Monday, 15 September 2014

‘The Art of Professionalism’
Quote of the day
‘Professionalism separates success from failure. It is the canny Art of exercising good deeds on a daily basis that works effectively amongst the squalor nature of people that you meet that only seem to care for themselves.’
We often confuse Professionalism by limiting it to our skills and our competence. Yes, we do become skilled and competent in our profession as we gain experience through maturity. Professionalism however is a limitless talent a human being could ever possess. It is the know-how or Savoir-faire of an individual irrespective of gender or culture that carries them to personal stardom. It is a faculty of human deployment that if used properly gives them success every single day. It is an art that we need to practise and to pass on from generation to generation. Professionalism is our shining armour to gallantry in the workplace, valour in the corridors of time and space and it is the talent of being a charming person at home. Professionalism takes a simple situation and leaves it simple. The converse of Professionalism is Incompetence. It is incompetence at work, at home or at school that gets us into trouble and makes simplicity, complexity. We need to change this, we need to change it right away. We need to carry our cheerful spirit gathered together over the weekend into our working week. Professionalism helps us to do just that. Professionalism clarifies a simple Quote:
·         Quote – Avoidance is better than pursuance. (UF)
Yes, Dear Friends Avoidance lasts for a split second, at home, at work or at school. Pursuance on the other hand lasts for a lifetime. With pursuance you are immediately sapping away valuable time from your agenda or your scheduled agenda. Pursuance makes you procrastinate and very unprofessional. Professionalism is about understanding human behaviour or more specific the temperament of another human being based on your circumstances. Our circumstances is what seems to get us into trouble. We stand in the queue and trouble maybe standing behind us. If sit in the waiting room, trouble maybe sitting next to us. We stand in the canteen and trouble maybe standing right in front of us. When we steer our vehicle trouble seems to steer itself in front of us. Trouble makes you culminate into rubble and stubble into worthless actions. I say onto you that if trouble stumbles upon your front door, or your left foot, or your office desk let it pass. Yes, let it pass. Let it pass away like never before. Let it be forgotten before the next second arrives. This is practise of Professionalism. This is the area of your life that you need to deploy and a daily basis.  This is where Man meets Man and Women meets Man or vice versa. This is where friends are made and enemies are reduced. I want you to become Professional by following the footsteps of The Professionals, I want you to show by example so that others may follow you. Start at home, start in the bedroom, start in your street but start right away. Remember a daily dose of professionalism carries you to new frontiers in life.

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