Tuesday 30 September 2014

‘Beauty in the hands of the Beholder’
Quote of the day
‘Beauty is in the hands of the beholder. From head to toes, from chin to shin, from cell to cell, from ionosphere to the inner core of the Earth, from leave to petal, from animal to the tiny worm there is beauty in the most elegant form.’
Beauty is indeed inspiring. Look at a flower and see beauty in the most flawless of ways. The hues of different magical strokes of the colour spectrum is embraced in a collage of shapes and sizes. Look at an animal that is covered in fur, from a cur to a buffalo bur you shall see elegant stokes of awe and wonder painted in streaks, stripes or various types. This is how you make a month an exciting one. You engage with nature. You engage with the beauty of nature and because you are part of nature you need to admire yourself as well. You must acknowledge that you are indeed beautiful, with a charm that is exquisite. As quaint as the daffodils your loveliness must carry you through each month. You need to float like the butterfly, shine like the Sun, laugh like the hyenas and dance like the dandelions. As much as you are beautiful in your own eyes so is the butterflies, the Sun, the hyenas and the dandelions, without whom there shall be no life on Earth. You need to the attractiveness of your fascination to spark an interest in people around you. You need to embrace life with love and you need to love to live it. You need a certain magnetism to make people know that you are their friends and as much as you need to respect them their need to respect you. Your prettiness is summed up in your good looks. Don’t feel otherwise for you are indeed good looking. This is how you cherish a new month and say farewell to an old one. It is simple you just embrace everything with beauty. Your gorgeousness is reflected by the praise and commendations you receive. Have you not had any in the month of September? If so, then I suggest you look deep into the spectrum of beauty and share beauty with beauty. You need splendour for I regard myself as majestic for I am indeed human. I also regard everyone else as majestic, all 7 billion of us and respect each one as one. I typify magnificence in all its glory for all creatures great or small is as important as you and I. Every day to me is special. I feel radiance in the settings of my surroundings and seek to improve where there is a worsening effect and to perk up the wilted feel of neglect and disregard. I am indeed harmonising. I am getting together people that want to be apart. I want to spread the spectrum of colour throughout the corridors of my existence and to make everyone aware that beauty is in the hands of the beholder. It is hard to say goodbye to a fading month but at least I have captured fond memories of it throughout my daily existence. Love life that is displayed in a spectrum of beauty, do it daily and see how productive each month of your life shall be. Don’t kick a stone out of your way, pick it up, examine it and then place it somewhere where it is belonging. Don’t brush away the cobweb, leave it be. Don’t trample onto the marching ants that mean you no harm, for their all have beauty written all over them. Dear Friends, you are beautiful. I can see it, I can feel and I can appreciate it. Don’t carry a negative feeling into the month of October. Think beauty, be beautiful and appreciate the beauty that surrounds you.

Monday 29 September 2014

‘Tension in the air’
Quote of the day
‘Tension floats in the air weighted by its pressure ready to fall like rain upon you creating floods of worries, anxiety and stress the world over. Now it is time to open your umbrella and like Cinderella change your life into one that is eased, pleased and relieved.’
Tension is like the rain, it falls upon you and drenches your progress with extensive pressure when you least expect it to. Tension makes you rigid exhibiting stiffness in your body and stiffness in your actions. Tension puts strain on your thought processes. It drains you of your inspiration to do well. On one end you are being inspired and on the other end you are being uninspired. Tension is the converse of relaxation. Let us look at the word relaxation in greater detail. Relaxation is the lessening effect of tension. Relaxation fires you up to do well. This is why I always encourage you to share wholeheartedly your weekends in complete relaxation, you earned it now go out there and enjoy it. Relaxation is also about moderation. You need to slow down the rapid spur of your working week daily chores. Your body and your mind needs that pampering, it needs that boost to revive and survive. Relaxation helps. Relaxation can also be boosted by meditation. Meditation is actually holy medication. Meditation takes you on a spiritual journey, allowing you to contemplate what to do and what you can do. It makes you reflect on what you have already done and how to improve your performance. Meditation is also about acknowledging your soul as your source of eternal life. This is indeed an article on its own but it is an essential part of relaxation. Relaxation is also about self-analysis. I find that self-analysis is the most important aspect of my endeavours. Self-analysis for me makes me understand my needs and does not involve the feelings of others therefore my goals are truly mine and will always be altruistic. Going back to life tensions we need to overcome it by relaxation. I want you to carry this philosophy into October because the theme in October is that it shall be all ‘Over in October’. It shall be the end of your tension days where hectic meets eclectic. November will be less tense and December without tense. Hopefully by the end of December by self-analysis you shall spawn the perfect goals to liberate you 2015. Perfect Goals or as I always state Golden Goals prompts the perfect lifestyle bespoke to your needs. It makes you lead the ideal life, without tension and certainly filled with attention. Without Tension your life will be elevated into a new dimension, free from apprehension, grasping the rudiments of life with full comprehension and living a life that is sublime with contention. Dear Friends, work with me to make your life special. I am here to help. Read each article every single day and print off the ones pertinent to your needs. Download your free eBooks and newsletters and create a blueprint that will help you lead a life that is prosperous and wonderful. I write a Quote a day just for you prepared like a full English breakfast for you to ingest, digest and become less stressed or less tensed. Purchase The Modern Day Trilogy to help you find the right branch in your daily growth to financial freedom. Eat well and do well in all aspects of your earthly life. This is the ideal roadmap to 2015. Take good care and have a great day.

Saturday 27 September 2014

The Parabolic Cycle of Life
Quote of the day
Life for all takes a parabolic cycle from birth to death and lasts for 100 years. At its peak around 50 years there is achievement, gratification and elevation. In the years preceding this there is rapid growth, absorption and manifestation. After 50 years we need to slow down and start rebuilding vigour, vitality and valour.’
Dear Friends, little do we realise how important our life really is. Like a new car at birth we are pure, sedate and lovable. As we get older like a used car our life ahead of us is dependent on our upbringing, our circumstances and our nutrition. Graded grains may make the finer flour but aided brains certainly makes the finer individual, the ultimate power to rule. If observed carefully we will see that our cycle from birth to infancy, then onto childhood followed by adolescence, and then adulthood and finally old age takes a parabolic shape. With reference to the enclosed picture in this article we will see that the rapid growth stages start at gestation and continues this way until we reach midlife at 50. It is after 50 that we need to start taking care of ourselves. We need to ensure that our sight is bright, our hair is fair, our organs are our greatest fortunes and that our skin gleams from chin to shin. This is the parabolic life cycle of a human being. To have no pimples is quite simple. To have a perfect body will earn you respect. To have a shoddy body will lose you respect. To be able to walk freely and to talk freely are pre-empts for a meritocratic individual. Having these qualities is one thing but to sustain it is another. Sustainment always follows maintenance. Maintain your pedigree and you shall sustain a life of sheer brilliance. As we grow rapidly we achieve great things, little things and big things. For these things no matter how big or small we must show sincere gratification. A person that shows gratification gains elevation. His or Her elevation is recognised and admired by all. Others see this and they follow accordingly because what they see in the 1st 50 years of life of a successful person is good. After we pass 50 we need to slow down. We need vigour to exercise heartiness in cheer and in spirit. We worked hard for the 1st 50 years of our lives, we laid the foundation for the next 50 years so now is the time to slow down. Vigour is your energy to get going in the next half a century, Vitality is your strength. You must have strength for it is your forte, your most valuable asset in your remaining years on heart. Valour is your courage to meet the new generation. It is your ability to cope and the ability to have hope. You need to be the hero amongst heroes setting standards that helps the new generation to continue.

Wednesday 24 September 2014

The Baker’s Dozen
Today’s Quote
‘I shall always follow a set of instructions that gives proven results timelessly.’
Success for successful people is not confined to a small minority but for the majority. Success is not rocket science but pocket compliance. We all think that we are made to live in poverty and to serve the rich endlessly. We are all human beings destined to live equally but differ in the way we want to live. To achieve this or rather to become successful is not rocket science but rather pocket compliance. Rocket Science is complexity alchemising from imagination to fascination. It takes the elements and marvels of Engineering into reality and brings forth space travel, space exploration, space station, satellites and efficient engines. Success on the other hand is simplicity and instructions to become successful can be recorded in a pocket book and if compliant can lead to a life of comfort and longevity. The question is how we can become successful. It is simple. It is pocket compliance. All you need to do is follow a set of instructions that has previously worked. There is one word in the Bakers Dozen that makes it different to The Entrepreneurial Dozen and that word is ALWAYS.
ALWAYS stands for Always Learn Whilst Achieving Your Success
Many of you go about your day without abiding by simple instructions. We drive over the speed limit. We don’t wait in queues. We always argue. We don’t love each other? We try to challenge rather than understand. Some of us do not believe in GOD or believe that GOD exists. We go to war. We abuse our natural resources. We waste. We do not save. We are constantly procrastinating. Successful people do not exceed the speed limit, they wait their turn, they do not argue, they love each other and everything that they see, they do not challenge and always learn to understand, they believe sincerely in Almighty GOD, they are peaceful, they do not abuse their natural resources and they certainly do not waste. Successful people always save and get the job done.
They Always Learn Whilst Achieving Their Success
They believe in the Bakers Dozen. They follow instructions that worked laid down previously by their ancestors. They may modify or tweak instructions to suit their circumstances but abide by the rules. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls if you want to become successful you need to:
Always Learn Whilst Achieving Your Success
Knowledge is out there waiting to be absorbed by your individual needs. Love your life, live to love and love to live. Always live to be successful, always learn each day about new ideas, new habits and new ideologies. It is never too late to learn. There is no harm learning even when you are 100 years of age. The concept of living is to learn, learning to be successful and succeeding to live.

Tuesday 23 September 2014

Negative to Positive – The polarisation to a better life’
Quote of the day
 ‘It is time to de-clutter those corridors of negative feelings in your mind and move to a newer dimensions that is more fulfilling and challenging. I want you to stop being a drag, to stop falling from riches to rags and to not feel like an old hag.’
One of the saddest feelings in life is to reminisce over the negatives in your life, those feelings of disparagement that sheds a tear of remorse and a band of pain that runs across your forehead. Sometimes our subconscious mind releases images of negative feelings when triggered to do so. Today I want you to start de-cluttering all those negatives values which has no value in your life to a positive value. I want you to polarise your thoughts from negatives to positives. When you open your mind and work through the corridors of life’s experiences it is like opening a Pandora’s Box. As you sieve through the box you can see lying dormant on those multiple rows of shelves are your negative thoughts.
You can imagine them as rows of canisters labelled for identification stacked side by side and row by row into deeper corridors of your mind’s incredible storage medium. I am now making the journey after opening my Pandora’s mind-set. I can clearly see the canisters that haunts my memories. I sighted the first one which is my constant anger, out you go. The second one is not far away and that was my bullying memories of my yesteryear, out you go. The third canister is my horrendous life at the age of 35. My object is to identify my negative feelings and simply discard into the fiery furnace. I don’t want to hold onto them anymore and likewise I want you to identify your negative feelings and discard without hesitation. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls we ALL have been hurt in the past. Now we have to move on, we have to move onto the limelight of our lives which is more important than delving into the past, into those bizarre corridors that brings in the disparage looks on our faces each day. We need inspiration not desperation. We need motivation and certainly not frustration. We need golden goals and a peaceful soul. We need love and not hate. We need confidence rather than reticence. We need life rather than strife. We need comfort rather than discomfort. We need shelter rather than swelter. We need to be positive. Go on, de-clutter right away. It is like deleting unwanted files in your hard disk drive. Try it for polarisation works wonders.

Sunday 21 September 2014

Personal Management means Personal Programming

Quote of the day

‘Personal Programming allows an individual to have a personalised assessment into how their 24 hours can be managed into effective hours of profitable work. It is not scheduled to routine and mundane chores but encompasses everything vital to life and vital to individual success.’

When you lead a hectic schedule life still continues in the way that it has for centuries. Currently life seems so much of a repetition. Today the body of a 20 year old has been discovered by police. A soldier was killed in Afghanistan. Britain is heading for a triple dip recession. The price of fresh produce is expected to soar. News like this is so repetitive. When we hear or see news like this it dampens our moral. How can effective changes for us be possible when news like these streams across our media each day? How do we find the courage to meet today, tomorrow or even next year? Personally I think that overall change comes from individual change or participation. Easier said then done but if analysed carefully it is an individual participation that accumulates to an overall change. Take a street of terrace homes. If the entire street is neglected the terrace homes will look dilapidated and suffer a drop in price. If one owner tends to his or her property the effect on the whole street will not be noticed. However, if at least 60% of the home owners or occupiers played a pivotal role in their community then the whole street will change. You will notice change and you will be motivated to change. How do we find the time to incur change? It certainly is not easy if we get cornered into repetitive and mundane chores each day. Get up, go to work, go shopping and back home. Where is the time? Where do we find time when exhaustion steps in? You know the feeling. We become construed to survive. As boldly as it sounds it is nothing but the blatant truth. We know well that the day is composed of 24 hours. How much of this time would you need to sleep? Well we do know that to sleep less than 6 hours is unhealthy and ineffective. It is also dangerous if your vocation entails driving or steering any craft in public domains. Let us allocate 7 hours as it is impossible to fall off to sleep immediately. What about your vocation? Our vocation does take up time. Apart from the scheduled hours of work there is time that is needed for preparation especially if you are a teacher or a reporter. There is commuting too and this can be hard if you work a distance away from home. Would you say an allowance of 11 hours will suffice? There could be a variance of an hour either way as each individual is unique. Out of 24 hours already 18 hours has passed, give or take an hour. Eating three meals a day and the preparation thereof takes time too. Your diet plays a vital role on your merry road to success. I call it merry because if you are not happy in doing something then your efforts will never be sincere. Would you say 2 hours would be adequate? This is something that requires your personal assessment. I cannot expect you to be like me and neither can you expect me to be like you. We are unique individuals even though we are fundamentally the same. This does narrow our remaining hours to 4 hours. Already finding time to make changes in your life gets shelved to the bottom rung of daily activities in your life. We do need time to unwind, to relax and to watch TV or socialise and interact with others at home or out of the house. Already my day has gone. My enthusiasm has been diminished and my inspiration has been engulfed. Could this be the reason why I have not found the time to change for so long? Finding the time to change is probably the hardest thing to do. However Time Management and the mannerism in your daily approach can be an advantage to you. Participation from others helps. As you would expect others to help you, you need to help too. Maintaining a good physique is a primary retribution to Time Management. I call it Personal Programming. Personal Programming allows an individual to have a personalised assessment into how their 24 hours can be managed into effective hours of profitable work. It is not scheduled to routine and mundane chores but encompasses everything vital to life and vital to individual success.’ There is no need to walk the plank and lead a life that is uncertain. To administer your time you need to be in control. You need to in control of YOUR time. You need to get rid of unproductive hours such as repetitive TV viewing, eating excessively and being laid back. You need to reverse your time constraints and make it time acquaints. Time Constraints limits your abilities and restricts your progress. Time Acquaints informs you of your abilities and apprises your progress.

Friday 19 September 2014

‘A World enticed in Individual Problems’

Quote of the day

‘Individual Problems collectively brings the evilness of planet Earth into the openness. It tells a tale of personal trials and tribulations, it portrays a picture of struggles and troubles and it highlights difficulties from young to old and from vocation to vocation.’

The world is riddled with problems, some insignificantly small and some gigantically huge. We all have problems, we all live with it and some of us perish by it. I want to assure you today that to every problem there is a solution, a solution bespoke to your needs that will alleviate you to a better lifestyle and a better world. Every situation in life has its constant glitches. The train gets late due to some form of glitch, subsequently you become late and as a result your whole day follows suit. There are pronounced difficulties in all levels of life and each difficulty is associated with its own complications. Problems generate worries and worries creates doubts, qualms and uncertainties. There are the usual snags and hitches that we have grown to become immune to. These creates obstacles in life, hurdles for us to jump over and the hold-ups that obstructs our channel of thoughts. There are also teething problems that rakes up a sweat or become a nuisance in our day or make us exert ourselves in unknown circumstances. There is evilness in problems too creating illness on a short, medium or long term basis. Evilness brings harm, damaging harm that may result in unexpected death. The iniquities of evil is written across the globe in distinct trademarks that makes headlines all day and all night. Why such an intense article on a Friday night. Oops! Sorry, it is all about getting real. It is about understanding pain in actual and authentic descriptive words that makes you aware and prepared. Awareness augments the reality of your situation, it makes it tangible and makes you wonder, can I do something about it. Preparation is the mandatory plan to get out of a problematic situation. Some problems take longer admittedly whilst small problems can be eradicated overnight. If I was to write down all the problems that I faced from a young boy I would need more than an article to complete it. Exposure to these problems made me aware and prepared for the future. I am certainly not rid of all my problems because I am indeed aware that some problems do take time. Bereavement can be everlasting but forming a spiritual relationship with a lost one helps. Financial difficulties are quite entrapping but Financial Management can overcome your dilemma quite easily. Illness holds different thresholds of pain and endurance but illness can be eradicated with medication, consolation and consecration. Abuse either physical or mental can be overcome with collaboration, substantiation and litigation. I want to assure you that Universally Friendly is also here to help. As a body of knowledge and experiences Universally Friendly creates a solid platform for you to walk on and lead to a path of righteousness and a life of blissfulness. There is a bespoke solution for you. I am here to help for I have faced problems of all kinds in all domains of life’s challenges. Don’t hesitate to drop me a line. Take care and have a smashing weekend.

Thursday 18 September 2014

‘The Value of your Life’

Quote of the day
‘Life has value for its incredible importance from birth to eternity. Life has a lifespan limited to 100 years on Earth and life cycle that is infinite. You are worth more than anything else in the world. It is not your credit rating that matters but your merit rating instead.’

The value of your life is priceless. It starts in the fertile womb of your mother, the nurturing angel of your life. At birth in the cradle of her arms you are exposed to a living world in a bustling planet that harbours more precious and valuable lives. You are here and that is all that matters. What lies ahead of you is a road to wisdom, bounded by infinite knowledge laid down by predecessors that knew of your arrival. Lurking in the corridors of this road of incredible magnificence are the callous ones, who lure you to disbelieve in your value. They groom you to materialistic wealth with constant stealth I must add for I have seen their kind form across the oceans and as far away down under. They label you with a credit rating, a security number and you then become just a number growing up in a world where you are dispensable. You are dispensable at school where your peers constantly tell you openly that you are not good enough and therefore reject you when you want to go further. You are dispensable at work, even though you were loyal, committed, dedicated and never took a single day off work sick or in bereavement. Suddenly they tell you that they have to let you go. The bills surmount, your credit rating changes but your security number remains unaltered. You suddenly lose value in your life. Dear Friends rebuff this crazy setup and value your life irrespective of your age. I want you to reclassify yourself. I want you to become indispensable. I want you to value your life from the moment you are born. I want you embark on a career based on your intent. If you want to excel in the academies than I say go ahead and fulfil your dreams. If you want to excel at work than work for yourself if others cannot see the good in you. Work a 5 day week and relish in the magic of a weekend basked in sheer relaxation and pleasure. Fill the socks of your dreams with ingots of self-esteem and magic potions that only you can feel change when you take it. Love your life, love every minute of it. Love the world for it is your home. Love its inhabitants for they play a vital role in your success too. Love to harmonise and love to augment your feelings towards your loved ones. Don’t allow inhibitions to spoil your intent, just live by being content. Hold the magic torch in your hand that shines a clear path to your centennial life on Earth. Create friends but reduce enemies. Don’t waste, don’t haste just embrace life at your pace. Eat well, eat moderately and considerately. Exercise regularly but enjoy what you do rather than be compelled to do something. Seek inspiration like me and use it like fuel to ignite your internal chambers to work efficiently and profitably. This is the value of life from dawn to dusk and onto the frontiers of space and time. Move like the wind grasping knowledge as you pass by. Become drenched like rainwater and immerse yourself in the true value of your life. Let the Sun penetrate your desire and your passion to turn negativity into positivity. To a wonderful and happy life I wish you well.

Wednesday 17 September 2014

The Derelict Coin

Quote of the day
‘Life is a precious gift made of 86,400 seconds a day. Likened to a derelict coin life can also be wasted, discarded into nothingness and trampled by abuse, neglect and suffering. Wake up to the sound of a derelict coin that brings inspiration to those that need it most.’
I would like to introduce you to 'The Derelict Coin'. There was once a derelict Coin that laid still on side of the pavement. It stared motionless at passers-by hoping that someone would pick it up. No one did, and soon the derelict coin withered into a tarnished piece of metal. The rains came, the snow fell, the sun shone and the wind blew.
The derelict coin moved by a few centimetres once as it was kicked by someone. It also endured the excrement of animals, the gnawing by a tyre and the brazing of an uncontrollable firework. This is the story of the derelict coin, standing alongside the road watching from below for almost years trying to make sense of the world from down under. It soon knew the habits of all that passed it, and it listened to gossip too while trying to avoid being sucked into the vacuum of the Council Truck. Who is this derelict coin that you have suddenly taken the interest to read about it? Where did it come from and where will it possibly go to?
I would like to introduce you to Anthony, for he and I have become good friends. Anthony was walking by one day when he noticed me along the side of the road. I moved over the years because my owner threw me away. He did not have any use for me and just threw me away. I felt hurt, unwanted and lonely. Those years gripped me as I watched others that ignored me too passed hurriedly by. My life has changed dramatically since Anthony picked me up and carried me into the warmth of his heart.
Today, I sit in a bottle amongst other coins that Anthony has collected over the years. There are quite a few maybe a thousand or more. It is nice to be amongst friends, at least I am not lonely like before. Sometimes Anthony shakes us about, it is kind of his way of communicating with us or giving us a bit of exercise. I think Anthony has given me a name, he seems to call me Lucky. I don't know why but somehow I do feel very lucky to be with other coins in a bottle that stands near a warm fireplace.
I watched as Anthony wrote something on his computer one day that would change my life. He had this large screen monitor and you could see the words so clearly. This is what Anthony said, I hope that it will change your life as well. It really changed my life and made me feel so important. It made me realise how important I am because I am like any object in the vastness of the Universe made of up the fundamental unit of matter and that is atoms. Like all atoms in the Universe I am accountable. I cannot be destroyed nor created. This is what Anthony wrote on his computer, have a read and see whether it will change your thought process too.
'Why do people disregard the derelict coins that they see thrown away? Every coin is like a second in our life. It makes up a minute, an hour, a day or our life. I think people throw it away because they have many more coins leftover. So, when one falls down they simply don't care. Each day in our life is made up of 86,400 seconds. So when we waste say 400 seconds, we simply do not care. Today I have a collection of 1600 coins or £16. There is so much I could do with £16 but yet this is only made up of single pennies. Therefore when you see a derelict coin thrown on the side-walk, pick it up and realise how precious each second of your life really is.'
Thank you Anthony for making me realise my value and to realise that I am part of the Universe which is made up of countless atoms existing on their own or combined with others to create the vastness of the Universe that we so clearly see.

Tuesday 16 September 2014

Quote of the day

‘To seek discipline we first need to establish self-control over the rudiments of our daily activities, we need to readily accept castigation and assess it for its value rather than for its shamefulness and we need mastery over the domain of our existence.’
Disciplining yourself is indeed an arduous process that involves a constant input each day. As I have always stated that Success in your life will depend on a constant flow of input from you against all the obstacles that come your way. Obstacles offer resistance in your life and can make you fall down the ladder of success. Crawling up back on the ladder of success is often harder.
Keeping abreast with changes around you is likened to a young shoot threading the garden bed amongst all the debris and wildlife that occupies it. You cannot change the obstacles that surround you, you need to veer around it and accommodate it. The shoot will germinate despite its long journey to full growth. If it does not then it shall perish. When you feel a little bit like this then you will perish into a mundane role.
Your life is a precious one and therefore you need to appreciate it first rather than depend on others to do it for you. To appreciate your life you need to show discipline. There are no short-cuts, you cannot alter your schedule to suit others. You have to stick to a plan. Discipline is all about showing steadiness in your behavioural patterns.
Discipline is about maintaining calmness in ALL given situations. Different situations require different tactics. Watching others is a good and cool way to learn discipline. Who do you watch? You should watch people that influence you and you should watch people that have this incredible impact on you. Watch successful people as well. Watch how they do it and how they remain calm. Listen to the way they respond and react. Your parents could be your role models. Celebrities could be role models too. You’re Headteacher or your Teacher is also good and reliable role models.
There is one person that could also offer excellent tutorials and that believe it or not is you. You go through life with a handful of lessons that you learnt. Lessons that made you burn a finger and lessons that made you bashful. From these experiences in life spring excellent tutorials. As you gain experience from them you gain the mastery of avoiding embarrassing situations again and again.
Discipline is about self-control. It is about becoming intuitive. It is about learning and also about teaching. Who do you teach? How about your partner or your spouse? How about your siblings or friends and family? For every pound of knowledge that you gain distribute tonnes to others. It is such a blessing to do so.

Monday 15 September 2014

‘The Art of Professionalism’
Quote of the day
‘Professionalism separates success from failure. It is the canny Art of exercising good deeds on a daily basis that works effectively amongst the squalor nature of people that you meet that only seem to care for themselves.’
We often confuse Professionalism by limiting it to our skills and our competence. Yes, we do become skilled and competent in our profession as we gain experience through maturity. Professionalism however is a limitless talent a human being could ever possess. It is the know-how or Savoir-faire of an individual irrespective of gender or culture that carries them to personal stardom. It is a faculty of human deployment that if used properly gives them success every single day. It is an art that we need to practise and to pass on from generation to generation. Professionalism is our shining armour to gallantry in the workplace, valour in the corridors of time and space and it is the talent of being a charming person at home. Professionalism takes a simple situation and leaves it simple. The converse of Professionalism is Incompetence. It is incompetence at work, at home or at school that gets us into trouble and makes simplicity, complexity. We need to change this, we need to change it right away. We need to carry our cheerful spirit gathered together over the weekend into our working week. Professionalism helps us to do just that. Professionalism clarifies a simple Quote:
·         Quote – Avoidance is better than pursuance. (UF)
Yes, Dear Friends Avoidance lasts for a split second, at home, at work or at school. Pursuance on the other hand lasts for a lifetime. With pursuance you are immediately sapping away valuable time from your agenda or your scheduled agenda. Pursuance makes you procrastinate and very unprofessional. Professionalism is about understanding human behaviour or more specific the temperament of another human being based on your circumstances. Our circumstances is what seems to get us into trouble. We stand in the queue and trouble maybe standing behind us. If sit in the waiting room, trouble maybe sitting next to us. We stand in the canteen and trouble maybe standing right in front of us. When we steer our vehicle trouble seems to steer itself in front of us. Trouble makes you culminate into rubble and stubble into worthless actions. I say onto you that if trouble stumbles upon your front door, or your left foot, or your office desk let it pass. Yes, let it pass. Let it pass away like never before. Let it be forgotten before the next second arrives. This is practise of Professionalism. This is the area of your life that you need to deploy and a daily basis.  This is where Man meets Man and Women meets Man or vice versa. This is where friends are made and enemies are reduced. I want you to become Professional by following the footsteps of The Professionals, I want you to show by example so that others may follow you. Start at home, start in the bedroom, start in your street but start right away. Remember a daily dose of professionalism carries you to new frontiers in life.

Sunday 14 September 2014

The Concept of being Universally Friendly
A lot of people often ask me what Universally Friendly is all about. I think that this is a fair question and deserves a fair answer. To summarise Universally Friendly is a group of friends around the world that care, share and remain fair. What is it to care? To care is to show concern and affection for something or somebody. Something is all about the Universe, from the simplest atom to complex nebulae. Somebody is you and I, people that occupy the liveable planets in our Universe. In essence to care is to show love. My simple motto is live to love and love to live. What is it to share? To share is to divide equally amongst all. So when you reap the harvest of your crop who does it belong to? Does it belong to you or do you willingly share it to others as well? When I walk the torrent plains of my day I do not just focus on myself but earnestly look to see if others are in need. This is the true essence of sharing, from your heart and from your soul. What is it to be fair? To be fair is to be reasonable, without prejudice and relatively neutral in the sublime plain of your existence. Who goes there, who wanders amongst us, who lives yonder, who beckons a call, who are they or where are they going to? As you thread the Earth you meet people by virtue of your circumstances. Therefore try to love everything that you see, touch, feel, hear or smell. Walk the sublime plains of your existence knowing that you will maximise your friends and minimise your enemies. This is the primary objective of Universally Friendly. Universally Friendly extends the boundaries of friendship by providing you the friend, the individual and the human being answers to ALL your unanswered questions. Universally Friendly also keeps in touch through The Databank Times and is the creator of SOLPRO, the databank of problems. In the tunnel of absolution it is important to know that a conduit of communication can be reached through Universally Friendly. One day, Universally Friendly will have friends all over the world and as this bond of friendship is strengthened so will mankind. Do some of the following questions remain unanswered to you?
  • Do aliens exist?
  • Is there life after death?
  • Where was the Garden of Eden?
  • Did dinosaurs live amongst humans?
  • Do UFOs hover over us and then suddenly disappear?
  • Is Mercury really a planet?
  • Can I become financially independent?
  • Can I become happy?
  • Where is heaven?
  • Do parallel Universes exist?
Quote of the day
 ‘Universally Friendly is the only source of answers to ALL your questions and from it comes wisdom, wisdom to change your life and wisdom to make your life more interesting. Wisdom is about understanding and wisdom is about acquiring knowledge, from it comes good judgement.’
Dear Friends, as you make your way into a new corridor of time, a period of 5 essential days tomorrow I want you to become wiser. I want you to become astute with perceptiveness and insightfulness. These qualities makes your life worth living. It makes it more challenging and it makes it more enduring.

Saturday 13 September 2014

The Art of being Cheerful

Quote of the day

‘Cheerfulness is a plausible medium like ether or water or air that contains minute energy pockets that hold pulses of happiness, joyfulness, merriment, optimism and chirpiness. Like air you can inhale it, like wind you can feel it, like the sun you can touch the intensity of it and like rain you can be drenched in it.’

Cheerfulness is something that we need to recognise and hang on to it for our sanity, our tolerance and our patience. Cheerfulness is a medium that occupies space, it is alive but sometimes we do not recognise it until someone induces it upon us. Cheerfulness is responsible for our Happiness. Cheerfulness is like drops of joy that falls from the heavens above. Cheerfulness makes you merry, laughing to the core of absolute fun. Cheerfulness makes you optimistic when sadness lurks in the corridors of the unexpected. Cheerfulness is alive, it is chirpy and it is sassy. Cheerfulness is an energy form that floats in the air waiting to be latched onto. You constantly breathing it in, seeing it, feeling it and are constantly inspired by its presence. I chose to write this article today about cheerfulness because this is my primary aim for my 48 hours of sheer relaxation and exuberant rest. I use the words sheer and exuberant in its fullest context. I want sheer relaxation because I deserve it and so do you. I want no distractions from my 48 hours of relaxation such as aggravation, strangulation, provocation or retardation. I worked extremely hard during my last working week and therefore I need to focus and revitalise my cells for a more productive new working week on Monday. I don’t need aggravation that stressing and annoying me, typical of my working week. I don’t need strangulation by being stagnated in the staleness of my mundane activities. I don’t need provocation that stalks me on a daily basis at work, on the trains or in the queues. Neither do I need retardation from my surroundings that makes me decelerate my joyfulness. I need to be aroused by people that bring on joy and happiness. I need to equally arouse those that are around me with buckets of joy and happiness too. I need to inhale the qualities of cheerfulness each second so that I can maintain this throughout my weekend. I want my weekend not to be a weak-end. I want my weekend to end in joy and happiness. I want you to share the same feeling. I want you revitalise your organs and your individual cells into vibrant energy pockets that are ready to go to work on Monday. This is exuberant rest. This is your 48 hours of energetic activities that sparkle with joy and merriness. This is about being enthusiastic all day and all night. This is about resting but to maintain a high spirit. This is a period of rest where you are alive with your vigorous desire and passion to become joyful and happy. I want you to have a vivacious weekend, starting right away. Make it energetic by breathing in the qualities of cheerfulness. Make your weekend animated with laughter, with togetherness and the joy of loving your life. Be like the effervescence of a newly opened fizzy drink, don’t go flat. Be alive with joy and happiness. Draw it into you. Magnetically attract the qualities that will make you become high spirited. Do it with passion and desire. You worked extensively over the last 5 days, a total of 120 hours, you are entitled to a lively weekend of sheer relaxation and exuberant rest! Don’t settle for anything less. You will thank me for such a bubbling idea when you get up on Monday. On Monday you will yearn for the next weekend even though you to need to earn it first.

Friday 12 September 2014

‘Your Future as written by you’

Quote of the day

‘I write to inspire but also write to be inspired. I write to clarify and verify but certainly not terrify. I am inspired each day to predict my life in the remaining years of my existence on planet Earth. You could call me a Futurologist if you prefer but I prefer to anticipate my next move so that it remains the best move, free from harm and not to cause harm.’

What the future holds for you lies entirely in what is written in your heart. Your heart is the core of your existence beating rhythmically according to your mellow or perhaps your bellow. You can feel your heartbeat at times when you bellow and you could hear the silence of your heartbeat when you are mellow. The brain communicates through a network of nerves and neurons throughout your body sending signals of intent or response. The heart communicates through a system of vessels and capillaries feeding life to make history in a world filled with History. History is written right in front of you etched into the almanac of time every second that passes you. What did you do in the last second? What did you do in the last minute? What did you do in the last hour? History is recording your contributions good or bad and gives you a pictorial view of the result right in front of your eyes. Dear Friends, of whom you shall always be I want to tell you how important your life is. Your life as a priceless asset and unlike an expensive car that depreciates by the day or a house that would need restoring your life is an infinite source of energy that travels across galaxies in each life cycle to making new history and eradicating old habits and forming a friendly platform for others to share, care and to be constantly fair. Travelling forward in time ensures that you go according to plan. Travelling forward in time makes you prepared for adversaries and for sudden setbacks. Being a time traveller is simple, you just need a moment of solitude and cockpit of futuristic dials and buttons to press and monitor. You need to travel to the end of your destination on Earth and to travel in time to the next year when you are a year older. You need to see what needs to be done and what has already being done. You need to carry in your cockpit a series of unselfish goals that you have collected over time that you want to accomplish and fulfil. Your work period is 5 days and you are rewarded each week with 48 hours of pure relaxation and rest. What more can you ask for? Throw in several holidays per year, a good home, a steady job, a happy family, several hobbies, an annual concert and several visits to the theatre and you have the makings of a celebrity on Earth, living to enjoy and enjoying to live. Are your plans not taking off? Do you experience negative blockages on the way? Being a Time Traveller makes you envisage how your life would become if you took immediate stance from today. You know your weaknesses, now layout a strong agenda to make weakness banish. Need help, I am here. Drop me a line and if I can offer assistance I will. Open new doors of opportunities and close the ones that troubled you for so long. Now with the cockpit of your craft showing 1st of January 2015, what do you see through the aperture of your cockpit? Do you see the new you or the older you? This is where you need affirmation. You need to affirm that you will assert yourself each day and like I said I am here to help. I certainly will inspire you from day to day but if you need that extra bit of nudge then drop me a line and perhaps a weekly newsletter tailored just for you is what is needed, like a map. My personal email address is universallyfriendly@live.com.

Thursday 11 September 2014

‘Pennies from Heaven’

Quote of the day
‘Less Stress equals more Success. Stress takes over your mind and your body and leaves you to pine. Success takes over your mind and your body and leaves you to be fine, full of shine and dripping like fine wine.’

There is only one stress and that is financial stress. Financial Stress or FSS or Financial Stress Syndrome is a real life disease epidemic designed to kill but to kill slowly. It is designed to lessen life and to destroy life’s true value. FSS lures people to borrow and then live to regret in full sorrow. Interest rates peak as high as 4000%APR in 1st world countries like the UK, I refer to these principles of lending as sacrilege and the Lenders should be disciplined. Are you employed? Are you happy? Do you live on the edge of the fence each day unsure of tomorrow? These are acute levels of FSS. FSS consumes your will to live and makes your life a shrill. There is only one antidote and that is knowledge. Knowledge is free. Knowledge is information, it is sacred and historic. From knowledge you receive awareness, understanding and realisation. Awareness makes you conscious of your current FSS. It makes you respond accordingly with a key plan and it makes you grasp the rudiments of life and how to live it. Understanding is your perception to life and your current dilemma. Perception makes you observant over fine details. Perception makes you keen and responsible. Perception gives you a better insight into the world of living successfully. Realisation makes you realise your status quo and outlines an agenda with a defined will to accomplish it and to fulfil it. Knowledge is vast and knowledge is a niche area too. Knowledge is like a vast library of information but a niche area listed alphabetically so you could make you search in specific areas of your quagmire. Be open right this very second, what is your FSS? Commit to paper, now you can see it, it is real, staring at you. You have looked into the microscope of your problems. You are face to face with your dilemma, the problem area of your life where you go to bed stressed and wake up the next morning even more stressed. In at least 99% of all your quagmires you will find that FSS stands out as your worst dilemma. You see Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls money is the pallbearer of ALL evil. Stress is Evil. Stress manipulates human beings to empty lives and emptiness. Dear Friends you need knowledge. I received knowledge almost 20 years ago in a voluminous archive of data that dates back to the beginning of time. It was my personal revelation that changed my whole life around. Today I am wiser and certainly not a miser. I am a devotee with a spiritual Master’s degree. I am thee and not of them. I am a writer and certainly not a fighter. I am sparkling with enthusiasm and crackling with satisfaction from my actions. I am a mentor of my community centre for knowledge has given me all of this that money will never buy. If you are struggling to make ends meet I want to show you a way to start your business for as little as £15. Write to me at universallyfriendly@live.com for further details and I shall send you a free information pack. Try it for 30 days and if you are dissatisfied I shall refund your money without fail. Knowledge makes you generate money unselfishly and drains away all your sorrows so that your tomorrows shall be without any further borrows.

Wednesday 10 September 2014

‘Less Stressed and more Blessed’

Quote of the day
‘To be less stressed and more blessed is likened to a meritocratic individual that only settles for being the best amongst the rest, with the zest to maintain maximum output and the quest to live life to the fullest.’

Stress holds a constant stigma in all our lives, lessening our lives and agitating our thought processes. Stress brings home the sullenness of a long day’s work. Stress brings home the anxiety felt at school over peer pressure and playground discourse. Stress is trauma as a result of witnessing an ordeal or experiencing one. Stress is about worries and the usual torment that worries brings with it from domestic issues to the catapulted form of financial migraines. Stress is pressure, pressure to cope with the complexities of life dusted upon us from dusk to dawn. Stress reduces lifespans and creates a very morbid outlook to what tomorrow holds. Stress makes you nervous and nervousness is certainly a medium that makes you constantly err in whatever you do in life as an individual or collectively as a partnership. The converse of stress which a meritocratic goal setter strives to have is the cheerful feeling of living to live. To breathe the goodness of life and to exhale the unwontedness of life. Less stressed is often expressed as an individual that leads a blessed life. He or she awakes knowing they have the blessings of our Heavenly Father, they believe that the anointing of such a blessing upon us is an internal and external protective shroud for them to maximise their potential each day. With an armour of sanctification and consecration they live life to its fullest. They know well in advance of the dangers of life for history shines a clear beacon of human fallacies and destruction. They live in anticipation of the worst and live in the climax of being the best in their chosen fields. They don’t seek to compete but rather work to get their jobs done. They understand their human responsibilities and they abide by the challenges needed to achieve accomplishment and fulfilment each working week of their working lives. Meritocratic Goal Setters don’t stop at retirement but resume a more charismatic lifestyle and a less melancholy portfolio showing their heeded talent to the most needed people. They know well about errors in life that people make and of the errors that they made and look maturely to override these fallacies that seem to stick with us for some unknown reasons. Maturity leads to security for the younger generation to follow and maturity helps to set moral standards for others of all ages to follow. This mentality leads to maximum output on a daily basis and the quest to live life to the fullest. I say onto you live a life that is stress-free and carry with you a shower of blessings from our Heavenly Father. This anointing usually attaches itself to you after early morning Prayers. Prayers illustrates your love for life and your love for the Giver of life. Be less stressed and more blessed from today until the end of time.

Tuesday 9 September 2014

The Outer Surroundings

Quote of the day

‘Like a cocoon that covers the moth or the butterfly or the soil that keeps the pod submerged the surroundings can be quite a challenge to a new born when they emerge. Survival is about existence and until you are able to emerge into the outdoors vigilant and filled with anticipation you maybe sapped into nothingness by the cruelty of human greed.’

Welcome to another article in a new series of Inspirational Quotes. By popular demand all Inspirational Quotes now appear as an article rather than a series of continuous tweets because it displays a clear and more vivid door to life’s complexities. Reading Tweets just highlights a segment of Inspiration if you manage to catch it in time. Reading an article in its entirety on the other hand makes you, the reader absorb a new and full inspirational dose each day for the betterment of your day. Yesterday we spoke about the inner surroundings of an individual and we spoke about awareness of The Mind, Body and Soul. Today we shall look at the outer part of our existence where the challenge to live has become more and more daring and even when we make mistakes with the objective of correcting them later on new errors are constantly being encountered. The surroundings are changing and rapidly too. Technology has driven away the concept of appreciation and long-lasting into shorter time segments. Do you remember the good old washing machine or TV that would last for as long as 20 years without failure? Today our appliances last barely under 5 years and incur heavy repair bills to sustain the product. Nothing built today is meant to last. Cars depreciate in value by the day and prices of basic commodities are absurd. There is wastages in all spheres of human deployment and yet millions go to bed without food or shelter. We need to engage. We need to get involved and show by example our good intent to the outside world. We need to question why there is deforestation, unemployment, abuse, wars, anger, bitterness and turmoil in a world that holds a magical spell of life for all its occupants. Can you imagine being a visitor to our planet and within a few hours of your stay you become contaminated with illness, sudden shock, conflict and poverty? The seed shall always bear the fruit but why can it not be delivered equally? The cows shall always produce milk but why is it that people still suffer from osteoporosis or improper growth. The bread is made from wheat that grows in abundance but yet people go to bed hungry. The surroundings that occupy your vision irrespective of your geographical location is quite bleak. If you are a student there is less hope to secure a stable job. If you are retired your pension offers a poor lifestyle for the rest of your life. If you are born into poverty it is very unlikely that you will survive past your 1st birthday. Life is not meant to be like this. Yesterday we spoke about our internal surroundings and the three factors that determine our lifestyle. Today we place emphasis on external surroundings and what can we do to make our lifestyles better. It is all about living in anticipation. Living in anticipation is about been vigilant. If it rains we need to carry an umbrella. If we are hungry we need to eat. If we need money to survive we need to go out into the surroundings and work. Anticipation is also about caring for others too. Sharing your umbrella is a simple gesture, giving away a slice of your bread is a noted sacrifice and donating part of your salary to something worthy or someone worthier is a great humane contribution. Believe in saving not just into your bank account but to save our raw materials and use them wisely and profitably. Do these sincerely and you shall stop nature from being angry. You shall put a hold on tsunamis and tornadoes. Carry an emblem of the peacemaker on your lapel and show the rest of the world that you are an honest and law abiding citizen of The Earth destined to get things back the way they should. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow in another article of the September spirit of succeeding. Hope that you are enjoying these articles and I hope that you will be able to read them on a daily basis.