Sunday, 7 September 2014

All Humans occupy Space and Time

Quote of the day
‘In the vastness of space in the Intergalactic volume of The Universe we as humans take occupancy in a set period of time. Our expenditure of time changes how The Universe becomes. Our Earth an interplanetary mass amongst many other Earths reflects this.’

We all occupy space and time in an intergalactic journey across The Universe during our lifetime. Our day revolves along a journey in a huge space craft occupied by 7,196,540,759 astronauts at the precise time of writing this sentence. The mass of our gigantic spacecraft is 5.97219 x 1024 kg and travels at approximately 67,000 miles per hour along its orbital journey around the Sun. Yet as small as we are, we are occupying space and time in a world of life and happenings that is meant to be enjoyed and not engulfed in hardships and struggles. Space is something we can see and feel. If you stood at the edge of the Equator literally hanging onto to the Earth you will see a vast object passing you at 1000 miles an hour. You will see in 24 hours New Zealanders waking up and Americans going to bed. If you stood hanging onto the Earth at the Equator today you would have seen the following:

·         A South Korean Star dies in a car crash
·         A 60 foot asteroid will be seen flying across the Earth
·         You will see how Kashmir is hit by a huge flood
·         You will see trouble spots in Syria and Iraq
·         You will see more shelling in Ukraine
·         You will hear of Scotland and it decision to become Independent
·         You would have heard of the death of Labour MP, Jim Dobbin
·         You would have witnessed the funeral of Joan Rivers
·         You would have heard of deadly microbes found in US lab
·         You would have heard that the Argentine Rock Legend Cerati dies

Events are constantly happening. Space is something that you occupy and is visible to other people that maybe watching you. Your space is your time and your responsibility. It is all about valuing this asset and using it to the best of your ability. If you remove yourself from the existence of all things a void will be left in The Universe. You are also occupying time which is something that is hard to identify. For what happens in the next second is dependent on what happened in the previous second. Likewise what becomes of tomorrow is entirely dependent on what happened today. The climax of your day affects your moods. A good day often yields a good temperament. Your character is often in high spirits enriching a warm personality making days become memorable and profitable ones. Bad moods generate the converse creating rifts in the tidal wave of existence and shedding news headlines that rocks the world. How was your day? We know that you exist because you are occupying space. What about your time? Did your day enrich your perspective of life or did it have the negative effect? You see ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls we are indeed the makers of our destiny. We are making history every second. Good history is what we want to hear and learn from. We want to become the celebrities of good deeds for the day, enriching the lives of others and seeking solace for eternity. I wish you a joyous working week ahead of you enriched with success and prosperity. I wish you good health and a good mental well-being. I want you to become a star that glows into the vastness of The Universe brightening the sky for angels to see and rejoice.

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