Thursday 13 November 2014

‘The Expected always becomes the Unexpected’
Quote of the day
‘The ups and downs of life’s dullest moments and of life’s fullest moments can swing like a pendulum. A dull moment can become a full moment and vice versa. Live by anticipation to maintain a steady swing.’

With just 50 days to Christmas what possibly can come between us and a merry Christmas. What changes the rainbow to a sunbow? What makes the rain change to unbelievable pain and uncontrollable strain? What makes someone rage while you are trying to be a sincere sage? What makes the world go round and around you and you totally astound? This is the picture of life as painted by man himself. Therefore to overcome the least expected we need to expect the unexpected. We need to live in anticipation. We need to anticipate inflation, we need to anticipate a crazy notation and we need to anticipate starvation. We need to anticipate frustration, we need to anticipate litigation, anticipate flirtation, anticipate defamation, anticipate demonstration and anticipate accusation. We need to anticipate deportation, anticipate isolation, anticipate segregation, anticipate tribulation and anticipate irritation. All of these inhibitions in life can change good moments into bad moments. They can make you miserable, vulnerable, accountable, liable, predictable, unacceptable and forgetful. We instilled in our hearts a mind-set to make 2015 a better year for us all. The agenda was simple as outlined at the start of this year’s Countdown Series. We used the acronym PAR to get started. PAR stood for Plan, Action and Result. Thus far we spoke about our Plan. Soon we shall talk about Action. How are your plans panning out? Have you listed on paper a series of draft Resolutions that you would seriously consider committing to in 2015? This formulates a genuine start. No worries if you have not started for it is never too late. It is never too late for anything. Formulating this steady plan based on your innermost desire and passion will muster up a series goals bespoke to your needs. However living in anticipation makes you aware that the expected always becomes the Unexpected. It makes you walk the plank blindfolded because you are living in anticipation. A goal can change and the result can become different. The expected always becomes the unexpected.

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