Saturday 13 September 2014

The Art of being Cheerful

Quote of the day

‘Cheerfulness is a plausible medium like ether or water or air that contains minute energy pockets that hold pulses of happiness, joyfulness, merriment, optimism and chirpiness. Like air you can inhale it, like wind you can feel it, like the sun you can touch the intensity of it and like rain you can be drenched in it.’

Cheerfulness is something that we need to recognise and hang on to it for our sanity, our tolerance and our patience. Cheerfulness is a medium that occupies space, it is alive but sometimes we do not recognise it until someone induces it upon us. Cheerfulness is responsible for our Happiness. Cheerfulness is like drops of joy that falls from the heavens above. Cheerfulness makes you merry, laughing to the core of absolute fun. Cheerfulness makes you optimistic when sadness lurks in the corridors of the unexpected. Cheerfulness is alive, it is chirpy and it is sassy. Cheerfulness is an energy form that floats in the air waiting to be latched onto. You constantly breathing it in, seeing it, feeling it and are constantly inspired by its presence. I chose to write this article today about cheerfulness because this is my primary aim for my 48 hours of sheer relaxation and exuberant rest. I use the words sheer and exuberant in its fullest context. I want sheer relaxation because I deserve it and so do you. I want no distractions from my 48 hours of relaxation such as aggravation, strangulation, provocation or retardation. I worked extremely hard during my last working week and therefore I need to focus and revitalise my cells for a more productive new working week on Monday. I don’t need aggravation that stressing and annoying me, typical of my working week. I don’t need strangulation by being stagnated in the staleness of my mundane activities. I don’t need provocation that stalks me on a daily basis at work, on the trains or in the queues. Neither do I need retardation from my surroundings that makes me decelerate my joyfulness. I need to be aroused by people that bring on joy and happiness. I need to equally arouse those that are around me with buckets of joy and happiness too. I need to inhale the qualities of cheerfulness each second so that I can maintain this throughout my weekend. I want my weekend not to be a weak-end. I want my weekend to end in joy and happiness. I want you to share the same feeling. I want you revitalise your organs and your individual cells into vibrant energy pockets that are ready to go to work on Monday. This is exuberant rest. This is your 48 hours of energetic activities that sparkle with joy and merriness. This is about being enthusiastic all day and all night. This is about resting but to maintain a high spirit. This is a period of rest where you are alive with your vigorous desire and passion to become joyful and happy. I want you to have a vivacious weekend, starting right away. Make it energetic by breathing in the qualities of cheerfulness. Make your weekend animated with laughter, with togetherness and the joy of loving your life. Be like the effervescence of a newly opened fizzy drink, don’t go flat. Be alive with joy and happiness. Draw it into you. Magnetically attract the qualities that will make you become high spirited. Do it with passion and desire. You worked extensively over the last 5 days, a total of 120 hours, you are entitled to a lively weekend of sheer relaxation and exuberant rest! Don’t settle for anything less. You will thank me for such a bubbling idea when you get up on Monday. On Monday you will yearn for the next weekend even though you to need to earn it first.

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