Saturday 8 November 2014

‘Relaxation and Exaltation with a touch of common idioms.’
Quote of the day
‘Relaxation is a period for repose for man or woman, boy or girl from head to toe from city to city and from down under to above the equator. What cometh from it is sheer happiness and excitement’

No one should refrain from a period of rest or relaxation. Don’t hold a chip on your shoulder, it’s not worth it. You shall never be relaxed this weekend. Don’t be a household that is divided against itself. Be together and work as a team. Put action first and words later because actions do speak louder than words. Don’t add fuel to the fire for this will only ruin your weekend. Remain calm, relax, unwind and rewind. At the drop of a hat forget all bad memories of last week and start focussing on new developments that can change next week. Bend over backwards to any problems that you notice at home and offer assistance rather than criticism. Always remember that blood is indeed thicker than water so don’t let each other down. Stop crying over spilt milk just focus on not dropping anymore. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch just take the weekend as it comes. Accept it but don’t reject it. Don’t look at a gift horse in the mouth, be grateful even if someone makes you a cup of tea. When things look a bit gloomy always remember that every cloud has a silver lining. Don’t be fixed in your ways look to make valid changes in your life. Do this sincerely. Go the extra mile to make your weekend special. Don’t rush into anything, even the Sunday roast because haste often leads to waste. Let bygones be bygones, start Monday with fresh feelings and newer beginnings. Enjoy a night on the town, capture the essence of living by appreciating your life. Don’t pig in a poke or pig out these are just wasteful forms of your weekend, simply pipe out. Do these things and see different things happening to your life.

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