Saturday 15 October 2016

Products for Innovation or Renovation

Products for Innovation or Renovation

Quote of the day

‘We often fail to realise that our Universe can be regarded as a huge Hardware Store where we can access use of free raw materials to supplement our daily needs. Without such a vast range of materials, we cannot possibly exist. Our existence, therefore, must be linked to sustenance, maintenance and confidence.’

Welcome to your private weekend and also to the middle of October 2016. An Innovator will use sand to create something, a renovator will use sand to bind things, a decorator will use sand to level and paint walls, a creator will use sand to make glass, a cultivator will use sand to grow crops, a caster will use sand for casting moulds, a sandblaster will use sand for cleaning and polishing, a mason will use sand for masonry and a builder will use sand to make bricks. Wood can be used as firewood to keep you warm or for building homes for all and for making boats or wood flooring and picture frames. Oils are used for cooking, cosmetics, lubrication, fuel and as detergents, fertilisers, plastics and synthetic rubber. To every need there is a feed. To every feed comes Ideas, Information, Knowledge, Education and Communication. A meritocratic Individual will start off with an idea to make his or her life a lot easier. First they need to seek information. They need to link all the dots together and have a valid and valued set of plans to implement. What follows is knowledge. Knowledge is vast and it is available for free from The Universe which I call The Extranet. Such knowledge should be extracted in an unselfish way that will benefit the entire population of the Earth as well as the earth itself. People have extracted knowledge for millenniums but they did so in a selfish way hence the series of destruction that followed. Deforestation is an example as selfish people felled trees without linking it to sustenance, maintenance and confidence. It is all about Education. It is about planting several trees before committing to felling a single tree. It is about recycling too. Communication is important because it makes people realise the eco-value of something rather than the economy value. We need to educate and communicate. We have a free supply of raw materials now we need to find the missing pieces of the jigsaw to normality. How do you fit into it and what is the purpose of this article? The purpose of this article is to remind you of how precious your life is. It also reminds us to stop being greedy and to become more involved as Custodians of the living world. We should not marvel at the marvel makers but marvel at the miracle makers. I wish you a wonderful weekend.

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