Tuesday 23 September 2014

Negative to Positive – The polarisation to a better life’
Quote of the day
 ‘It is time to de-clutter those corridors of negative feelings in your mind and move to a newer dimensions that is more fulfilling and challenging. I want you to stop being a drag, to stop falling from riches to rags and to not feel like an old hag.’
One of the saddest feelings in life is to reminisce over the negatives in your life, those feelings of disparagement that sheds a tear of remorse and a band of pain that runs across your forehead. Sometimes our subconscious mind releases images of negative feelings when triggered to do so. Today I want you to start de-cluttering all those negatives values which has no value in your life to a positive value. I want you to polarise your thoughts from negatives to positives. When you open your mind and work through the corridors of life’s experiences it is like opening a Pandora’s Box. As you sieve through the box you can see lying dormant on those multiple rows of shelves are your negative thoughts.
You can imagine them as rows of canisters labelled for identification stacked side by side and row by row into deeper corridors of your mind’s incredible storage medium. I am now making the journey after opening my Pandora’s mind-set. I can clearly see the canisters that haunts my memories. I sighted the first one which is my constant anger, out you go. The second one is not far away and that was my bullying memories of my yesteryear, out you go. The third canister is my horrendous life at the age of 35. My object is to identify my negative feelings and simply discard into the fiery furnace. I don’t want to hold onto them anymore and likewise I want you to identify your negative feelings and discard without hesitation. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls we ALL have been hurt in the past. Now we have to move on, we have to move onto the limelight of our lives which is more important than delving into the past, into those bizarre corridors that brings in the disparage looks on our faces each day. We need inspiration not desperation. We need motivation and certainly not frustration. We need golden goals and a peaceful soul. We need love and not hate. We need confidence rather than reticence. We need life rather than strife. We need comfort rather than discomfort. We need shelter rather than swelter. We need to be positive. Go on, de-clutter right away. It is like deleting unwanted files in your hard disk drive. Try it for polarisation works wonders.

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