Sunday 31 August 2014


If you are aware of an infliction then I say quite openly try to set out a prediction and then follow on with a conviction. Let me explain, let us assume that you are overweight and acknowledge the symptoms of being overweight such as breathlessness. This constitutes your infliction. Now we need a prediction. Prediction is a forecast of what you would want to be in a given time. Perhaps with motivation you decide to set a time frame of 6 months to realistically lose weight. This is what I call a personal prognostication. It is your determination and mind-set that is needed to get the job done. This is applicable to any infliction such as debt, redundancy, unemployment, illness, obesity, abuse any of the setbacks you experience. What comes next is your conviction. Conviction is a firm and ardent belief in yourself. It is about acknowledging that you are important. Yes, not only important to yourself but to the whole chemistry of life itself. It is about being confident about your prediction. It is about having the passion, the desire and sincerity to make an infliction a total eviction. Many of you may say but my debts are surmounting, what I can do tomorrow or the day after when payments are due or long overdue. Payments are just figures and figures are divisible. You need to predict a more overall view and make a divisible contribution. Creditors are waiting to listen to you and admire your determination to be sincere, honest and committed. So, if you owe a staggering amount of say £2000 pounds to a set individual, speak to them and offer to pay this amount over the next 24months. This is where your conviction plays a critical role. So before you start any new month exercise IPC.

Quote of the day

‘IPC is as important as say BMI, GDP or GM Foods. IPC helps you to start each month by identifying the previous month’s Inflictions. With an anticipated Prediction and a full Conviction you can steer clear off all your troubles.’

Saturday 30 August 2014

The Art of Gratefulness

Gratefulness comes to light when we realise the magnitude of the gifts that we already have. Can we see? If we can see are we able to see clearly into the past, present and future. Sight is not only what the eyes can see but also what the mind wants to see. Sometimes the mind can become too focused on external images that can be distracting or enticing. A well-focussed mind knows what to see and how to respond to what it sees. Sometimes there is a delusion. We see a pretty woman for example and suddenly we are deluded by showing lust rather than love. Can we hear and if we can what do we hear? Do we hear the sound of silence that permeates the air or do we get baffled with distorted sounds that make no sense. A vulgar word uttered to you can change your temperament and result in a negative consequence. However if you ignored it and just listened to the blissfulness of happy sounds your temperament will remain unaltered and so will your day. Being grateful is really an art. It is the faculty of a human being to remain humane at all times. It is about being simple in life rather than complex. Simplicity is about having the flair of naturalness. Naturalness is a genuine and sincere characteristic of a human being. A human being shows gratitude when gratitude is needed. They are thankful for little things as well as colossal achievements. They express their thankfulness in a kind way. They acknowledge the gift of life and the purpose of life. They recognise good from bad. They are generally humble in nature and respond in a humane way. They do not resort to vulgarism, hooliganism and vandalism. They do not take harshness to heart and focus on the job to be done. They are not easily distracted and neither do they distract. They believe in a purpose to life and are grateful for life itself and are willing and endearing to live onto to their rightful age of 100 years. Being grateful is a daily ritual that must be exercised with sincerity and lovingness. You need to be grateful to all and not one. You need to express your appreciation openly and to make it know to the recipient that you are and always will be thankful. This is the spirit we need to adopt for the new month in September.  

Quote of the day

‘Carrying the cradle of gratitude in your palms is like carrying a new-born child. There is purity in your eyes and clarity in your gesture. Your smile evokes a radiance that is befitting to austerity and the recipient of your expressions will acknowledge the warmth of your heart.’

With gratefulness you can open doors to new friends and rekindle relationships with lost friends. With gratefulness you can calm the storm of confusion and break the winds of destruction. Gratefulness is a faculty that you need to master and deploy in a variety of ways during your day and during your night. Gratefulness will carry you a long, long way into the openness of The Universe and into the passage of your eternal life. Enrol to a Full-Time degree in gratefulness and when you feel that you have qualified you can add the following after your name: BA in Gratefulness.

Friday 29 August 2014

My Top 10 Quotes as voted by You

'Love to live and live to Love'.
'Treasure every minute of your life from now on, guard it with all your might in the volumetric space that you occupy'
‘All things great or small can be conquered with proper planning, correct eating, exercising, courage, passion, commitment and patience’.
‘All manifestations in life occupy space and time. A goal or a resolution will occupy space and TIME too, and so will you.’
‘Our true persona is the character and personality that others see in us and not what we see in ourselves’
‘How do we measure success in life lies entirely in how we appreciate what we already have?’
‘To embrace change when needed is easier when you anticipate change beforehand.’
‘I shall only follow a set of instructions that gives proven results.’
’Goals only become significant, accomplished and fulfilled when they are first conjured up unselfishly in your mind and then acted upon’
‘The Universal pledge is to care, share and remain fair, everyday until eternity when the true magnificence of life is revealed.’

Thursday 28 August 2014

The Power of Imagination

Quote of the day: ‘Imagination stands for – Inspiration Makes All Goals, Innovative, Nurturing And Testimonial, Internally, Outwardly or Naturally.’

Dear Friends we sometimes ignore the incredible power of our mind and the ability that we constantly have to imagine the best in us rather than the worst in us that people often make us to believe. With Imagination we can conquer our goals. With Imagination we can test drive our future goals before we can commit to them. With Imagination we can calm the storms, rise above all obstacles, meet challenges ahead and rivet our good deeds for the common good. Imagination is an incredible force that can transform your temperament into one of elation, tranquillity, pleasure and sheer excitement.

With Imagination you can be want you want to be. You can be the best in any field. Imagination makes you sample the stardom of success and makes you realise what you can really achieve. With Imagination there is no boundaries. If you are altruistic in your thoughts than the outcome of your venture or goal will always yield the best dividend. Time is your greatest asset and with managed time from dawn to dusk you can make Imagination reality. You can, I know because I have unleashed this power from within and made it manifest into my desires and passions. Using the word IMAGINATION, a twelve letter word with many potent meanings can help you to unleash your power of achievement and fulfilment. If you believe in yourself than then the concept is simple. If you do not believe in yourself then you need to address this first. Let us look at the twelve letters that make up the word IMAGINATION.

  •               The Letter I stands for Inspiration
  •          The Letter M stands for Makes
  •          The Letter A stands for All
  •          The Letter G stands for Goals
  •          The Letter I stands for Innovative
  •          The Letter N stands for Nurturing
  •          The Letter A stands for And
  •          The Letter T stands for Testimonial
  •          The Letter I stands for Internally
  •          The Letter O stands for Outwardly
  •          The Letter N stands for Naturally

Each word in this acronym creates a powerful sentence which we shall explore in a few moments and the sentence is: Inspiration Makes All Goals, Innovative, Nurturing And Testimonial, Internally, Outwardly or Naturally.’

Inspiration stimulates us to think big and to become the person we dream about. Inspiration is like a stimulus and if stimulated from the right source will provoke you to think big. Gaining Inspiration from me daily helps you to become motivated. Goals are created from your Inspiration. These could be big goals or little ones, it does not really matter. What really matters is that you are ready to believe in yourself and change your entire lifestyle. Inspiration helps you to collectively create possible desires and passions to evoke you to become successful, happy and prosperous. Innovation is about you and the originality of your goals. You cannot mimic the mind-set of someone else but can be inspired to do similar. Nurturing is about developing your goals slowly but surely. Goals do not manifest themselves overnight, they grow like saplings bursting out of the soil bed below. Testimonials are a confirmation and acknowledgement between you and your goals. You cannot execute a goal without having the honour to enjoy it or to be recommended to it. You have to have ardent passion and overwhelming desire to make dreams come true. This starts of as an Imagination. Internally relates to you and what your mind explores and what your heart feels contented with. Outwardly is the external factors that become affected when you create a goal. All goals do manifest into something therefore your goal when manifested will be alive, radiant and exposed to the outside world. Naturally is something that is obvious and logical. You cannot muster up a goal that is illogical or surprising. You cannot for these surmount to wasted time and foolish grime. Unleash your Imagination and make a change for the rest of your life 

Wednesday 27 August 2014

Integration is better than Segregation

Quote of the day: ‘Integration brings together both men and women into an amalgamation of harmony and humane activities. Integration does not recognises colour but rather acknowledges culture and creed. Segregation is the antonym. Segregation takes both men and women and identifies them according to colour, wealth and class. It destroys the concept of harmony and makes people more inhumane.’

Integration goes back to the beginning of time. Integration holds the key to men and women’s ideologies and responsibilities. Integration combines ideologies and responsibilities into profitable workloads and allows the participants to live a happier and contented life based on equality and longevity. Integration makes human beings of all ages and gender realise their responsibilities and makes them get up at the break of dawn to carry on with their daily tasks in a harmonising fashion. Equality is about fairness but takes into account individual needs and therefore allows humans to make choices based on their needs. They may chose a vocation according to their personal desires and passions and choose similarly their vacation according to their desires and passions. Human Beings are not meant to be greedy and take what is necessary for their needs to ensure that they remain comfortable, warm and prosperous.

Segregation on the other hand is evidently a menacing tool that exhibits the converse of Integration. It separates people into anger, violence, destruction and corruption. It classifies people according to colour, religion, creed, culture, class and politics. It makes people greedy and tangles the concept of harmonisation. History holds a macabre almanac of segregationists from all corners of the globe and carries a trademark in modern times. Segregation is here, it is there and it is everywhere. Segregation makes humans inhuman. Segregation will certainly not render equality and longevity. Segregation is isolation as once practised in Southern Africa in the form of Apartheid. Many human beings both past and present have faced horrific conditions to live in and to grow in.

Dear Friends, I say onto you, believe in yourself and believe in your existence. Believe in Almighty GOD and believe in the value of life. Don’t judge another human being and don’t hold a grudge for these qualities have zero values. Don’t classify people according to their ideologies but most certainly pacify them for their trials and tribulations. Don’t mock them for their appearance but rather stock them for the paraphernalia that they so deservedly need. Don’t shout out anger to them or doubt their presence or clout your way onto them. Love all and never loathe a single one. This should be your daily motto and when the Sun shines soak up the need to live and the love to exhibit. Do these things from today and watch how clear the sound of nature will beckon its way deep into your heart and latch onto your soul.

Tuesday 26 August 2014

Learning from Others

Learning from others is like accessing wisdom from The Universe. The reason for this is that other people that are successful have already extracted knowledge from The Universe and made it work for them. Now just by making an observation you too can make whatever it may be, work for you too. If you want success then you need to follow Successful People. It is often easy to find successful people because there is a banner above a successful person that clearly reads achiever, accomplisher and victor. If you want good health then simply follow healthy people. Healthy people have a vigorous approach to life, they stay in relatively good shape and they are generally hale and hearty. If you need to be wealthy then follow the people that have wealth but not those that hoarded wealth by stealth. A wealthy person is prosperous at heart and affluent in mind. If you need to excel in education then seek the learned ones that hold a sound vocabulary, a rich career, an inquiring mind and a cultured outlook to life. If you seek spirituality than look no further than the opulence of our Heavenly Father who provides us with all necessities to live and the generative power to love to live. When I visited Amsterdam and Brugge I was so impressed with the quality of life and the equality of life. I was drawn to the landscape, manufactured to please and agriculture to appease. I was impressed with the produce and the refinery towards quotas, quality and not necessarily quantity. I was touched by the architecture and the engineering. Land is scarce but yet architecture has transformed small spaces into tall spaces. Set below sea level there is provisions in place for flooding from the North Sea with engineering brought into the limelight of innovation. I was amazed with the surplus of bicycles and the need to cycle and the course to recycle. I was inspired to become fit when I saw fitness in action from dawn to dusk. I liked what I saw because I tapped into the workings of The Universe within The Universe.

Quote of the day: ‘We often feel that there is hopelessness because it is meant to be but little do we realise that hopefulness is actually more enticing. Hopefulness exists throughout the world used by those that have tapped into the resonant sound of positivity from The Universe.’

We need to mimic hope when there is no hope. We need to copy love where there is hate. We need to prosper in our hearts first before we can prosper in our pockets. We need to follow the trail of righteousness and ignore the trail of fools. We need to think ahead and live in anticipation. These qualities of life are already blossoming in the world. We need to grasp the concept of success by wanting to taste it, feel it and enjoy it. Do enjoy the last few days of August and keep the tradition of trying as a emblem toy our personal prosperity.

Friday 22 August 2014

Good day to you Dear Friends. Getting up each day must be a treasured activity. You cannot get up saying that you feel tired. You cannot utter to yourself or your partner that you don’t have the desire to go to work today. Do you often get the inner feelings of body aches and pains? Does you mind feel incoherent, unable to deduce simple morning signals? A meritocratic Goal Setter feels otherwise.
A meritocratic Goal Setter wakes up with the zest to accomplish. He or she ramifies this thought in their minds before going to bed. They have a clearer vision than any other ordinary human being. You could even describe them as super humans. They have unbelievable energy to compound desire and passion in a regular fashion.
They go the extra mile. They manage their day fruitfully. They take each second of the day and use it profitably. Every second is important to a meritocratic Goal Setter. Breakfast is important and so is lunch followed by a lighter supper. They know the importance of a fueled breakfast to sparkle the need to do profitable work. They eat on time each day and know the good foods from the bad. There is goodness out there but there are also bad foods that induce bad and lethargic feelings.
Eating well makes you act well. It fires you to do things that you could never do before. Meritocratic goals setters leave no stone unturned. Their garden is always neat and tidy. Weeds are constantly removed and larger shrubs regularly pruned. They ensure flower beds are adequate to attract nature’s creatures like bees and birds. They recycle wherever and whenever they can. They go green and do it because of the importance of been green. They care earnestly for the environment.
They get to know their neighbours and walk instead of taking the car. They keep correspondences at bay attending to mail when needed and keep payments manageable and affordable. They keep their homes clean and free from clutter. They dry their clothes naturally rather than use the tumble drier. Their wash clothes only when needed and vacuum their homes regularly to repel unwanted pests.
There is constant activity in a meritocratic Goal Setter. They instill fine qualities in their children and ensure their proper upbringing. They value responsibilities and take responsibilities seriously. There is no room for complacency. They filter out problems with careful analysis. They keep abreast with current affairs and learn new words each day. A meritocratic Goal Setter does fear knowledge, they are willing to learn rather than place emphasis on earn, earn and earn!
How far are you willing to go? How do you spend each second of your day? When does your day start and when does it end? Are you willing to go the extra mile? Are you willing to make adjustments and sacrifices? In order to see change you must be willing to change. It is as simple as that, no different to any successful individual that paces or paced the Earth. Go for it Dear Friends, make a difference to your life with sound and orchestrated movements. Flow with relinquished success rather than fantasised success.

To be without is to live without

To be without appreciation, loving, caring and sharing is to face living without appreciation, loving, caring and sharing. What then is life without appreciation, loving, caring and sharing? To appreciate life is to give love, care, and a share of your wealth back to those that helped you to get it in the first place. You are a human being that has the equal right to live on planet Earth for a period of 100 years. No other human being has the right to take away this equal opportunity from you. The real question is how do we expend our valuable time on planet Earth daily and for the rest of our centennial existence?

Quote of the day: ‘Express your appreciation for life by caring, sharing and loving everything that you can see, feel or touch. In return you shall get an equal dose of caring, sharing and love.’

Wow! It is like investing in a saving account but the rewards are not restricted to say 3% interest. The rewards are so awesome. Can you imagine waking up knowing that although you care others care too? Can you also imagine sharing your last penny knowing that a treasure awaits you? What about love? Love is such an energising word. It is a feeling of passion, adoration, devotion and amity. To give love and to get so much of love in return is by far the greatest investment you could ever make. There are no risks in making 3 valuable investments in your life. If you constantly care, share and love you shall get it back in a deluge of appreciation from all over the world. Try it! Be kind just for an hour. Be kind to all just for a single hour. Time it and do it sincerely. Go the extra mile. Move every stone or leaf in front of you and make it known that you care, share and love everything. Now openly tell how it feels an hour later. Does it meet your expectations? Is there a change in the temperament of your circumstances? Dear Friends you will know when you have invested wisely for the rainbow shall not stop glowing beyond the foothills of the meadows below. It is a feeling that I would constantly want to invest in each and every single day of my earthly life. I can only recommend it.

Thursday 21 August 2014

Our Daily Obligations

Our Daily Obligations

Quote of the day: ‘Obligations are really our humane responsibilities for the day. It is not optional but rather a promise made between you and the rest of the world.’

We often taken things for granted assuming that nothing bad can come from it but yet bad things do come in front us all the time. The world is facing an epidemic of bad consequences at this precise moment. The Ebola virus disease is ongoing in West Africa. Infectious diseases decimated entire populations, ending blood lines and claiming more casualties than World Wars. War amongst men is still raging. The War in Donbass is ongoing. The Syrian Civil War has claimed huge fatalities. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls we cannot take things for granted. We need to become informed and to learn to live in anticipation.  Becoming informed makes us realise what is happening in the world. The tension in Gaza is escalating and without been kept informed we could toddle along without understanding the meaning of life and the consequences of abusing it.

No human being is born to suffer. Suffering is a really a drapery of miseries, sorrows and anguish brought upon ourselves. Yes, we are the Creators of all human sufferings. Let us assume that we went to the Moon just for the day on our own or perhaps with just another friend. Now there is not a lot to do on the moon but nevertheless you went along for the purposes of this article to prove a point. Let us assume you have the ability to exercise terraforming and consequently you created a little paradise for yourself and your sincere friend. Can you imagine how beautiful your domain will look enriched with serenity and draped with colour for eternity? Suddenly in the remote setting of a Sci-Fi settings you could see at a distance a craft arriving in the vicinity of your domain. You start to worry, you become agitated and feel a little insecure. You were fine a few minutes ago, alone in a bespoke paradise but then the curtains came tumbling down and all those promising dreams were shattered. You now have an adversary. The Earth holds the same props but staged for a more earthly life. Here we share these props with over 7 billion others. Somehow we seem to be unable to get along. Adhering to obligations helps. What is your obligations for today or tomorrow or even the next day? Well you need to create your responsibilities according to your ability in order to perform them. You cannot create an agenda of a 1000 duties only to complete 7 by the end of the day. You need to create a workload according to your ability. Once done you need to perform them daily in the most altruistic fashion. This makes you realise that you are not alone in a world of your own but rather in a world with 7 billion friends. Adhering to your obligations helps to harmonise relationships and reduce the possibilities of conflicts and disagreements. You must be kept informed by reading, listening and watching. Information is your core to understanding and learning. Learning makes you become knowledgeable and wise. A Wiseman will always walk away from a conflict rather than engage in one. A Wiseman will walk the Earth knowing that he or she has a job to be done and will engage with this obligation until the job is done.

Wednesday 20 August 2014

Search, Research and then Perch

Quote of the day: ‘To lessen the side effects of bad decisions I suggest following three basic principles: Search, then research and finally perch. It is as simple as that.

Tomorrow holds an incredible amount of surprises, some small and some quite colossal and some rather damaging. Life is about learning, as we learn we become educated. Education makes us cultured in our mannerism, in our persona and in our role as unselfish human beings. Education is not about glorification but rather edification. Glorification is about self-adoration and self-praise and about receiving money and lots of it for your achievements. This is not the principle priority of education. Edification on the other hand is about self-improvement, it is also about enlightenment. It is about gaining explanation and insight into the concept of life and how to exercise your given role. It is about learning and also about teaching onto others what you have learned. It is about following instructions correctly and adhering to fundamental principles, principles that govern planetary movements, principles that make certain atoms combine with each other and with different other atoms. Education is certainly not about obfuscation. It is not meant to keep you in the dark. It is not meant to mystify you. Education is about clarification, it is about knowing right from wrong. Most of us do not realise this and consequently make drastic mistakes, in other words we make all the wrong decisions. Making wrong decisions ultimately makes a wrong turn in your life and subsequently yielding the wrong outcome. You know what I mean and to exemplify this I list some wrong decisions below as an example:
  • You feel disappointed at the quality and quantity of the food you receive at a popular restaurant.
  • You are equally disappointed when you visit your Bed and Breakfast to find out that the rooms are unclean and full of cobwebs.
  • You bought the wrong vehicle, only to find out that if you waited a few more days you could have got a better deal.
The above lists some of the many consequences of bad decision making. Regretfully we are making it all the time and in some instances we are making bad decisions on a daily basis. To lessen the effect of bad decision making I suggest the following three steps: 
  • You need to make a thorough search of what you really need.
  • From this find do a further research to establish whether you are making the right decision or not.
  • Finally you then need to perch, in other words you have to make the final decision by settling on your researched data. 
Let us assume that you chose to visit Belgium for a few days and needed to find an affordable accommodation. There are various search engines for you to try so let the search begin. In your search tactics try to narrow your find based on your budget and your preferences. This constitutes your 1st step which is Search. Next, do the research. Researching is about finding out reviews about your hotel or bed and breakfast. It is about investigating the good reviews and comparing it to the bad reviews. It is about exploring your options. You haven’t made any decisions as yet, search and research is your 1st steps towards making the right decision. Constantly ask questions by studying the available data and by examining facts displayed in front of you. Seen enough, well now it is time to make the decision, in other words it is time to perch the appropriate action, a big fat no or a maybe yes. Look how decision making revolves around patience. Dear Friends, I certainly would not want you to land flat on your face with the wrong decision, I want you to make solid decision, a decision that you could be proud of. Try it, you got absolutely nothing to lose. 

Tuesday 19 August 2014

Don’t worry, do not feel sorry. Do not hurry or scurry, just latch onto the Word of GOD.

Quote of the day: ‘Good day to you Dear Friends and if you feel a little depressed today, lacking hope to cope and lacking the will to live, fear not for life lasts forever and ever but sufferings will last just for a while.’

We often latch onto the wrong leverage for support. We think if we worry then there will be a trolley of wishful helpers waiting to aid our sorrow. If we feel sorry then perhaps a lorry of wishful thinkers will come forward and rescue us. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls you need to latch onto a firmer grip and that is in the Word of GOD. Who else can you ask but me, the person penning this article to enrich your soul with the feel-good of life and the maker of dreams come true. I tasted the bitterness of life like many other people too. Celebrities too that you adore had their difficult moments. Kelsey Grammer admits to a difficult childhood loosing so many family members tragically. Sylvester Stallone will tell you of his homelessness openly. Jennifer Lopez admits being homeless too whilst Daniel Craig remembers those difficult days simply because he did have money. Money is by far the most common denominator to all our dilemmas. It convicts our judgement and it manipulates our prejudgement. I want to tell you that money is not the problem but rather the will to create it instead. We often get misled when we see success in the face of other people. What we need to do is to find out what we really need in life first. If you are homeless, don’t be ashamed for I was homeless on many occasions. If you are penniless, fear not for I too have been without a penny at hand. If you feel that you want to end your life, rebuke from those thoughts. I was very suicidal and today I am very much alive. The wheel is round and you have reached the circumference of your life at the point where it hurts. The wheel of your life is constantly turning and you need to decide to make a change. All good things can last forever but all bad things will only last for a while. Whatever your predicament is there is a solution waiting for you. Download my free eBook and make a start to changing your life. I was touched by The Word of GOD in a breath-taking revelation that changed my life for the common good. The Word is your aperture to make changes. Don’t let the indenture of failure stick with you, remove them right away. Breakaway from fear, or a sudden tear, bear the burden of your load, beware of the jugglers of words that pretend to help using catch phrases and salesmanship to lure you, don’t despair be like the birds that fly and fly, don’t fall in a common snare and be abused for no reason at all, don’t be dazzled by the glare that lures you to overnight success. Just tally along, regroup, identify your needs, build up your spirit, encourage your desires and passions and carry The Word of GOD. GOD is good, always remember that. Man is bad, always be weary of that. Trust Almighty GOD, trust no one else but yourself. Carry your TAG of courage and hope wherever you go. TAG stands for Trust Almighty GOD. Read my blog each day for new inspiration and constant motivation. You can do it, I know because I did it. I tasted the bitterness of life in order to appreciate the sweetness of it. Go well Dear Friends and do well each day.

Monday 18 August 2014

Happiness is energy and energy is dynamism

Happiness is energy and energy is dynamism. Dynamism drives you do better and to get the job done. Lack of such power and inspiration can create the opposite effect. Do you feel exactly that way when you return home from work? It is all about revitalising or reenergising your vigour, it is about constantly thinking happy to be happy. Now we all know that other people will buffer your happy zone. They will nudge you to become less happy and more agitated. They will meet you in the corridor or on the pavement or maybe on the road. They often look at you as an obstacle and need to get you out of the way. They also look at you as an escape goat to let off steam rather than bottle it up within themselves. You can identify distraction quite easily. Distraction is dressed in a face of rage, in a suit of contempt and in a pair of shoes that leaves a trace of malice behind. This is where you need to step in. By identifying the cause of your sudden disruption to happiness you need to apply your dynamism. Dynamism is drive and drive motivates the next person to get-up-and-go. You need to show by example. You need to express your happiness by releasing it so that your adversary thinks before they actually stink with regret. Let us imagine the start of tomorrow. Your quest is happiness from dawn to dusk. In the preceding day you prepared an agenda carefully penned in a fashion to suit your day and your ability. You gathered your paraphernalia the day before and now it is all about getting ready. You awake and start your day without a bustle or a hustle. You know what to expect of today because your day is governed by your agenda.

Quote of the day: ‘Having an agenda for the day makes you become affixed for the day. Your agenda commands your actions and your agenda is responsible for the consequences of your actions. Happiness promotes satisfaction. Happiness is the driving force or energy needed to fulfil and accomplish your day. Without happiness there is chaos on a large scale.’

The preparatory method for the day is as follows:
  1. Start your day with a prayer and end sincerely with gratitude
  2. Your day is governed by your agenda which was penned the previous day by your thoughts.
  3. Your daily agenda is also referred to as your daily memorandum.
  4. To be accomplished and fulfilled for the day you need to fire your day with a burst of happiness.
  5. Greeting people that you see with a smile makes you go the extra mile.
  6. Happiness is energy and like a battery will run your day effectively and efficiently.
  7. Eat well but always be moderate and considerate. Good foods create good moods.
  8. Your mood swings play a pivotal role on your overall happiness.
  9. Always remember avoidance is better than pursuance so if an element of distraction comes your way, step aside and let it pass.
Do this daily and watch how your life shall change. You will be the talk of the town. People will want to follow in your footsteps because they can see the goodness around you. Have a great evening and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Sunday 17 August 2014


Quote of the day: ‘Happiness is a source of Universal Energy and if linked or connected to shall resonate a feeling of contentment, pleasure, joy and satisfaction in whatever circumstances that you are in.’

Happiness is a source of energy derivative from The Universe and resonates in a clear tone that can be heard and captured by those that need it to live a successful life on Earth. You cannot create life by random and expect life to search for a reason to live. You got to give living organisms a valid reason to live. Yes all life forms experience happiness and embrace it in their own clan, click or pack to savour the joy of living and to acknowledge each other for support and protection. Life is by far our greatest gift on Earth, divisible by time and manifested in workloads of daily schedules. Even the lions know when to feed, sleep or mate. The wavelength of Happiness is undefinable because it exists all over the realm of The Creation. It is a crest of serenity and a trough of satisfaction. It is a bandwidth of over 7,000,000,000,000HZ for humans and is the only connection to create joy in the faces of those that are sad. Happiness is always there but the converse of Happiness called sadness is there too blanking out the canvas of opportunity and creating a dismal cord is misfortune. Happiness cannot be divisible by money or power because Happiness creates power or money. Happiness is evident in the good things that we see from mountain crests to river beds and from the diversity of the flora to the complexity of the fauna. Happiness if spread in the right doses can liberate sufferings, poverty and oppression. Happiness is your primary source of creating goals. Without happiness you cannot create goals but merely fools that bask in materialistic acquisitions that does not last forever. Happiness does not favour gender, colour or creed but rather delivers it equally to those that need it. Happiness is a medium that strikes new friendship moulds and breaks off the long standing holds on feud. Happiness is like a duvet of warmth, caress and fragrance that makes the user secure, comfortable and confident. Happiness brings on the cheer to live and the return to a newer life. Happiness brings out the celebrated smile that amasses so many muscles in your body to convolute in rhythmic spasms of relaxation and revitalisation.

Sadness does the converse. Happiness is a media that children learn best, feel rest, play with no stress and live a life that is blessed. Happiness is certainly alive but sadness is also there bringing in the misery of unhappiness. If you have happiness you must release it so that others may experience and also accumulate it. Happiness has no real value but it is valued by those that exercise it. Do not start tomorrow without touching the mellow feeling of Happiness today, if you are sad do not despair for Happiness is ready to fall upon you like a shower of honey that tastes so enriched and feels so soft and expansive. It is something you need to lather yourself in. Take a snapshot of yourself at this present moment and say to yourself are you happy or do you need to be drizzled in some form of happiness. Have a great day tomorrow, be happy and be cheerful in anything that you do and watch how your success will grow and grow.

Saturday 16 August 2014

Life has a beginning and an end

Life has a Beginning and an end

Where there is life, there is hope and restitution. Life has a purpose, and the purpose of life is to make all things possible across the magnitude of The Universe. As Humans we stand supreme in rank amongst all creatures. Therefore we need to be humanly responsible at ALL times. Life has a beginning and an end. Where do we stand in this epoch of our existence? Universally Friendly believes that ALL human beings have the right to live on planet Earth for 100 years. In this centennial lifespan on Earth we all have the right to an equal and fair life. During this time we serve thy GOD with all our heart and with all our strength willingly and sincerely. The mechanism to do this has always been here but has become somewhat obscured by the talons of greed. Dear Friends, you need to clear this cobweb of deceit that makes life so vague and murky.

Quote of the day: ‘You need to enrich your life with positivity, you need to be vibrant with agility, perfect in your thoughts, pure in your belief, unblemished in your actions, well-defined in your utterance, distinct from the crowd and strong when adversities stumble upon you.’

Many a fool will come upon you and make purity become absurdity. They do this because they have the skill of the devil. Many a fool shall rush in with ambiguous remarks and prove that it all started from a big bang. Some fools will turn off the lights to sight and sound and make a din that lures you to chatter, clatter, flatter and endless smatter. Dear Friends you need to steer your craft on a relentless journey that lasts 100 years or to be precise 86,400 seconds per day onto the wind of positive appeal and into the seas of placidity rather than absurdity. You need to tally on, amassing huge quantities of good deeds that turn stone into mortar and makes clear that you shall not stumble when there is hardships, you will not fumble when there is misfortune and you shall not grumble when difficulties face you. You are human, you have a mind that wants to remain pure, you have hands that are ambidextrous, and you have limbs that carry you into the frontiers of victory and into the apertures of valedictory. You have a heart that your soul resides in that maketh your way into the colonies of occupation and into the vastness of space. You have these unique abilities, now use it wisely. Use it too to help those that cannot see clearly, that are slightly deafened when logic meets theirs ears and to those that are limp simply because they have lost hope. I wish you a merry weekend and I pray that you would prefer reading an article rather than a series of tweets. I want you to digest each article for its content and be inspired to make your life on Earth, victorious and amicably fine. Let me have your constant feedback so that I may tweak constant stream of inspiration to help keep your spirits high and your goals alive.

Friday 15 August 2014

The Intranet, The Internet and The Extranet

Dear Friends welcome to the final day of the working week. I hope and pray that you had an accomplished and fulfilled week. Today is also the 15th of August 2014, we are midway in August. 15 days are about to pass and 15 days are about to begin. Today I would like to talk about the net, the lattice of communication and the network for vital information. The Intranet is confined to communication and information sourcing from within a fixed entity normally a business or office premises. Here authorised users have access to each other, to their portfolio, proposals and schedules. It is communication at a faster pace, accessing help when needed and assessing help at a glance or at an instance. This makes life for all considered easier, swifter, competitive and resourceful let alone challenging. Targets can be reached and production can be attained within a company or organisation efficiently and profitably. The Internet on the other hand is not confined but refined to a broader audience and not within just an organisation but to a limitless audience around the world. Information is sought, information is got, information is bought, information is support, information is also forgot and information is also caught. Information is knowledge, information is wisdom, information is news, information is communication, information is fact and information is statistics. Information reveals evidence or unknown entities, collaborations and affiliations. Information is a universal concept of understanding. Information is what is put into the system and extraction is what is read from it. What you put into it is what you get out of it. Today Dear Friends of all ages and backgrounds I want to introduce you to a new source of energy and information and that is the Extranet. The Extranet, redefined is a source of information that originates from the beginning of time and collectively provides information when required. It is about our history and it is about the history of life. These are two important clich├ęs, our lives and the lives of every organism that roamed The Universe. The Universe is the Server, a vast collection of vital data needed to supplement our demanding needs. It is the source of wisdom created by our Heavenly Father. It is about life and it is about living it fairly. It is about caring, sharing and remaining fair. It is about classified data, facts and plans. It is accessible and it is inaccessible. It is accessible to those that are willing to use it altruistically and inaccessible to those that want to use it selfishly. It is has been used by men and women both great and limited, unconsciously and consciously. Twenty years ago I tapped into the vastness of The Universe, I needed to log into the archives of realisation and spiritual information. From this inquisition cometh the information that you read each day. It is my inspirational guide as well as yours. It provides answers when answers are needed and it provides solutions when solutions are most urgent. Quote of the day: The Extranet is a spiritual hub of information which makes good sense and remains common-sense. It is our history etched into the chemical composite of matter and mind. It resonates across the vastness of space encrypted in a divine code. It is accessible to all and it is inaccessible to some.’ Dear Friends please don’t just log onto the Intranet or Internet when trouble comes your way. Reach out for the Extranet instead. Having trouble logging in, no worries just log into Universally Friendly for friendly support and guidance wherever you are. Where are you might I enquire. Are you troubled, in doubt, bereaving, in debt or unwell? Your problems can and will be solved. Always remember that, for I was once suicidal, homeless and penniless, today I am sensible, accommodated and priceless. Have a wonderful day and if you need to make a gallant start to resolving your problems please log onto my new blog There will be an enriched article on a regular basis for you which can even be delivered to you if you run a hectic schedule. There is also a free copy of my book entitled Seasonal Quotes priced at $11.40 on Amazon for you to download for free. Your personal details will be kept secure and will only be used to relay vital information for your wellbeing on planet Earth. This book is a good starting point to resolving any issues that troubles you daily, With love from your friend for life - Anthony

Thursday 14 August 2014

The Past, the Present and the Future

Dear Friends, thank you ever so much for reading this article which in a sense was an article that I received when I tapped into the Extranet almost 20 years ago. I was in a state of flux. I was 35 years of age, lost all my assets as a result of a bad decision and consequently became almost suicidal, penniless and homeless. I was destitute without a direction or a plan. Exactly 4 hours after my Mum so mysteriously passed away I received a revelation which changed my life for the future. I asked questions and I got answers. I asked questions about the past and I learned about the past. I learned about The Creation, about The Lord and about His presence on Earth, about The Garden of Eden, about UFOs and aliens. I received answers that were breath-taking for I had travelled back in time by tapping into The Extranet. I learned about the present too and wondered about my existence. I wondered about my purpose, my goals, my family and the world at large. I wondered what would happened if I took my life selfishly. I knew that there will be a void in The Universe and that void would have to be replaced by someone else. Therefore I decided to become unselfish and live an altruistic life. Learning about the Past made me realise how important I was in the chemistry of life and that I needed to live on and to fulfil and accomplish my duties. I needed to live with the concept of love and to love to live. I needed to set newer goals that were unselfish and to aim for a better and more relaxed lifestyle. This then constituted my future. I had a new and revised plan and I stuck to it. I followed the instructions as per the instructions laid out on the Extranet. You see I tapped into The Universe or The Extranet. We all use The Internet or internally at work The Intranet but we fail to realise that The Extranet is there waiting for us to extract information from it. The Extranet is GOD’s database for man or woman to use unselfishly when needed. GOD is good and has a definite plan for you. I worked diligently using my plan based on my personal needs from The Universe. As the years went by my abilities became better and therefore I wrote my experiences in life for others to use in a similar way, to enhance their abilities and to reach the pinnacle of their own success. The content of my written work was extensive and therefore I decided to separate it into 3 books collectively called The Modern Day Trilogy. If you are seeking a better lifestyle and conclusive answers to so many questions that remain a conjecture for so long, I strongly recommend reading The Modern Day Trilogy and more importantly to have me as your friend that motivates and inspires you on a daily basis. Thank you once again for reading this article and I pray that it will trigger you to take action to live a life that is more purposeful and more abundant. I am now the pilot of my own vehicle destined for a brighter and happier future. Join me on a journey of total prosperity, a journey that will last here on Earth for 100 years.