Sunday, 17 August 2014


Quote of the day: ‘Happiness is a source of Universal Energy and if linked or connected to shall resonate a feeling of contentment, pleasure, joy and satisfaction in whatever circumstances that you are in.’

Happiness is a source of energy derivative from The Universe and resonates in a clear tone that can be heard and captured by those that need it to live a successful life on Earth. You cannot create life by random and expect life to search for a reason to live. You got to give living organisms a valid reason to live. Yes all life forms experience happiness and embrace it in their own clan, click or pack to savour the joy of living and to acknowledge each other for support and protection. Life is by far our greatest gift on Earth, divisible by time and manifested in workloads of daily schedules. Even the lions know when to feed, sleep or mate. The wavelength of Happiness is undefinable because it exists all over the realm of The Creation. It is a crest of serenity and a trough of satisfaction. It is a bandwidth of over 7,000,000,000,000HZ for humans and is the only connection to create joy in the faces of those that are sad. Happiness is always there but the converse of Happiness called sadness is there too blanking out the canvas of opportunity and creating a dismal cord is misfortune. Happiness cannot be divisible by money or power because Happiness creates power or money. Happiness is evident in the good things that we see from mountain crests to river beds and from the diversity of the flora to the complexity of the fauna. Happiness if spread in the right doses can liberate sufferings, poverty and oppression. Happiness is your primary source of creating goals. Without happiness you cannot create goals but merely fools that bask in materialistic acquisitions that does not last forever. Happiness does not favour gender, colour or creed but rather delivers it equally to those that need it. Happiness is a medium that strikes new friendship moulds and breaks off the long standing holds on feud. Happiness is like a duvet of warmth, caress and fragrance that makes the user secure, comfortable and confident. Happiness brings on the cheer to live and the return to a newer life. Happiness brings out the celebrated smile that amasses so many muscles in your body to convolute in rhythmic spasms of relaxation and revitalisation.

Sadness does the converse. Happiness is a media that children learn best, feel rest, play with no stress and live a life that is blessed. Happiness is certainly alive but sadness is also there bringing in the misery of unhappiness. If you have happiness you must release it so that others may experience and also accumulate it. Happiness has no real value but it is valued by those that exercise it. Do not start tomorrow without touching the mellow feeling of Happiness today, if you are sad do not despair for Happiness is ready to fall upon you like a shower of honey that tastes so enriched and feels so soft and expansive. It is something you need to lather yourself in. Take a snapshot of yourself at this present moment and say to yourself are you happy or do you need to be drizzled in some form of happiness. Have a great day tomorrow, be happy and be cheerful in anything that you do and watch how your success will grow and grow.

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