use of the word tumultuous in this instance implies uninhibited, joyous and without restraint. You also need to focus on performing good deeds during the sandwich of your day. Do not expect to receive rewards for the good that you do but feel good just by doing it. Do these things in a sincere way and already your foundation shall strengthen in a way that builds confidence in you. You need to adhere to this program of sincerity in order for your goals to materialise. Your tenacity must be as long as your goals. Keep the trenches of your imagination deep and fill them when ready with solidness from the word go. Do this from tomorrow. Pray, work and Pray. Pray, work and Pray. Keep this harmonising cliché at the tip of your tongue and constantly repeat it in order to remind you of your ground rules.

Monday 17 November 2014

‘The Right Approach is often the best Approach’
Quote of the day
‘The Right Approach is often the best Approach. To be right is to be true and accurate about your intent. To have the right approach is to have the correct methodology to execute something.’

Over twenty years I was inspired to stay alive. I am here today because I took action. My results are a complete satisfaction according to my expectations. I have achieved the goals I wanted to and I shall achieve the goals that I have committed to paper for the New Year. How did it work for me and how sure am I that it will work for you? Well if it worked for a homeless, penniless and suicidal person than I can assure you that it will work for anyone. You see it is all about having the right approach. The Right Approach is often the best Approach. The right approach is a system of methodology that has worked since the Creation of Man. This methodology is a practice that if followed will give the right results. The right approach is truly altruistic. The right approach is something that has previously worked. The right approach is what you need to make your dreams come true. It is not an overnight process, nothing is. Gestation varies from species to species. An elephant takes 645 days to gestate whilst a racoon takes only 60 days. Nevertheless it is not an overnight process for either. Neither is it an overnight process for you. If it was then it won’t be worth doing. You have goals to commit to and eventually would want to achieve them so you need to be patient and you need not to be the patient. Being patient is an enduring fete undertaken by the participant. If you take the right approach you will have the right results. If you take the wrong approach you shall end up being the patient, worried stricken. To get started in this lap event lasting the duration of your goal you need to figure out the right approach. This comes from a series of ethical instructions that has worked previously. By the end of this week you shall have these instructions in the palm of your hands if you follow exactly what I tell you to do. Over twenty years ago I was inspired to stay alive but this was not enough. I needed to take action. I needed to surpass the levels of my expectations by following a set of instructions that has previously worked. These instructions given to me from The Universe became my blueprint. I followed it since then day in and day out. I never evaded any aspect of what I learnt and never will. I became the Baker that knew the recipe to make the bread that fed the people and created a new vocation for many, many others that waited rather than took action. Action will only give the right results if you took the right approach. It is time for you to come out of all this successful, hapy and contented.

Sunday 16 November 2014

‘Action for Satisfaction’
Quote of the day
‘Action is the converse of inaction because action is attraction that brings satisfaction. Inaction is distraction. Action is Exaction. Inaction is constant faction and subtraction. Action is deliberate extraction and calculated interaction.’

Dear Friends, by now we should have become saturated with Inspiration. We all have the dreams of a nobleman or noblewoman. We all want to see change. We have a noted list of Resolutions to make 2015 the best year of our lives and we all have a common denominator and that is to see our dreams through. We analysed our dreams for their valuable content, we filtered them to remove selfishness from the equation and we tried and tested them to assess whether we want to go ahead with them or not. Inspiration creates imagination, Inspiration creates illumination, Inspiration creates relaxation and Inspiration creates realisation. However without ACTION inspiration fizzles away like a firework that creates awe in the skies above for a brief period. The word Action is a much feared word because we are openly afraid to commit to change. We are afraid of the outcome and therefore prefer to remain as we are. We will constantly accept Inspiration because we know Inspiration creates wonderful dreams but dreams as we know are like fireworks that don’t last. Perhaps you found that ideal Inspirational Gallery in me. You are willing to tap into The Extranet on a daily basis when required or perhaps you do so on a daily basis. You want to be inspired to lighten up your imagination and live a life that lasts just for that moment or for the day. However when Action meets you face to face you turn the other away because you are afraid to meet the consequences for change. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls you are entitled to a live a life of pampering and luxuries on a daily basis. You are entitled to love on a daily basis and you are entitled to a chunk of the opulence of The Universe. Therefore ACTION is your next step. ACTION gives results. Do you recall my first Quote of November? My first Quote for November was PAR. PAR stood for Plan, Action and Result. In the last 15 days or perhaps since you followed me on Twitter there has been an abundance of bespoke inspirational values to nudge you to start planning for a life of pampering, luxuries and a chunk of the opulence of The Universe. Yesterday I saw Interstellar, the science fiction blockbuster. I was seated at the back and in front of me was a packed audience. During the film I noticed attention. The audience was so inspired and engrossed in the film that at some point in the film we all started to cry. Inspiration is like that. It gains our attention. We become hooked. We need ACTION to make a change. We need ACTION to see us through. ACTION will deliver the satisfaction that we deserve. ACTION is exaction. It’s a tough process, it is a challenge. It is onerous and this is why many of us are often not ready to move forward. ACTION is all about Extraction, extracting the right set of rules to fulfil your dreams. ACTION is about Interaction with the right people to make dreams come true. If your dreams are unselfish I guarantee that you will achieve them. Log on tomorrow for your blueprint, signed, sealed and delivered to you. This is no joke. This is the truth, waiting for you and waiting for you to take ACTION. ACTION is about Attracting Constant Traction In Orchestrated Notions.

Saturday 15 November 2014

Quote of the day
‘Liberation can best be defined as a deliverance from captivity. It is freedom from the constraints that a working week offers and it is freedom from the imprisonment that life delivers.’

Liberation frees you from weekly constraints that make your pressure rise and gives you that constant migraine that travels across your forehead. Liberation is deliverance from captivity and where best to enjoy it than your weekends. Your weekends provides the perfect platform to appreciate your liberation. It is a time where you experience the exaltation of discharge from your captivity. Your captivity could be your place of work, school or college. Being liberated is to take ownership of your life and run your life from the power of your very own decisions. You are not answerable to anyone over the weekends, in fact you are at liberty to do whatever you please. Liberation is your libation to a peaceful and relaxing weekend. Liberation sets you free like a bird flying high into the sky floating endlessly over the horizon. Liberation is really an emancipation from the bondage of your Employer, your Boss, your Peers and your inequities in life. I want you to feel free this weekend and to do the things that you want to do without permission, without control and without confinements. I want you to flap your wings and glide over the limitations of your life and reach out for the tallest order and nullify the shortest disorder. I want you to embrace your kin and have them beside you at all times. I want you laugh and laugh out loud. I want you to mingle and don’t be single. I want you to talk and I want you to walk. Talk to the plants and talk to anyone that you desire for there are no barriers. I want you to walk, to amble, to ramble and to shamble through the woods, the forest, the lea or the suburbs of your imagination. For you are free today and tomorrow as there are no barriers when you are free.

Friday 14 November 2014

‘Hard enough – Soft enough’
Quote of the day
‘A Hard day at the office makes you liberated to create a soft evening at home. A Challenging week is rewarded with a nonchalant weekend. Hard creates soft and soft creates hard.’

Most of us yearn for the weekend and sometimes we may have an even longer weekend. We want the weekend to come very quickly so that we could shut off our troubles. We want to hide from the sound of pressure and we want to creep into a canopy of bliss away from the constant hiss. We want to be merry and bury our trauma till Monday morning. A weekend should never be a form of recluse. A weekend should a period of pamper without any form of scamper. It should be a time to be rewarded because we tried hard enough to make our working week accomplished and fulfilled. Hard working weeks yields in general a soft weekend. Hard working weeks takes the individual and subjects him or her into a period of challenging agendas not makeshift but done conscientiously in a dayshift. Conscientiously is a word that I would sum up the makings of a meritocratic individual, destined to succeed and destined to live a life bountiful, dutiful and beautiful. A meritocratic Goal Setter is one that is thorough, meticulous, punctual, honest, sincere, honourable and careful. This sums up his or her working week as hard enough. They tried hard enough to get the job done to the best of their abilities. They tried hard enough to make ends meet. They were not selfish, distasteful or lazy. They woke up from bed and said out loudly let us go forth and make our day accomplished and fulfilled. They looked at their lives as a challenge and met any obstacles that came upon them. To these meritocratic individual a soft weekend is always in the waiting. They know well that a hard day at the office makes them liberated to create a soft evening at home. They know well that a hard week at the office makes them liberated to create a soft weekend at home. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls I urge to give your best each week in order to enjoy the rest of your weekend. Have a blessed weekend. From hard to soft cometh a weekly synopsis of a successful person’ life. Hard on weekdays and soft on weekends.

Thursday 13 November 2014

‘The Expected always becomes the Unexpected’
Quote of the day
‘The ups and downs of life’s dullest moments and of life’s fullest moments can swing like a pendulum. A dull moment can become a full moment and vice versa. Live by anticipation to maintain a steady swing.’

With just 50 days to Christmas what possibly can come between us and a merry Christmas. What changes the rainbow to a sunbow? What makes the rain change to unbelievable pain and uncontrollable strain? What makes someone rage while you are trying to be a sincere sage? What makes the world go round and around you and you totally astound? This is the picture of life as painted by man himself. Therefore to overcome the least expected we need to expect the unexpected. We need to live in anticipation. We need to anticipate inflation, we need to anticipate a crazy notation and we need to anticipate starvation. We need to anticipate frustration, we need to anticipate litigation, anticipate flirtation, anticipate defamation, anticipate demonstration and anticipate accusation. We need to anticipate deportation, anticipate isolation, anticipate segregation, anticipate tribulation and anticipate irritation. All of these inhibitions in life can change good moments into bad moments. They can make you miserable, vulnerable, accountable, liable, predictable, unacceptable and forgetful. We instilled in our hearts a mind-set to make 2015 a better year for us all. The agenda was simple as outlined at the start of this year’s Countdown Series. We used the acronym PAR to get started. PAR stood for Plan, Action and Result. Thus far we spoke about our Plan. Soon we shall talk about Action. How are your plans panning out? Have you listed on paper a series of draft Resolutions that you would seriously consider committing to in 2015? This formulates a genuine start. No worries if you have not started for it is never too late. It is never too late for anything. Formulating this steady plan based on your innermost desire and passion will muster up a series goals bespoke to your needs. However living in anticipation makes you aware that the expected always becomes the Unexpected. It makes you walk the plank blindfolded because you are living in anticipation. A goal can change and the result can become different. The expected always becomes the unexpected.

Wednesday 12 November 2014

‘It is time empty your pockets and empty all your troubles.’

Quote of the day
‘You are never too old to start anew. You are never too old to break old barriers that limit your progress. You are never too old to create golden goals.’

Emptying your pockets means that you are upfront about everything. You laid your cards on the table and your troubles are staring at you, with clarity and intensity. Now you see it, tomorrow you shall free it. You are never too old to start anew and don’t allow others to make you think otherwise. A trouble at hand is worth knowing than a trouble in pocket. Keeping your troubles inside you is like hiding something that is important. You are never too old to break inhibitions in your life, in fact it should be easier. With age you become less raged. With age you come out of your cage. With age you have the better ability to earn a better wage. With age you always opening a new page in your life. With age you can engage rather than disengage. With age you can gauge the stage of your predicament. With age you are often closer to becoming a sage. Age is maturity and maturity comes with age. Therefore it is never too late. It is never too late for anything. It is never too late to lose weight. It is never too late to maintain a steady rate. It is never too late to feel great. It is never too late to stop hate. It is never too late for anything. You are never too old to create those golden goals. You are never too old to enlighten your soul. You are never too old to read the Dead Sea Scrolls. You are never too old to get your life back in control. You are never too old for anything. You just need to empty your pockets and write clearly on relevant dockets all your dilemmas. See it, feel it and then acknowledge it. This is the way to the future. This is the way to pave the golden slabs that lead to your success. To your life I salute you. Now hold my hand tightly and say out loudly that you are never too old to start anew! You are never too old to break old barriers that limit your progress! You are never too old to create golden goals!

Tuesday 11 November 2014

‘It is time to pull up your socks and start filling up your stockings.’

Quote of the day
‘Before you start filling up your stockings you need to start pulling up your socks. You need to embrace responsibilities without hostilities.’

Dear Friends why is that we never seem to be satisfied with the outcome. Is it because we do not do enough at the other of the scale called the input? You need to establish the above question on your own, independently, rationally and honestly. Can you say for certain that your performance yesterday was 100% filled with the passion and desire that came with the task. Did you perhaps give just 99% of your abilities or rather just 1%? What becomes of tomorrow is what we make of today. What becomes of the end of your working week is what we plan in advance by creating the blueprint of our agenda in black and white, chronologically and logically. No one enters into their diary or memo a workload that is not bespoke to their needs and abilities. Now that you wrote it is time for you to float it. What made yesterday, the start of your working week sad and unproductive? What made yesterday a very happy and productive week? The answer lies in your input. This is why I said at the onset please pull up your socks. Undertake a task that you know only you can accomplish. Don’t make Monday tedious. Make Monday studious instead. Pull up your socks before the start of a working week and see how you shall prosper. Do the same for New Year’s Resolutions. Consider Resolutions that only you can accomplish. Don’t fill the platter of hope with unrealistic Resolutions. Take on something only you know that you can realistically accomplish. Pull up those socks right away and fill those Christmas stockings with realistic resolutions.