Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The Outer Surroundings

Quote of the day

‘Like a cocoon that covers the moth or the butterfly or the soil that keeps the pod submerged the surroundings can be quite a challenge to a new born when they emerge. Survival is about existence and until you are able to emerge into the outdoors vigilant and filled with anticipation you maybe sapped into nothingness by the cruelty of human greed.’

Welcome to another article in a new series of Inspirational Quotes. By popular demand all Inspirational Quotes now appear as an article rather than a series of continuous tweets because it displays a clear and more vivid door to life’s complexities. Reading Tweets just highlights a segment of Inspiration if you manage to catch it in time. Reading an article in its entirety on the other hand makes you, the reader absorb a new and full inspirational dose each day for the betterment of your day. Yesterday we spoke about the inner surroundings of an individual and we spoke about awareness of The Mind, Body and Soul. Today we shall look at the outer part of our existence where the challenge to live has become more and more daring and even when we make mistakes with the objective of correcting them later on new errors are constantly being encountered. The surroundings are changing and rapidly too. Technology has driven away the concept of appreciation and long-lasting into shorter time segments. Do you remember the good old washing machine or TV that would last for as long as 20 years without failure? Today our appliances last barely under 5 years and incur heavy repair bills to sustain the product. Nothing built today is meant to last. Cars depreciate in value by the day and prices of basic commodities are absurd. There is wastages in all spheres of human deployment and yet millions go to bed without food or shelter. We need to engage. We need to get involved and show by example our good intent to the outside world. We need to question why there is deforestation, unemployment, abuse, wars, anger, bitterness and turmoil in a world that holds a magical spell of life for all its occupants. Can you imagine being a visitor to our planet and within a few hours of your stay you become contaminated with illness, sudden shock, conflict and poverty? The seed shall always bear the fruit but why can it not be delivered equally? The cows shall always produce milk but why is it that people still suffer from osteoporosis or improper growth. The bread is made from wheat that grows in abundance but yet people go to bed hungry. The surroundings that occupy your vision irrespective of your geographical location is quite bleak. If you are a student there is less hope to secure a stable job. If you are retired your pension offers a poor lifestyle for the rest of your life. If you are born into poverty it is very unlikely that you will survive past your 1st birthday. Life is not meant to be like this. Yesterday we spoke about our internal surroundings and the three factors that determine our lifestyle. Today we place emphasis on external surroundings and what can we do to make our lifestyles better. It is all about living in anticipation. Living in anticipation is about been vigilant. If it rains we need to carry an umbrella. If we are hungry we need to eat. If we need money to survive we need to go out into the surroundings and work. Anticipation is also about caring for others too. Sharing your umbrella is a simple gesture, giving away a slice of your bread is a noted sacrifice and donating part of your salary to something worthy or someone worthier is a great humane contribution. Believe in saving not just into your bank account but to save our raw materials and use them wisely and profitably. Do these sincerely and you shall stop nature from being angry. You shall put a hold on tsunamis and tornadoes. Carry an emblem of the peacemaker on your lapel and show the rest of the world that you are an honest and law abiding citizen of The Earth destined to get things back the way they should. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow in another article of the September spirit of succeeding. Hope that you are enjoying these articles and I hope that you will be able to read them on a daily basis.

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