Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The Derelict Coin

Quote of the day
‘Life is a precious gift made of 86,400 seconds a day. Likened to a derelict coin life can also be wasted, discarded into nothingness and trampled by abuse, neglect and suffering. Wake up to the sound of a derelict coin that brings inspiration to those that need it most.’
I would like to introduce you to 'The Derelict Coin'. There was once a derelict Coin that laid still on side of the pavement. It stared motionless at passers-by hoping that someone would pick it up. No one did, and soon the derelict coin withered into a tarnished piece of metal. The rains came, the snow fell, the sun shone and the wind blew.
The derelict coin moved by a few centimetres once as it was kicked by someone. It also endured the excrement of animals, the gnawing by a tyre and the brazing of an uncontrollable firework. This is the story of the derelict coin, standing alongside the road watching from below for almost years trying to make sense of the world from down under. It soon knew the habits of all that passed it, and it listened to gossip too while trying to avoid being sucked into the vacuum of the Council Truck. Who is this derelict coin that you have suddenly taken the interest to read about it? Where did it come from and where will it possibly go to?
I would like to introduce you to Anthony, for he and I have become good friends. Anthony was walking by one day when he noticed me along the side of the road. I moved over the years because my owner threw me away. He did not have any use for me and just threw me away. I felt hurt, unwanted and lonely. Those years gripped me as I watched others that ignored me too passed hurriedly by. My life has changed dramatically since Anthony picked me up and carried me into the warmth of his heart.
Today, I sit in a bottle amongst other coins that Anthony has collected over the years. There are quite a few maybe a thousand or more. It is nice to be amongst friends, at least I am not lonely like before. Sometimes Anthony shakes us about, it is kind of his way of communicating with us or giving us a bit of exercise. I think Anthony has given me a name, he seems to call me Lucky. I don't know why but somehow I do feel very lucky to be with other coins in a bottle that stands near a warm fireplace.
I watched as Anthony wrote something on his computer one day that would change my life. He had this large screen monitor and you could see the words so clearly. This is what Anthony said, I hope that it will change your life as well. It really changed my life and made me feel so important. It made me realise how important I am because I am like any object in the vastness of the Universe made of up the fundamental unit of matter and that is atoms. Like all atoms in the Universe I am accountable. I cannot be destroyed nor created. This is what Anthony wrote on his computer, have a read and see whether it will change your thought process too.
'Why do people disregard the derelict coins that they see thrown away? Every coin is like a second in our life. It makes up a minute, an hour, a day or our life. I think people throw it away because they have many more coins leftover. So, when one falls down they simply don't care. Each day in our life is made up of 86,400 seconds. So when we waste say 400 seconds, we simply do not care. Today I have a collection of 1600 coins or £16. There is so much I could do with £16 but yet this is only made up of single pennies. Therefore when you see a derelict coin thrown on the side-walk, pick it up and realise how precious each second of your life really is.'
Thank you Anthony for making me realise my value and to realise that I am part of the Universe which is made up of countless atoms existing on their own or combined with others to create the vastness of the Universe that we so clearly see.

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