Tuesday 25 October 2016

Vishing, Phishing and Swishing

Countdown 68 - Vishing, Phishing and Swishing

Quote of the day

‘Fraud is a broad subject and takes forms in many ways at home and abroad. People will always try to prod into your affairs, appear odd with their affairs, try to defraud you in an uncanny way or overcome you as a squad. Today I say onto you, and verily too, always Trust in GOD for whatever your wishing for it shall be granted.’

Greetings and salutations on this superb start to a new working week and sadly the final working week of October 2016. Many people refer to October as Stoptober, as a campaign to stop addictions such as smoking. Today I want to remind you that you could also mimic October as Startober, to start something new and something different. This something new or something different can transform your outlook to 2017, all you need to do is Trust, Trust Almighty GOD.

Previous Quote

‘Always remember to carry your TAG, Trust Almighty GOD.’

Many of us fail in this area because we lack faith, we lack belief in ourselves and we place emphasis on man’s word. When we place reliance on man we fall victim to Vishing, Phishing and Swishing.  Man comes in different forms. He comes as a brother, a husband, an uncle, a grandfather, a friend, a mentor, a person with authority or a leader. He says things that make you believe him. He promises you things that make you grieve, he writes to you and makes you feel aggrieve, he phones you to deceive you and he texts you to thieve from you and he sends you an email to misconceive you. GOD listens to you to relieve you from your burden, GOD will never leave you and assigns an angel to protect you from harm, GOD helps you to achieve your goals unselfishly, GOD helps you to believe in yourself and GOD helps you to retrieve your sanity from the hands of insanity. Dear Friends, today I want you to realise the importance and difference of the darker side of life and of the brighter side of life. I want you to think before you wink, I want you to think before you blink and I want you to think before you ink the dotted line with your confirmation. I want you to start today with confidence using the power of the brighter side of life to journey forward. I want you to look at the last incidence that hurt you and I want you to learn from it. I want you to take the first step forward with a thorough calculation to deliver a confirmed sense of elation. I want you to focus on the duration of the remaining years of your life on Earth by eliminating frustration, aggravation and desperation. To eliminate something from your life you need to experience it first or learn from someone else’s experience.

Application Quote

‘To move into a positive zone you need to eliminate hate, lose some weight, possibly go straight, try to avoid being late, don’t berate someone, don’t frustrate yourself over pettiness, don’t dictate to others, don’t complicate matters and never try to fabricate something or emulate someone else.’

Say no to pushers that try to make a sale or a fisher that tries to get information from you. Beware of Vishing, Phishing or Swishing. Vishing is when someone tries to phone you pretending to be your bank, building society or lender. Phishing is when someone tries to send you an email pretending to be your bank, building society or lender. Swishing is when someone tries to send you a text pretending to be your bank, building society or lender. Take care, beware of dangers ahead, always prepare in advance and remember to start your day with a prayer and end it sincerely with gratitude.

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