Saturday 1 October 2016

October 2016

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! Welcome to the month of October 2016, the month of Affectivity. The order of things is predetermined by the way you mix and match. In order to do good, you need to first understand what is bad for you. In order to exercise justice onto your fellow human being, you need to differentiate justice from injustice. In order to become successful, you need to understand what stress, distress, oppression, depression and suppression can do to you. In order to make friends, you need to eliminate your enemies first. In order to find the road to righteousness, you may have to deviate for a short while and take the road to unrighteousness to find remnants of old footage where exploitation, frustration, and temptation once reigned. In order to climb the summit of success, you need to watch out for the sharp descent that most people take when they are hasty. In order to find peace, you need first to develop inner peace before establishing outer peace. In order to live to 100 years of age, you need to love your life and understand the purpose of it. In order to be fit, you need to understand what it feels to be unfit. If so, then learn to omit the fats and sugars and then commit to a steady exercise regime. In order to do something right, you need to understand what is wrong in the first place. In order to dream about creating golden goals, you need first to download streams of spectacular and inspiring footage into the corridors of your mind. In order to gain knowledge, you first need to acknowledge it. In order to be kind, you need to find the kindness that was once given to you. In order to avoid confliction, you need to learn to avoid contradiction. In order to love, you need to differentiate between love, lust, and hate. In order to appreciate the gift of life, you need to demonstrate your ability to live your life. In order to concentrate or meditate effectively, you must first learn to alleviate pain, anticipate shame, attenuate constrain and negotiate restrain. In order to find wisdom, you need first to acknowledge that the kingdom of heaven does exist. In order to improve your skills, you first need to walk in the foothills of trial and error. In order to be fair to someone you need to not stare, swear or compare them. In order to be accomplished and fulfilled at the end of a day, you need to start with a list of tasks that only you can consider worthy of doing. In order to stop a catastrophe, you need to avoid a tragedy, overcome travesty and to annihilate blasphemy. In order to be effective, you need to be objective, collective and corrective. The order of things is predetermined by the way you mix and match. In October we shall learn the art of mixing and matching.

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