Friday 30 January 2015

Get rid of the 1st Problem and then start on the next

Get rid of the first problem and then start with the next
Quote of the day
‘What you pen is what you get time and again. What you do is what you undo or redo. What you achieve is what you believe and perceive in. What you love is what will love you.’

January 2015 has without doubt shaped my journey for the rest of the year. I know what I want and I know what needs to be done. I understand differences and indifferences. I understand patience, tolerance and subjected endurance. I understand about life and I understand about death. I understand friendship and the value of friends in a world filled with friends.  I understand about nature and the inspiration platform that our Heavenly Father has laid down for us to act our roles in an unselfish way. I believe in GOD and I believe in the purpose of my life. I take cognisant of trouble that awaits me and I deal with it professionally and systematically. I Anthony Pan, the author of this article frankly states that I too have problems. Problems do come in all shapes and sizes. Problems relate to difficulties from financial nightmares to domestic traumas. There are glitches too in the electronic world that can ruin your day when they malfunction. I believe that problems are about complications that affects individuals irrespective of age, gender and background. Some troubles are often exhibited as struggles from poverty to hunger and from oppression to depression. Problems makes you sweat, fret and feel under immense threat. Already I might have highlighted a problem or problems that affects you. How do we move forward when we are drifting sideways? How do we keep steady even when we feel that we are ready? How do we cope with such little scope or with just a little more rope? I say onto you Dear Friends you need to get rid of the first problem before starting with the next. You cannot ignore a problem because it may appear minor or insignificant. Problems must be solved while we are exposed to them. Never try to solve several problems simultaneously. Be patient, be determined and try to break problems down into smaller modules. You must list down your problems, pen to paper. Committing your problems to paper makes you realise their True Existence. It gives you the spirit to do something about it. What you do as the days move on is what can be undo or redone. The 31st of December is not far away.  What you achieve at the end of December 2015 is what you believe in and what you perceive. Believing is the ability to have confidence in yourself as a human being, confidence in understanding your problem and confidence in getting on with something. Sometimes help maybe needed. Don’t forget I am here every day barring any technical hitches. I will never abandon you. I will write and write till the keyboard buttons break or when I take the last breath of life on planet Earth. Perceiving is about understanding. Understanding your problem often makes it easier to resolve. We will cover these areas in greater detail later on. Finally love everything and everything will love you back. Take your first problem and crunch it before you can munch on the next one. Have a great day.                                                         

Thursday 29 January 2015

Conserving, Observing and Preserving

‘Conserve, Observe and Preserve’
Quote of the day
‘Conserving is about protecting yourself and those close to you. To do this effectively you need to Observe. You need to observe everything from A-Z, both inanimate and animate objects. Observation leads to Preservation. Preservation is about maintaining and sustaining both inanimate and animate objects.’

To be successful in life you need to be part of life, a bustling program of daily activities from unicellular organisms to complex structures like you and me. It is hard to steer clear of adversities for these come in all shapes and sizes and without notification or invitation. I want to tell you today from an experienced individual that paced the Earth in various modes of transport, on foot and as a worker. I have seen how adversities differ like rivers that retreat into meanders of confusion and into waterfalls of illusions. I have seen the avarice of both man and woman and I have seen the wrath of both man and woman breaking the mould of people like you and me. I have faced them and in most cases came out the loser but as I stand here today writing an article of inspiration to you, I want to tell you quite frankly it is not bad being a loser because you are actually the achiever in the long run. What comes around again can be lived with a lot of regain and the constant desire to refrain from the talons of greed and anger. To achieve a similar feeling of moving forward I want to tell you about three words that will change your life for the common good. The first word is Conservation. Conservation is about protecting you from greed and anger. It is about learning from our mistakes and moving forward without making similar mistakes again. Protection is about Correction, Detection and Direction. You have to correct and live to detect. Now let me reinstate this vital sentence. You have been hurt before now you need to correct your mistakes. Detection makes you aware of the oncoming stream of anger and greed. Direction lets you steer away, stay away or standstill. It is all about Observation, which is the second word of our three potent words that make up the acronym of COP. Observation is about Detection. When you observe the oncoming stream of possibilities you begin to recognise rather than ignore. You are discovering new things each day, some good but mostly bad. This is the act of careful Observation. It is about exposing but certainly not opposing. Don’t oppose adversaries for you could spend the rest of your life living with the consequences of it. It is about exposing. Exposure is about composure. You need to remain calm. You need to be humane and always avoid rather than pursue. Once you get the knack of what I am saying you will see how the third word is so significant to the acronym COP. The third word is called Preservation. Preservation is about maintaining and sustaining standards unique to you but common to all. Preservation is about your personal defence to adversaries. Preservation is about looking after all objects both animate and inanimate. Now this last sentence is so relevant to your existence. You need to ask yourself can I survive alone in this world. The answer is inadvertently no. You need everyone and everything. Preservation is about caring for everyone and everything. Always remember to be like a COP and certainly to think like one. Conserve, Observe and Preserve.

Wednesday 28 January 2015

The Natural World

The Natural World
Quote of the day
‘Look at all GOD’s creation to gain maximum inspiration in all that you do. The Fauna of the world as far as Botswana across to Tijuana are here for a reason. Look at them and marvel at the creativity of our Heavenly Father.’

It is not only the Flora that holds magical colours and scents, the Fauna too creates idealistic behavioural patterns to inspire you. Watching the frog makes you want to slog. The gentle deer makes you steer your intent when trouble is around. The donkey like the monkey will always fascinate you with their ability to remain calm but aroused to work when it is time. Watching the bear makes you weary of a snare. The fox will always make you live out of the box. The hare will teach you how to be fair. Animals are intelligent beings from dogs to hogs, from cats to bats, from snails to whales, from goose to mongoose, from octopus to platypus, from bee to flea, from millipede to centipede and from baboons to raccoons. All creatures have a unique function, each labouring industriously to get the job done. So, if they can why can’t you? Why ignore GOD’s wonderful creatures that fill the surface of the Earth and burrow beneath it. Marvel at them and learn equally from them. Learn from the drake, the snake, the clam or the lamb, the lark or the shark, the moth or the sloth, the eel, the seal,  the fowl, the owl, the camel or the mammal, the ferret or the parrot, the chick or the tick, the beaver and the retriever. Every creature has a purpose and so have you. They wake up and so do you. They eat and excrete and so do you. They rest, they play and they go about their daily duties as per their instructions from our Heavenly Father. Why is it that we do not function in the same mannerism? Have we changed the rules a bit to accommodate us? Have we ignored The Commandments and created our own? The hen like the wren will always follow The Commandments unlike men who do not. The cockatoo and the kangaroo follow their daily agenda like stable crew unlike men who do not. Follow the scent of the gnat, the bat, the louse, the mouse, the ewe, the gnu, the beagle, the eagle, the bug, the slug, the buck, the duck, the cow and the sow to keep the wheel of inspiration turning for you. Dear Friends you need to follow success in order to be successful. You need to work, play and rest rather than work, work and work. You need to conserve, you need to observe and you need to preserve. My article called Converse, Observe and Preserve will be a useful article for you to read tomorrow.

Tuesday 27 January 2015

Use Nature to enlighten you

Use Nature to enlighten you
Quote of the day
‘The scent of nature supplements your ascent during the day. Flowers bring out the aroma to inspire you whilst animals create a stoma to motivate you. Hold onto Nature like never before to fire your cylinders and make your day successful.’

Nature is about the creativity of our Heavenly Father who created the flora, the fauna, the landscape, the wildlife, the environment, the oceans, the natural world and the countryside for our daily use and for our pleasure in a twilight of serene delight. The Flora holds the magic of colour and the essence of aromas to neutralise the unpleasantness of by-products mustered up in a single working day and to enlighten you with inspiration to create wonders in your life. Roses brings about enlightening proposes. Violets are like little pilots directing you to your destiny and navigating you away from your adversities. Asters are like the masters of bloom and plume. They entice you to be alive. Carnations are the foundations to build stronger nations. Heather helps you during different types of weather. Iris are totally desirous. Lilies always makes you feel less silly for their hold a unique kaleidoscope of tantalising colours. Geraniums are as priceless as uranium or platinum. Hibiscus looks like colourful jam biscuits so rich with nectar and so vibrant with colour. Lavenders are usually arranged like verandas, each row emitting those distinct lovely scents so soothing and so aromatic. Moonflowers are like little white moons along a dense background of green, reminding us of our evening moon and the stars that surrounds them. Peonies cluster like little ponies showing off their manes and tails in varying hues. Passion Flowers gives you streams of passion and desire to make your day full of fire. Poppies are like copies of each one of us. Every poppy represents a single human being. Like a poppy each human being must be equal and the same. Apple blossoms reminds us of the succulence of nature, the proverbial of our total existence. Like apples, apple blossoms are so vibrant in the flowerbeds of joy and happiness. Cactus plants remind us to constantly practise our skills in order to enjoy our thrills. Dear friends, use the vibrancy of Mother Nature to enlighten your day. Don’t ignore a flower or the bee or the tree or even the flea, they all have a purpose in life, like you and me.

Monday 26 January 2015

The Riveting Conclusion to January 2015

‘The Riveting conclusion to January 2015’
Quote of the day
‘A riveting lifestyle is what you want to latch onto. The air you breathe in must be captivating. The aroma of your intent must be spellbinding and the colour of your personality must be exhilarating.’

Dear Friends, as I pen my article to you today I feel so riveted in my words as if I want to echo a similar resonance to you trying to steer you to feel the same. We started to build our fortress of health, wealth and prosperity when the New Year began 26 days ago. Prior to that we envisaged how our elaborate fortress will look and what we wanted to put into it. We earmarked the blueprint, we committed our goals to paper, we took snapshots of them and gathered inspirational value bespoke to our needs. On the 1st of January we started to build, some more than others and some still ready to start. Nevertheless at the end of this week, the final working week of January we will be able to determine how the end of year will pan out for us. The first of February will act as a gauge telling us a lot about what is to come and what needs to be done. Fortresses are not erected overnight but if the trenches are already been dug or the first brick is laid it reveals your determination to overcome procrastination. We all know that a better and riveting lifestyle is a common denominator for us all. No one wants a lifestyle that is depressing, oppressing, distressing, suppressing or stressful. To move away from the abnormalities of life we need to open new doors that are fascinating, enthralling, exciting, interesting and exhilarating. A Fascinating Lifestyle is one that is attractive and charming. It is mellow and purposeful. An Enthralling Lifestyle is one that is absorbing making you drenched with True Energy in the presence of your work, play or rest. An Exciting Lifestyle is one that stimulates you to get up and meet the day. It is a feeling of enthusiasm, passion and extreme desire. Every cell in your body wants a piece of the action. An Interesting Lifestyle is one that lacks boredom. Boredom is monotony to the inner core of your subconscious mind making you lack the rhythm to get up and go. An Exhilarating Lifestyle keeps your mind, body and soul in tune with your needs. Your mind sends signals to your body and your body performs at its best. You are excited, you are elated and you are invigorated. This sums up my conclusion to the final working week of January 2015, I want you to feel riveted. I want you to step into February 2015 with a riveted feeling and as you build your unique fortress brick by brick every morsel of mortar that you use shall be mixed with fascination, enthralment, excitement, interest and exhilaration.

Sunday 25 January 2015

Togetherness equals Tenderness + Effortless

‘Togetherness equals Tenderness + Effortless’
Quote of the day
‘Forming a bond of togetherness amongst friends and family is a sure way forward. Being tender and effortless in all that you do strengthens this bond. Sundays is a perfect day to cultivate this bond.’

Little do we realise the importance of family togetherness where great moments become cultivated moments from Sunday dinners to weekend barbeques. Every moment is elegant, inspiring and urgently in need.  The harmony created is so divine and appealing. Children become closer to parents and parents exercise their love without distractions. Pets become recognised for their presence. The doorbell rings and the door opens to friends, family and harmony. The phone rings and the conversation starts and good things begin to happen. The garden becomes kempt and there is time to attempt to mend the broken rail. It is sure pleasurable to have Sundays by your side. Family togetherness really establishes closer bonds between people making relationships inseparable. The closeness derived from it is incomparable. Families become friends and friends become families. It is all about being tender to the core. Tenderness is the ability to extend kindness and gentleness to those that spend their Sundays with you. Kindness exuberates consideration for others including the neighbours that may need help. It is all about being helpful, humane and thoughtful. Nothing else compliments a Sunday like effortless. Effortless is about taking away the stress and strain experienced in the last 6 days by doing things gracefully. Our working week always drains our energy, therefore on a Sunday we need to slow down or just take it easy by being graceful and eloquent in everything that we do. Participation helps too. Helping with the dishes, changing the sheets, washing the dogs and cleaning the car promotes participation. Sunday is indeed a day for rest so take it easy by being effortless and generously offer tenderness to all that share their Sundays with you.

Saturday 24 January 2015

The Winds of Change

‘The Winds of Change.’
Quote of the day
‘The Winds of Change is a current of air that reaches you in the very early hours of the morning when demons fall asleep, uplifting your spirits, brightening your day and carrying you onto cloud 9. The Winds of Darkness on the other hand is the converse. It is a colder air dropping your spirits, saddening your day, your life and your goals.’

Many of us seek enlightenment each day to brighten our spirits and make us perform as per our abilities and capabilities. We start our day sincerely with a prayer and end it gracefully with gratitude. We write goals down to conquer in a given time but alas these goals soon fizzle away. We seek to be humble but generally stumble on the first word of our sentence or the first movement of our action. Why is this? Why do we not move freely and justly despite our intent to be content? We pray, we try to have a good day, we obey, we avoid staying away from work or school, we play with a reasonable amount of gentle display and we never sway from our agenda for the day. Why do we not proceed as per our intentions, why do our goals not transpire and why do we become laden with problems instead? The answer is sad but quite obvious, like a magnet there are two opposing forces. It is the force of goodness and the force of badness. It is the Winds of Change and The Winds of Darkness. These two opposing forces always plays havoc with me, with you, with him, with her, with them and with the whole world. Easy targets become easy victims. I say onto you and verily too, you need to be aware of these opposing forces. Do you need proof, then read your daily newspaper and you will see openly these two opposing forces in action. You will see how The Winds of Darkness has made man so vile, so beguile, so hostile and so scrupulously versatile. You will see death written in bold writing and you will see pictures that are macabre and shocking. You will see poverty in reality and you will see hunger in the younger generation. You will see or read about kidnapping, extortion, rape, murder, ostracism, terrorism and about sorcery. You will see the opposing force in action waiting to recruit me, you, him, her, them and the whole world. It is not easy when The Winds of Change is alive and forbearing. The Winds of Change is like an echo that travels the world resounding in areas of sadness and uplifting in areas of madness. The Winds of Change is like a gentle breeze, so warm and so comforting. It is an airstream that comes from above that meanders it way into the corridors of darkness. So, if 2015 has not started off in the way you imagined then you need to spend the weekend in extreme relaxation and magnificence and feel this gentle breeze and latch onto it forever. Relaxation is about reducing the effects of stress, assessing your progress and then to finally convalesce. Magnificence is about the splendour and grandeur of life, especially yours in this instance. It is about the glory of succeeding and the beauty of living. When you realise this you will start Monday with a different attitude. You will be aware of the pull towards sadness and madness and you will be aware of the pull towards goodness and fairness. Like a captain or a pilot you need to hold tight onto your rudder and steer your intent into the sea of goodness living your life in awareness and in anticipation. Do this for you and watch how strong you shall become fighting the storm with a fleet of good deeds and a sword that slices in badness into little shreds. It is never too late to start.

Friday 23 January 2015

Get more refined, aligned and inclined for the week ahead.

More refined, aligned and inclined for the week ahead.
Quote of the day
‘In ice life can still be nice, you just need to be precise, devise and seek the right advice. This makes you more refined, aligned and inclined for the week ahead.’

Life is indeed very nice. It has been created for your enjoyment, pleasure and amusement. The stage for the merriment of life has already been prepared, now it is up to you to be nice in order to make your life nice. To do this effectively we need our weekends to prepare to be precise, devise and to seek the right advice. Preciseness is part of the trait of a meritocratic Goal Setter like yourself. Preciseness is about caring for yourself and for all the attributes around you. To be precise you ultimate display a mirror image of being nice, in fact extra nice. Devising is about thorough planning in your affairs. It is about creating an agenda to meet your needs.  A weekly agenda is an absolute must for ALL meritocratic Goal Setters. A weekly agenda sets a roadmap for you to follow and adhere to. To be precise and devise you need the right advice. There is plenty of advice out there but not all information pertinent to your needs is directly available. Getting the right advice improves your intelligence and increases your aptitude. Resting on the correct PAD or Preciseness, Advice and Devise will certainly make you more refined, aligned and inclined. A refined person is one that becomes through time a sophisticated individual that is gracious, cultivated and developed astutely. An aligned person is one that is not disarranged. An aligned person sets out a realistic schedule for the day and ultimately for the week and sticks to this schedule like glue. Nothing can break him or her from their daily grind. They are focussed, resourceful and have great leadership qualities. Having that precise inclination makes your day likeable, approachable and complete. Inclinations makes you lean to a more positive lifestyle as opposed to a lesser positive lifestyle. Inclination forms the concept of your tendency. Normally by the end of Sunday your tendencies like a compass point to the direction of success. You can feel the inclination as it opens the doors to your bespoke answers.

Thursday 22 January 2015

Transgressions to Transitions

‘Transgressions to Transitions’
Quote of the day
‘All transgressions that we have incurred over the years always leaves behind sad impressions. To overcome this a series of compulsory transitions need to be undertaken in order to leave everlasting impressions.’

We often forget our wrongdoings, misbehaviours and indiscretions. We often bury them or live in denial but little do we realise that others that have been affected by our wrongdoings, misbehaviours and indiscretions remember them and sometimes may remember them forever. Therefore every endeavour that you undertake from now on must be done with good intentions, they must be altruistic, and they must be highly spirited and not hurt anyone in the process. You cannot hold onto the throne of success if you hold onto enemies or bitter memories created by so called enemies. Every human being on our planet must be regarded as a friend. You must be willing to forgive those that hurt you as you would expect them to forgive you. In order to facilitate your impressions for 2015 you need to be steadfast all the way from the 1st of January until the 31st of December. We sometimes ignore our wrongdoings, misbehaviours and indiscretions. Examples of wrongdoings, misbehaviours and indiscretions could be trivial but nevertheless they are wrongdoings, misbehaviours and indiscretions. You cannot say that you did not exceed the speed limit if you drove at 31mph instead of 30mph. The speed limit is 30mph for a reason and therefore you need to abide by that rule. Dropping your gum on the pavement unconsciously or consciously is a wrongdoing, misbehaviour and indiscretion. The council spends thousands of pounds cleaning up after you and someone may step onto your gum and ruin their shoe or their day. It is all about creating those incredible impressions from now on in order to reach the perfect platform of success and to remain there. I urge you to identify your problems and list them openly. Discuss them with family members that you know are willing to support you. Creating a perfect platform can be done alone or with the help of other human beings deemed fit to assist you in an altruistic fashion. You will be amazed how just a little effort like a fulcrum effort can change things for you. Make wrongdoings, misbehaviours and indiscretions a thing of the past. Work steadily and progressively for a more positive lifestyle from today. Don’t procrastinate, get real and feel the wheel of success turn around your life. You can do it. It takes time but with a bit of courage and bravery you can diminish or eradicate your problems. All problems are for solving. No problem is unsolvable. It takes time, admittedly but time is what you have. A single day holds a magical 86,400 seconds, so why not use it profitably to your overall advantage?

Wednesday 21 January 2015

The Wisdom to Change and The Wisdom to acknowledge Change

‘Wisdom to change and Wisdom to acknowledge change’
Quote of the day
‘Wisdom comes from experience yielding a better understanding of your existence and allowing you to live with prudence and better judgement.’

Wisdom is the greatest knowledge centre that you acquire over a period of time that matures like a coconut and resembles the succulence found inside this tropic drupe. (The use of the word drupe in this instance refers to an indehiscent fruit)  A matured person holds the centre of knowledge within him or her like the coco water of a coconut, so rich in sugar, dietary fibre, protein, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. A matured individual takes years to reach the succulence of rich coco water. A matured person can be likened to the kernel of a coconut, so enriched with goodness and so white with brilliance. The shell of a coconut is tough like a rigid person who lives in anticipation of the unseen and the foreseen. The husk of the coconut resembles the tenacity of a person concealing their personal profile from hackers who infiltrate novices for their wealth and rob them of their health. Wisdom comes through the ages and clusters into distinct stages allowing the individual to walk, talk, unblock and block, to avoid the possible shock and to avoid small talk. Every process in life comes from learning. Learning is about understanding. Once taught we pocket this information as knowledge. A series of pockets containing relevant knowledge based on your needs creates the wisdom personified for you. We all are wise. We rise like the Sun, we revise like a student, and we surprise the tutor and we advise the learner. As we gain knowledge we need to share it liberally. Unblocking helps us to clears doubts that we have and fears that we accrue. Blocking obstructs any future interventions in our affairs. When we are young we always make mistakes, as we get older we lessen our mistakes, this is the advance stages of maturity. A matured individual will always watch out for his or her friends, ensuring that they do not make similar mistake like before.  Wisdom teaches you to be prudent as you past the stages of being a student. Prudence is about farsightedness, it is about the prescience of being patient. Meritocratic Goal Setters like yourself understand the value of time and therefore go about their chores with care and caution. I have always said live in anticipation in the past but to develop the art of being prudent comes from a good knowledge base or the faculty of Wisdom. Dear Friends, I wrote this article to ensure that you acquire pockets of information relevant to your needs on a daily basis so that you develop the ability to deal with all types of unforeseen and foreseen situations in your life as you grow older. The Art or Faculty of Wisdom is unlike a degree that lasts for perhaps 7 years, to be awarded with a degree in wisdom you need to pass the 100 year test and leave behind a legacy for others to follow.

Tuesday 20 January 2015

The Sun

The Sun
Quote of the day
‘As we place reliance on the Sun for the vibrancy of our day, we need to be illuminated with ideas and thoughts that makes our day fulfilled and accomplished.’

Starting your day with a distinct band of dismal and dismay and an abysmal of headaches and heartaches can only lessen your chances to have a fulfilling and accomplished week. We need to reach out to The Glowing Sun for inspirational energy, so bright, so white, so fill of light and extreme delight, so inviting and so exciting. No one can ignore the presence of the Sun for this colossal star so far away but just near enough gives us the spark to ignite our energy reserves each day. This energy which I call True Energy is what we need to see us through a bright and cheerful day, to see us accomplished and fulfilled in all that we aim to do. The Sun, a fiery ball of fusion express converts hydrogen to helium and generates energy that propels its force across our solar system. The flora and the fauna basks in the immense heat of the Sun giving them the boost to go about their daily chores. You too must bask in the morning Sun even though it may be hidden beneath a dense blanket of clouds. You must absorb igniting energy form the Sun and propel yourself to go about your daily chores. Chores varies from individual to individual but an accomplished and fulfilled day is all about executing your chores in a professional and an unselfish manner. Today I want you to remember that The Sun will always rise in the East and will always set in the West, therefore you need to rise to surprise and you need to set without threat or sweat. You need to awaken with an array of unique surprises, from the wonders of The Universes to the amazement of life itself. You need to awaken to your dreams and be governed by your unselfish goals. You need to stun the world with your presence and daze your audience like The Sun. You need to set like the Sun too, returning home like the grazing wildebeest and resting amongst the gazelles and zebras in The Savanah of the evening sky. You need to set down and retire knowing that you did well for today and that you shall sleep unperturbed without a morsel of sweat or threat. Don’t ignore the Sun, embrace it with warmth and appreciation. Fire up your heart like the Sun and generate the warmth needed in your body to do work bespoke to your unselfish needs. Don’t take on more than you can possibly chew, just settle for an adequate agenda of regulated tasks and promising asks.

Monday 19 January 2015

Effort equals Comfort

‘Effort equals Comfort’
Quote of the day
‘Effort always reciprocates into a period of comfort. In order words to every concerted ounce of effort there will always be a tonne of comfort that awaits you.’

I have seen how the wind blows. I have watched how the rain pours. I have seen the rising Sun and watched in awe at the setting Sun. I have seen the moon in its various crescent forms and I have gazed at the stars from East to West. I have also seen people that are jolly and people that are folly. I have seen the makings of a successful person and watched failure form a distance. I have seen real efforts from individuals that care for themselves and for others that need care. I have seen how people are rewarded with pockets of comfort and I have seen how stressed a person can be from dawn to dusk, day in and day out. Today I want to say something important to you and this is as follows: ‘Effort reciprocates into a period of comfort. In order words to every concerted ounce of effort there will always be a tonne of comfort that awaits you.’ As I see the flowers bloom and the bees buzz I want to see you living a life that is rewarded with comfort. Comfort can best described as a relief from the confinements of a working week. Take home just yourself each day and leave behind the complexities of work and head for the relaxation bout where your family and friends are there for you and you for them. Feel consoled that you have done well and have the mind-set to continue the stream of steadiness in the weeks ahead. I want you to remember the three S’s, Succour, Support and Security. Money cannot give you this, hard and consistent work can. Succour is your pool of assistance given to others and your bank of assistance given to you. Support is your sustenance knowing that you shall be well nourished and that you shall ensure that others close to you are always with their victuals.  Security is foremost and therefore you shall always be assured that as you bask in the comfort zone no harm shall come upon you. Dear Friends, always remember to start your week with a concerted effort from dawn to dusk. Plan in advance and note your duties for each day in a memo suitable for your extrapolation. Apply this effort with sincerity and at the end of the week endow yourself with 48 hours of total relaxation in a comfort zone bespoke to your needs. Do this on a weekly basis and watch how your eyes will glow with success and your lips moistened with the appropriate words of appreciation and gratitude. Have a great day and a great week, with love and eternal friendship – Anthony Pan

Sunday 18 January 2015


Quote of the day
‘Strength is a towering word for it entails a forte of power, force, might and vigour to lift a grain of sand or a mountain of sand from one point to another. Without strength you cannot move forward to achieve whatever workload that stands in front of you.’

To develop a forte of True Strength takes time and endless courage for standing at the end of the corridor of your day weakness awaits you in the usual way leaving you dismal for yet another day. Strength is something that you need to develop like muscles that need toning. Strength is not about muscles but rather about the inner power, vigour, might and force hidden within you that using muscles to perform work. You must understand wholeheartedly that without work nothing can be done. Goals remain as dreams if no work is undertaken. Objects remain in the same position until work is undertaken. In Physics we define work in a specific way but this work is still the same effort needed for you to execute your daily workload from simplistic chores to complex ones. Let us first look at the more scientific definition of work.  Work is said to be done when the point of application of a force moves and is measured by the product of the force and the distance moved in the direction of the force. Let us now take a simple aspect of your workload at this precise moment and downgrade the scientific description of work into a simpler and more holistic approach.  Work such as moving an object from a mug to a jug, from a spark plug to a scatter rug, from taking a drug to pulling a plug requires that force or strength for without this source of energy that mug, jug, spark plug, rug, drug or plug will remain in exactly the same position. Sometimes we do not move objects or ideas or goals because we are ‘lazy’. In other words we have strength within us but do not utilise it correctly. Whatever your chore is for the day without using your strength or part of it you will never fulfil or accomplish it. Strength is your forte that needs attention and development. It requires nutrition, lubrication, participation and proper condition. Strength makes dreams come true. Strength is actually True Energy in motion. You need to keep your strength in proper shape otherwise you will be somewhat lazy and always procrastinate. Therefore you always need to remember as a meritocratic goal setter without developing your strength you will never be able to execute your daily grind in good time. You need strength like you need water. You need strength to make dreams come true. 

Saturday 17 January 2015

A Terrific Weekend

‘A Terrific Weekend’
Quote of the day
True Energy Revolves Round Inspirational Foundations & Improvisational Content.’

Using the word TERRIFIC as an acronym the above Quote expounds the significance of True Energy. I call it True Energy because it differs from Standard Energy which we utilise for mundane chores from dawn to dusk and for rudimentary chores whilst we sleep. True Energy surpasses the overall values of Standard Energy. Successful People will openly tell you that there is an additional dynamo in them that makes them go beyond their wildest expectations. They are able to climb mountains, explore the depths of the Oceans, walk wild terrains and float above the surface of The Earth. Now all of these things to an ordinary man or woman may seem impossible but to a successful person that has already traversed these extraordinary fetes more is expected to come. You can see these successes right in front of your eyes. TVs have become curved, cars have become electrical and man is already gearing up to travel to Mars. Science Fiction is now Science Factual. Likewise your Goals can become your Golden Goals with you entirely in control. The deciding Factor is True Energy. True Energy drives you to achieve all your visible goals altruistically derived from your passions and desires. True Energy is dynamic, full of vitality, oomph, vigour and power. If you were to scale them down to values True Energy is much higher up in the scale than Standard Energy. True Energy is what successful people tap into. They use this Energy to make dreams come true. These energy reserves comes from external factors and stay embedded in you waiting to be unleashed. Unleashing this energy comes from Inspirational Foundations and Improvisational Content. Inspirational Foundations is Inspiration that you seek like an artist that seeks motivation and then creates sensation. Inspirational Foundation is groundwork that you excavate like an archaeologist that sieves matter to flatter. Once found you decide what you need to propel yourself forward. I always reminded you seek Inspirational Content relevant to your needs and store them in your foundation and use it when needed. From this source comes your Improvisational Content. Improvisational Content is bespoke to your needs in life waiting to manifest into your personal Success. Let’s recap. True Energy is a vital source to burn the fuel stored in your body that moves the pistons of your actions into coherent workloads. These noted workloads are evident in successful people. Successful people decide what they require in life first and then go about executing them. This execution is only possible with True Energy. True Energy is captured from Inspirational Foundations created from your bespoke needs. Your Inspirational Foundations is unique and differs to the person next to you.

Friday 16 January 2015


Quote of the day
‘Relaxation can be looked upon as a lessening effect.  Relaxation decreases stress from the previous week. Relaxation diminishes worries that vexes you constantly. Relaxation reducing the ageing process. Relaxation eases tense muscles and our delicate skeleton system.’

Relaxation encompasses a series of simple tasks that if followed regularly will reduce the ageing process and eliminates stress that accelerates the ageing process. Relaxation is about meditation, respiration, conversation, laughter, singing or listening to music, exercising and spirituality. Meditation takes you on a spiritual journey without leaving your home. It transports you across the heavens, into cloud 9 and above all your goals and visions. Respiration is about inhaling correctly and exhaling correctly. It is about tasting the air and filtering the impurities that occupy it. It is about inhaling goodness and about exhaling badness. Conversation makes you let off steam and conversation makes you create real dreams. Conversation is team work and conversation should be the theme of your weekends. Laughter induces happiness and enjoyment and sends of good signals for receptors to pick up and tune in. Laughter diminishes sadness to zero. Singing or listening to music takes you back in time when the merriment of life was at your disposal. Music is a universal language and can be understood by anyone. Music touches the soul and brings about elation on a totally unimaginable scale. Exercise keeps you in tip top condition. Exercise tones the body, creates the perfect BMI and gives you pure energy, energy that is vital to survival and energy that makes you do work during the working week. Spirituality is the hallmark of any man or woman. Spirituality is the basis for all religions and spirituality levitates you onto a new platform or shall I say dimension.

Thursday 15 January 2015

The Past, The Present and The Future

The Past, The Present and The Future
Quote of the day
‘The word pleasant is as old as the peasants. It brings about and brought about enjoyment, agreement, love, friendliness and congeniality. For the past, present and the future cannot be the same without pleasantness.’

Would you trade The Future for The Present and The Past unpleasantness that we all endured for centuries or would you rather have a life that is pleasant forever and ever. How about enjoying your life from now on standing amongst the values of life and fulfilling them each day. How would you best describe the values of life? The values of life is priceless but although it lasts for 100 years it is actually an eternal attachment to all human beings. An Earthly life is one that ensures that all human beings are cared for in terms of health, wealth and prosperity. Living in agreement should not be a treaty between man and man or a graffiti that ridicules man and man but rather a covenant written by our Heavenly Father. Follow this agreement to the core and you shall be restored and adored. Learn to love rather than live to hate. Love is tender and renders a life of splendour and grandeur irrespective of gender. Love is about passion, about devotion and about fondness. Seek nothing more and settle for nothing less. No man or woman should be at war. Every man and every woman should remain friends forever. Friendship is an endearing relationship that brings about closeness in matrimony, sincerity in comradeship and trust in companionship. Congeniality is the opposite of nastiness. It is easier to describe the effects of nastiness. Nastiness is about being spiteful, mean, vicious, cruel, unkind and unpleasant. The Past and The Present is tainted in nastiness. Do we need this in The Future? Do we want tomorrow to be nasty? I say onto you and verily too, leave your front door tomorrow as worthy and able human beings. Greet the day with pleasantness. Sniff the air and be delighted with your affairs. You inscribed your affairs on a piece of paper yesterday now go out and fulfil them fairly and surely. What you yield shall never be concealed. If you yield unpleasantness you shall meet the fate of disagreeableness, unlikableness, nastiness, horribleness, horridness, distastefulness, objectionableness, obnoxiousness, repulsiveness, foulness and badness. Leave your front door with a feeling of pleasantness. Let your body vibrate with a tone of pleasantness. Let the air resonate your tone and let your tone be heard in the crowds and high above in the clouds. Let your Heavenly Father know that you have left home feeling pleasant. Let Him be proud of your daily achievements and your noted efforts to make The Future so warm and so pleasant. Let our children and their children to awaken with the comfort zone of pleasantness and togetherness. Let no harm come upon them in the streets and in the synagogues or mosques. Let them learn a new topic, a topic of peace and a harmony of amity. 

Wednesday 14 January 2015

The EE Mentality

The EE Mentality
Quote of the day
‘Changes gives you better ranges. It takes away the fear, the limiting factor and the peer pressure. Make changes from the vicissitudes of modern lifestyles to the vagaries of the people that you encounter.’

The EE Mentality stands for Employer to Employee Relationships and vice versa. It is often hard to initiate change when you are limited to a box. If you are employed your limitations are set by your Employer who may or may not abuse you. The Limiting Factor created by your Employer will always inhibit you from leaving your job and seeking work elsewhere. Personal changes will always give you better ranges but this is something that you must decide on. Deep inside you want to change. You want a better working environment, better wages, less unsociable hours and a good pension. You want to look elsewhere but your Employer has placed you in a box, he or she has limited your potential. Limiting factors lessens your abilities to expand and therefore induces fear in you. You are afraid to ask for better working conditions, you are afraid to venture out, you are afraid to start working for yourself. The EE mentality makes Employees stagnant, standing redundant or wanting to be absent. Dear Friends you need to change your mentality. You need to believe in yourself and to aim for the highest altitude of your passions and desires. You need to get out of the box, expand your horizon and seek better opportunities in life. If you do become an Employer you need to make your Employees also have better visions for their future and give better incentives for them to make effective changes. You are the Employer/Employee or the Employee/Employer. You need to live out of the box and remove restrictions held in your name. You are a human being and therefore have the equal right to live on planet Earth. You have goals just like any aspiring individual, no one has the right to get in your way and neither do you have the right to stop someone from achieving their goals. 2015 reasons for changes in 2015 must be put into practice. Don’t remain in the box, grasp onto valid reasons to change and then change without fear, without a tear and without a jeer.

Tuesday 13 January 2015

What you desire in life is what you will acquire in life

What you desire in life is what you will acquire in life
Quote of the day
‘Let the concept of internal desire capture your imagination until you retire. Do this daily, prior to the start of your day and watch how your life will transpire into a fire much higher than a flier.’

Changes in 2015 will only be effective if you are willing to make an individual change. This change starts from within you and filters its way into your mind and if not hindered in any way will manifest into the change that you seek. This change is important because you are important. If you are happy, I am happy but more importantly Almighty GOD is also happy too. Changes for the good is often harder than changes for the worse. To put on weight is a lot easier than to shed off a bit of weight. To lose all your wealth is a lot easier than to accumulate your wealth. What makes a person successful is that their personal desires and passions eventually manifests into the change that they are seeking. They allowed their internal desires to rapture like a bud or a spud to flood their innermost feelings. They are constantly thinking about it and allowing their dreams to build and build and build until great joy reaches their senses. They know exactly what they want, they feel a sense of euphoria or a rhapsody and use this like fuel to ignite their desires into a mammoth fire rising higher than a flier. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, you must ignite your desire into a mammoth fire rising high above the clouds waiting to pour down onto your dreams electric charges of flow to make you glow every day. This is the energy that you need to make changes come true, and more importantly the right and bespoke changes for you. Don’t wait for governments, local authorities or your congregation to make changes for you, you need to make your own changes and if there are unselfish you are guaranteed to succeed. I repeat you are guaranteed to succeed. Think about 2015 reasons to make 2015 the year for change in your life. Choose 1 or more changes and build on those changes brick by brick, drop by drop, second by second or bit by bit. Do these enthusiastically and see the difference in the mirror, in your performance, in your salary and in your happiness with immediate effect. Set a timeframe say 365 days, a month or a week and watch how you will capture the rainbow, talk to flowers and change the course of the river. What you desire in life is what you acquire in life.

Monday 12 January 2015

2015 reasons for a better 2015

‘2015 reasons for a better 2015’
Quote of the day
‘2015 has 2015 reasons to make your life a grand success. Whatever you desire you shall transcend. Whatever you contemplate you shall you consummate. Whatever you feel passionate about you shall become compassionate.’
There are so many diverse opportunities for all in the magnitude and opulence of The Universe. Today I want you to pick out at least several grand opportunities tailored made for your requirements to achieve before the end of the year. 2015 reasons to make 2015 your year is the way to go. Listed below are some of the 2015 reasons:

·         Start your very own Business
·         Become financially independent
·         Buy your own home
·         Loose weight
·         Be happy 24/7
·         Buy a car
·         Get a better and more rewarding job
·         Start your own business
·         Get Married
·         Go on a holiday
·         Reduce your debts to zero
·         Start a hobby
·         Learn a new language

These are just part of a list of 2015 reasons to make 2015 a grand success for you. If you require the full list let me know and I will email it to you. In this comprehensive list there will be something for you or a combination of several things to do. 2015 is a key year for all of us. It is up to our individual passions and desires to see us to a merry end. As for me I have several mammoth goals to deliver and accomplish in 2015. Will I achieve it? I know I will. What are my secrets? It is simple:

·         Read The Modern Day Trilogy word for word
·         Start believing in myself by becoming ABLE in everything that I do.
·         Start my day with a prayer and end it solemnly with gratitude
·         Care, share and remain fair.
·         Seek unselfish goals, speak with honesty and never feel weak in any week.
·         Be inspired daily by reading inspirational material bespoke to my needs.
·         Care for the flora, the fauna and our planet.
·         Recycle, cycle, keep fit, be a HIT, eat moderately and be considerate.
·         Learn to earn. Do a good turn. Show concern for the needy and return a smile.
·         Have passion, have desire. Show love and be humble.

These are the common techniques I use annually. I stick to my agenda from dawn to dusk. I feel accomplished and fulfilled by the end of the week and repeat the process on Monday morning. My weekends are important for it helps me unwind, rewind and more become more defined. 

Sunday 11 January 2015

Let Light brings Success to your doorstep

Let Light brings success to your doorstep.
Quote of the day
‘The light of the world is the energy that you need to make dreams come true. You need to absorb light into your body and recharge those regressed feelings and impress the world with your tenacity and determination.’

Light brings hope elegantly and gracefully. Light turns darkness away and brings warmth and courage to those that need it. Light brightens the day and light is the giver of life. Light is the glow that we are able to see and the flow that we cannot see. Light is radiant and makes the world colourful and so divinely beautiful. Light illuminates everything so that we can see the goodness in the world. Light is luminosity shining brilliance along the horizon igniting a new day for you. Light creates life down to cellular level and up to complex creatures like us. Without light we shall perish. Light makes plasma active and the cytoplasm interactive. Light creates photosynthesis and photosynthesis creates organic compounds. Without light there shall be no organics just celestial mechanics. Light is you, without you there is no story to tell. Light is divine and so refine. Light is a spectrum of different colours fused in a magical way? Light brings harmony, light brings sight, light makes you not fright and light is full of might. Light gives you confidence, darkness makes you doubt. Dear Friends when the light shines above the horizon tomorrow morning at the beginning of a new day on a new working week I want you to rekindle the sparkle in you and see clearness in front of you. I want you to see your resolutions that you etched into your memo last year and see if you feel confident enough to tackle them. Lightness clears the darkness, it clears the heaviness of a laden day and gives you grace to meet your daily agenda.  I want you to start seeing clearly even when the lights are out. I want you to become confident in everything that you do. Light does bring hope for you like a new day in your life. Light will rebuff the fears of the darkness and turn your phobias into warmth and courage. Light will definitely brighten your day even though it may start off feeling dismal. Let the power of the sun shine its potent rays into your skin charging your cells to do extra well. Become energised when you feel down, recharge your determination with illumination. Get the spade and the hoe out of the shed and bury the gremlins that weaken your role in life and dig up the new bulbs of spring that will blossom into the real you. It is all about effort. Light brings you the perfect platform to get started. Don’t waste a second, let the light flow into your heart at the break of dawn and touch your dreams with the mellow scent of your determination.