Sunday 30 November 2014


‘From November through to December, I shall cultivate a new beginning in my worldly life’
Quote of the day
‘Do you remember November for its incredible enlightenment and insight? Now I want you to embrace December for it is equally enlightening experiences from the 1st until the 31st because 2015 is going to be our year where fusion of great minds shall dissolve confusion and delusion of so many different kinds.’

Dear Friends it is so sad for me to say farewell to a wonderful month in November where memories of the past enlightened me to make brilliant new waves for the future. Creating new waves is like a luminous ball from heaven brightening up the skies above with wonder and awe and drenching us with hailstones of inspiration and motivation. The past holds our history both good and bad, the present is history in the making and the future is what we make of tomorrow. I found my memories of the past an incredible niche to tap into because it helped me remember my good old days when a smile became a smile and a friend remained a friend. Today, I want to say that without reflecting on the past the future will continue to have a similar outlook, it will continued to be dull and dreary. What I would ultimately like to achieve is to see the same harmony in all 7 billion of us here on a lovely bluish planet floating in our solar system. I like to see happiness over the faces of people that I meet. My memories reveals how wonderful happiness was in those good old days, so why can’t I try with a little bit of help from you too continue this gesture of goodwill. I would like to see poverty eradicated from the face of the Earth. In my memories of the past when I used the month of November to remember I could see happiness in people’s faces when I offered assistance. Dear Friends, take the 1st stride, be humble at heart and try to be a jolly from the start. Look back in time and pick up the pieces that were good for you and capitalise on those treasured memories. Let fond memories of the past work for you. Be kind to others and don’t find faults in them. Be gentle to the snail and to the gigantic whale. Everything in life should be important to you.

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