Wednesday 26 October 2016

Your life can be likened to a Cappuccino

Your life can be likened to a Cappuccino

Quote of the day

‘Think of a Cappuccino as a role model to your life. The cream for pureness, the delicate brown cocoa for sureness, the elegant mug for secureness, the flavour for assuredness and the right amount of coffee to allure you.’

Welcome to the final midweek of October 2016. It is warm and inviting to grace your daily presence on this inspirational network. Sometimes we need to be constantly reminded of our role in life and how vibrant we can become. A cup of cappuccino might well do the trick. Always think of a cappuccino as the role model of your life. The cream at the top is what your wonderful dreams are made of. Like cream, your dreams should be pure, sure and full of cure. The body of the cappuccino so distinctly brown can be likened to your body, so firm yet so smooth and gentle. The water content of your cappuccino is critical to its overall taste. You too should ensure that your bodily water content is always kept constant. Always drink water regularly. The flavour of your coffee can be likened to your soul infusing delicately with the walls of the container, rupturing at the surface with passion and desire. To make your goals work you need to ensure that you adhere to the parameters of what is needed to get your goals off the mark. Having goals is one thing but to make them materialise you need to act immediately and methodically. Using the cup of cappuccino as an analogy reminds you of your purpose in life and what parameters you need to keep within. Putting too much or too little of water can ruin your cappuccino. Too much of coffee or milk can also have the same effect. Be consistent to get and maintain the same results and standards. Have a wonderful evening. Have a cup of cappuccino on me and ponder on your life and how wonderful it can become.

Tuesday 25 October 2016

Vishing, Phishing and Swishing

Countdown 68 - Vishing, Phishing and Swishing

Quote of the day

‘Fraud is a broad subject and takes forms in many ways at home and abroad. People will always try to prod into your affairs, appear odd with their affairs, try to defraud you in an uncanny way or overcome you as a squad. Today I say onto you, and verily too, always Trust in GOD for whatever your wishing for it shall be granted.’

Greetings and salutations on this superb start to a new working week and sadly the final working week of October 2016. Many people refer to October as Stoptober, as a campaign to stop addictions such as smoking. Today I want to remind you that you could also mimic October as Startober, to start something new and something different. This something new or something different can transform your outlook to 2017, all you need to do is Trust, Trust Almighty GOD.

Previous Quote

‘Always remember to carry your TAG, Trust Almighty GOD.’

Many of us fail in this area because we lack faith, we lack belief in ourselves and we place emphasis on man’s word. When we place reliance on man we fall victim to Vishing, Phishing and Swishing.  Man comes in different forms. He comes as a brother, a husband, an uncle, a grandfather, a friend, a mentor, a person with authority or a leader. He says things that make you believe him. He promises you things that make you grieve, he writes to you and makes you feel aggrieve, he phones you to deceive you and he texts you to thieve from you and he sends you an email to misconceive you. GOD listens to you to relieve you from your burden, GOD will never leave you and assigns an angel to protect you from harm, GOD helps you to achieve your goals unselfishly, GOD helps you to believe in yourself and GOD helps you to retrieve your sanity from the hands of insanity. Dear Friends, today I want you to realise the importance and difference of the darker side of life and of the brighter side of life. I want you to think before you wink, I want you to think before you blink and I want you to think before you ink the dotted line with your confirmation. I want you to start today with confidence using the power of the brighter side of life to journey forward. I want you to look at the last incidence that hurt you and I want you to learn from it. I want you to take the first step forward with a thorough calculation to deliver a confirmed sense of elation. I want you to focus on the duration of the remaining years of your life on Earth by eliminating frustration, aggravation and desperation. To eliminate something from your life you need to experience it first or learn from someone else’s experience.

Application Quote

‘To move into a positive zone you need to eliminate hate, lose some weight, possibly go straight, try to avoid being late, don’t berate someone, don’t frustrate yourself over pettiness, don’t dictate to others, don’t complicate matters and never try to fabricate something or emulate someone else.’

Say no to pushers that try to make a sale or a fisher that tries to get information from you. Beware of Vishing, Phishing or Swishing. Vishing is when someone tries to phone you pretending to be your bank, building society or lender. Phishing is when someone tries to send you an email pretending to be your bank, building society or lender. Swishing is when someone tries to send you a text pretending to be your bank, building society or lender. Take care, beware of dangers ahead, always prepare in advance and remember to start your day with a prayer and end it sincerely with gratitude.

Monday 24 October 2016

The Essence of your Life

Remember these words for they shall always provide you with strength to move on and the power to overcome your weaknesses. Life is wonderful and so are you. Take every day as a new challenge and make every journey count. Do well on to others as you would expect them to do good onto you.

Sunday 23 October 2016

Harmony or Disharmony

Harmony or Disharmony

Quote of the month

‘Never listen to disharmony but always settle for a sense of harmony. Never stare at the rage that flares from the temperament of an individual, simply disengage and move to a different zone. Don’t feel dishearten or frighten, brighten your day instead with a sweeten phrase and an enlightened gesture.’

A blessed Sunday to you Dear Friends, may the grace of Almighty GOD touch your hearts with hope, restitution and celebration. To receive the blessings of our Heavenly Father we need to maintain a certain level of strategy especially in a world plagued with strong adversities. The above Quote also summarised as the quote of the month exemplifies this well. Harmony for disharmony, disengage when faced with rage, enlightenment for frightening or disheartening feelings. Harmony is the melody of the angels as they majestically survey the ionosphere for calls for help and distress. When you are in trouble always call out to your very own assigned angel that listens with harmony and acts with harmony. Don’t go it alone. Reach out and touch the hand of your guardian angel. When you meet rage face to face don't create a stage to act on it. Simply disengage and move to a different zone where rage is controlled in a cage, and where you can gauge its intensity. Never feel disheartened or frightened when you know well that your Heavenly Father watches over you daily. From a hierarchy of angels to the archangel, a daily report of your affairs is always submitted to our Heavenly Father. So, when you feel a sense of a disheartened or commonly frightened feeling always know well that man will always frighten you. When this happens simply dial your Heavenly Father for instant recovery from your crisis. In a hierarchy of designated help from good people on Earth to the angels above help is always readily available. Have faith, believe in yourself, identify your gremlins, unleash your innermost talents, seek help and overcome the dilemmas that maybe upon you. Words in the form of a sweetened phrase can transform your day or the hand of a nobleman or woman can lighten your burden. No one alive is meant to suffer, no one is meant to be abused, no one is meant to live in poverty and no one is meant to be humiliated. Be strong, be yourself, walk a mile with an anointed smile, feel positive and always use positive gearing to overcome negative gearing. Ponder on these vital steps to your overall success. Have a restful and relaxing day. I look forward as ever to embrace your presence tomorrow.

Saturday 22 October 2016

Earthly Seasons

Earthly Seasons

Quote of the day

‘Every earthly season holds its own melodrama of courtship, hardship, relationship, leadership and untold friendship. You need to be Patient, Enduring and Tolerant every season of the year’

Seasons come and seasons go but they always leave behind a trail of knowledge, a vale of wisdom, a plateau of opportunities and a sea of optimism. As seasons come and go we notice changes, we notice regeneration and we notice a cyclic pattern of migration, predation and fertilisation. Welcome to your weekend of privacy, of piety and of variety. Privacy is good for you because you are not answerable to anyone. Piety is that period of goodness, kindness and respectfulness that you fall into and float like a dandelion in search of peace and equanimity. Variety is the opportunities available to you and based on your preferences you could do virtually anything. Like seasons in the year where changes are constantly happening, you will notice that changes are happening to you too. Some changes are infinitesimally small whilst others changes are notably bigger. Some changes are good and sadly some are not. As seasons come and go we need to focus are things that promote good changes in you. We also need to let bygones be bygones when bad changes occur. As seasons come and go we can always try again next year for better results and better opportunities. What went wrong last season can easily be amended in the next season. Nature has a way of dealing with losses and gains. You need to deal similar cards when you submerge yourself into a vale of possibilities and opportunities. Think before you wink or blink. Be like nature that makes notable changes annually. Change with the seasons and record your changes no matter how small they are. Some changes take longer than others. Be patient and let nature take its course. Be patient, enduring and tolerant each year. Be as popular as the seasons. Make notable changes in your life in increments you can cope with. Have a wonderful weekend and may you recharge every cell in your body to recover from bad changes and discover good changes.

Friday 21 October 2016

Votes for Quotes

Votes for Quotes

To collectively own a plethora of Quotes exceeding 1700 makes me quite a resourceful friend to have. In an open forum, I asked my friends from around the world to vote for their best quotes from Universally Friendly. These were the results:

Quote No. 10

‘Always exercise moderation and consideration in all that you do.’

Quote No. 9

‘A good deed a day keeps the evildoer away.’

Quote No. 8

‘Our true persona is the character and personality that others see in us and not what we see in ourselves.’

Quote No. 7

‘What is a goal if no thought, assessment, management or inference is undertaken. It is like a shot in the dark.’

Quote No. 6

‘From the sum of my actions cometh upon me the manner of my identity, my petulance, my fortune and finally my demise.’

Quote No. 5

‘Love thy GOD with all thy heart and with all thy strength, every single day of your centennial life on Earth.’

Quote No. 4

‘Paving the way to a successful career is an arduous task, but the chemistry behind it is simple, orchestrated and rewarding.’

Quote No. 3

‘The Entrepreneurial Dozen – I shall only follow a set of instructions that gives proven results.’

Quote No. 2

‘I am your friend for life but my friendship with you is just a stepping stone to your personal success. What comes next is Effort!’

Quote No. 1

‘Who are you if you are not part of a chain of friends from around the world that care, share and remain fair.’

Dear Friends, always latch onto a Quote that appeals to you, that makes you feel full of zeal and heals old wounds.

Thursday 20 October 2016

Countdown 73 - Action Equals Reaction.

Countdown 73 - Action Equals Reaction.

The Upside

‘To every need, there is an attached responsibility. To every feed, there is an origin. To every creed there is hope. To every good deed done there is a reward. To every seed planted, there is a new life, new fertility, and a new generation. To every lead, there is an answer bespoke to your question. To every read, there is a moral. To everything agreed, there are harmony and unity. To every proceed forward there is a chance to cope.’

The Downside

‘To every misdeed, there is a bad consequence. To every aspect of greed, there is corruption, deception, obstruction, and destruction. To every weed grown there is strangulation to every seed sown. To every stampede from city to city in stock markets to supermarkets there will always be a need for speed. To every intention to mislead there will always be victims that carry the pain, the strain, and the migraine.’