Sunday 9 October 2016

A taste of Honey

Countdown 81 -  A Taste of Honey

Quote of the day

‘Honey is the essence of pure sweetness. It is manufactured in harmony by worker bees that populate the air with a melodious tune. Today I want you to understand how effective you can be by being as sweet as honey.’

Welcome to the start of a new working week. With just 81 days to the New Year the excitement is slowly building up. Today I want to illustrate how effective you can be if you remain as sweet as honey. When you tap in the realm of sweetness you are actually experiencing the purity of the heavens above. Sweetness keeps you in a very spirited mood. It makes you pleasant, lovable and kind at heart. Your mechanism to perform positive work is at its peak when you are sweet like honey. Have you tasted honey recently and experienced the pureness of food in its most natural form that you can ever find? Honey is really worth more than money. It may sound a bit funny but it is true. Honey is really pure sweetness. It is collected from nectar in plants by a workforce of over 40,000 worker bees who then regurgitate them into special honeycombs in cultivated or natural beehives. With such an incredible ambience of coordination, combination and dedication bees are really a working example of success. A taste of honey should trigger you to become successful, however you do need that ambience of coordination, combination and dedication. Be like the bee, be free and glee. Always learn to agree at any degree. Always foresee ahead of you like a bee that hovers from flower to flower. Always see the light at the end of your tunnel and become a devotee to your worthy cause. Sweetness is a closer step to pureness. Always walk ahead with a mind-set of cleanliness, clarity, richness and vibrancy. Be like the worker bee that works to achieve their daily goals.

Application Quote

‘Manufacture daily on ounce of sweetness and you shall eventually own a hive of golden purity.’

Dear Friends, your life is too precious to be dragged into a trail of bitterness. A taste of honey will always help you to remain sweet. Love you all dearly and thank you ever so much for all your amazing RTs, DMs and emails. Have a wonderful working week.

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