Wednesday 31 December 2014

New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve
Quote of the day
‘The show has come to an end, it lasted for 365 days. The props are slowly put way and the stage is bare. Tomorrow new pros shall take centre stage and you shall perform your wonders for the world to see.’
Good news has come upon us in 2014 but bad news also saddened us. These were diseases, pestilence, suffering, poverty, violence, disasters, war, abuse, financial problems, human conflict, major setbacks, terrorism, kidnapping, rape, gang warfare, riots, demonstrations, animal abuse, deforestation, road fatalities, hunger and so many disengagements that often makes us shudder. I want you to acknowledge these devastating setbacks and be aware of possibilities in the New Year. Be alert I say onto you. Live in anticipation. Don’t make similar mistakes but rather work towards correcting them. Clear ground for new innovations, put them into practise. Walk the righteous path where every drop of rain is pure and every burst of shine sun is bright. Travel with company, travel the world and learn from other individuals that hold the key to your future. Love your fellowman and woman like never before. Don’t live with hostility just move along with nobility. Keep your head above water but also keep your feet on the ground. Open your eyes to opportunities and open your eyes to the needs of your communities. Listen to their sorrow and make a promise for their tomorrows that you will lend a helping hand. Start your resolutions as per your agenda now, and then go about and fulfil them. There will be obstacles but there will also be spectacles.  More ahead with positivity and don’t look back at the sadness that 2014 portrayed. Look to opportunities in 2015 with passion and desire. I wish you a pleasant evening from the bottom of my heart and as you say farewell to 2014 I want you to greet 2015 with high spirits. I want you to maintain these feelings in your heart for the next 365 days.  

Tuesday 30 December 2014

Newton's 1st Law of Motion

Newton’s 1st Law of Motion
Quote of the day
‘Every body continues in a state of rest or of uniform motion in a straight line unless compelled to do otherwise. Everybody continues in a state of rest, play or work in a straight line unless compelled to do otherwise.’

Hello Dear Friends, welcome to the penultimate day of 2014. It is important to value your goals for they shape and make you the person you want to be in 2015. If you are not serious than 2015 will be just another year in another elliptical path around the Sun. Sit back for a moment in recluse if you have to and ponder on the changes that you would seriously like to see happen in 2015 for you, for your family and for your country. Write them down, look at them intently and see what it takes to make you great. All great things in life don’t emerge out of the soil in a split second, they take time. Using Newton’s 1st law of Motion we can visualise what will happen to us in 2015. I want you to imagine an object or a body in front of you standing still and motionless. Newton said that this body will continue to remain in this position until compelled to do otherwise. Is this true? Well I want you to gaze at this object or body that you selected in front of you for a five minutes. Did that object or body move? The answer will be that it did not move. Now I want you to physically push that object or body in any manner, if it is fragile do it gently. What happens? You will notice that the object will move and how much it moved would depend entirely on how much you pushed it. This clarifies Newton’s 1st Law of Motion which states that an object or a body will continue in its state of rest or of uniform motion in a straight line unless compelled to do otherwise. Based on this 1st Law of linear motion we too will remain the same if we do not ‘push’ ourselves to do something. Take a task for today as listed in your agenda or daily memorandum. It is a task because you put it there. Will the task be completed if you remained in the position that you are. To get that task completed you need to push yourself to do it. You need to take motionless tasks and turn it into motion and emotional tasks. You are still in control because only you will know when to stop or when to put the brakes on. All resolutions listed in front of you written in a memo or some form of pad or perhaps a tablet or laptop will still be there until you took the initiative to get the job done. To be initiative you need to be inventive, creative and enterprising. This creates the push that you need to take stationary thoughts and turn them into ACTION. Acton yields results. The right actions always yield the right results. Dear Friends, ponder on your resolutions and then take them to the next level. Take motionless dreams and turn them into promotional teams. Take away the commotion from your motion, add a little bit of devotion and you will have the right locomotion for 2015. Don’t thank me for this but rather give praise to Almighty GOD to give us the rules and laws to become unselfishly successful.

Monday 29 December 2014

Newton's 3rd Law of Motion

Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion

Quote of the day
‘To every action is an equal and opposite reaction. To every resolution there will always be an equal and opposite dissolution.’

Newton’s Laws of Motion are so vital for the balance of our lives like objects we too need those governing Laws that keeps us on the ground and off the ground. Newton said that to every action there will be an equal and opposite reaction. Therefore to every resolution you make there will be an opposing dissolution that will want to oppose your moment of success and stardom. This force is something we need to be aware of and to learn how to overcome it. Resolutions are born on the 1st of January each year but are dissolved or crushed before they can become real. It is like someone trying to stop you from being healthy, wealthy and prosperous. Who would want to do that? Who would want to stop you from reaching the pinnacle of your personal success? Do People actually do this? Why is there a constant rift between man and man? Rifts have been around for centuries. Lives have been lost and children have been forgotten. Hearts have been broken and the start to new beginnings have come to a halt. Men go to war for no real apparent reason. Anger breaks homes, violates international laws, and demonises the meek and the weak, shifts assets to a few, multiplies poverty and risk the livelihood of international peace. Yes, this opposing force has been around, don’t just take my word but just flick through the media and you will see it happening constantly in the modern world. Now that you know that it is there at least you can be aware. As you open your curtains or your front door be careful for the scent of evil wants to enter. Pray earnestly, pray daily, be in communion with the Lord and seek shelter from the swelter. Hold the hands of loved ones and keep a watchful eye on them. Go about your day but keep the cards to your chest. Don’t just take a daily dose of your medication but live with a daily dose of anticipation. Anticipate possibilities and expect the worst when impossibilities strikes your front door. Don’t expect snow but be prepared for it. Don’t assume the weather, whether it is cold or hot just be prepared for adversities and changes that have come and gone. Don’t eat the fruit without washing it and you. Smell foods and reject bad foods that inhibit your source of judgement. Keep in touch with those that have lost their touch. Create sparkles of joy by your remarkable zest to live rather than wallow in the darkness where the opposing force awaits you. Be good, exercise good deeds, be patient, exercise patience, be generous and give liberally without falter or hesitation. Give blood, give life, give kindness and give gentleness. Be like the bud that blossoms into the colour of the world. Be active and less inactive. Be occupied rather than unoccupied. Care for those that once cared for you. Carry your goals in your hands and hold them firmly until they blossom like cherries in summer. Never give up on hope. Hope is like the trees that shed their leaves in autumn. They do not pine and whine for they know well that new leaves will come in spring the following year. Trust in Almighty GOD. Don’t walk alone, walk with the phone ready to dial the right tone when trouble lurks. Better still walk with a friend that is willing to spend their time with you and defend you when trouble stands between you and success. Deliver your goals to the world and stay in control of your life. Don’t leave your life in the control of someone else. Love you all but love yourself too. Love is a binding gel that can set permanently or dissolve unexpectedly. Love is just a four letter word but has the power to bond 7 billion people into a strong human race.

Sunday 28 December 2014

Abide by the Laws and avoid any Flaws

Abide by the Law and avoid any Flaws.
Quote of the day
‘The Key ingredients to Success in 2015 is to keep within the parameters of the Law and to avoid making the same flaws. You need to draw in the enthusiasm of creating wonderful resolutions and withdraw from the apathy of breaking them.’

2015 holds a prism of endless possibilities for you. Don’t be despondent if they say you cannot own your own home. Be respondent and say that you will own your own home even if you have to build it brick by brick. If you are divorcing your spouse, stop and think deeply about it and try to reverse the process for the sake of your sanity and for the sake of your family. Keeping within the parameters of the Law helps you achieve success all the way. It follows the principle of Success which states that nothing will go wrong if you do things right. There are laws and there are flaws.  Laws will get you there flaws will take you nowhere. Dear Friends making a success of your life is not rocket science. It does not require special skills or huge bills or to even go over the hill. It just requires you to enjoy your life savoured with the thrills and frills of life. Let the dawn begin and when you awake stand bold and be ready to take off like a fledgling waiting to be trained, entertained and unconstrained. Enjoy what you do. Keep within the parameters of the given laws and avoid the common flaws. Create an aura of enthusiasm. If you are interested you will develop the passion and the desire to achieve. If you are forced into doing something that isn’t your cup of tea you will soon develop the apathy in the subject matter. Be like great achievers that persevered all day and all night long such as Bill gates and Warren Buffet. Don’t remain idle just think of someone that is your idol. How did they achieve their goals? What was it that kept them ticking? You can do it, you will have me to urge you to emerge from the fertility of the New Year. Go for it, don’t be afraid.

Saturday 27 December 2014

Empty pockets are often better than empty minds

‘Empty pockets are often better than empty minds.’
Quote of the day
 ‘Keep your mind active with plenty of hopes and dreams. Then fill your pockets with completed dockets implementing action from thought.’

Start 2015 on a blank canvas and slowly etch your life into it. The Preparatory plans for 2015 can only come from your mind. An active mind creates dynamic and energetic goals. An active mind promotes a diversity of goals tailored made to suit your needs and as you build on these goals you will etch onto the blank canvas your life in a mellow tone of good and bad moments. This picture will depict your fortitude or your weaknesses. It will demonstrate how courageous and brave you will be in 2015. Therefore by keeping an active mind you automatically create dynamic and energetic goals, the converse of keeping an idle mind. I need for you to use the next 345,600 seconds to keep your mind constantly active. I want you to reflect on 2014 and highlight the good moments from the bad moments. I need for you to ask yourself why and where did it all go wrong and what miracles did you encounter to create good moments as good memories. Can you imagine 365 days of magical miracles reaching your heart every single day in 2015? I don’t see why not. Why should you accept bad moments when good moments will do just fine? It all about proper thinking, planning and initiating. It is about keeping your mind filled with inspiring hopes and dreams. It is about getting those idealistic goals onto paper and looking at their viability or their possibilities. Nothing is impossible if you keep your mind active rather than inactive. Active minds create attractive goals. It could be a single goal or it could be a collective goal. If your goal is to lose weight then bring out those recipe books that sits idle on the shelf and start cooking your own meals. If you want your bills to be lowered and become more affordable then you need to take drastic action. You need to figure out a way to increase your income and reduce you expenses. Christmas brings the joy within us, we now need to use this joy more effectively. We need to speak to Almighty GOD for spiritual guidance and to filled our pockets with filled dockets containing instructions to implement our goals.

Friday 26 December 2014

Give a little, get a lot

‘Give a little, get a lot’
Quote of the day
‘So many gifts, so much of food. Start giving some away to those that did not get any gifts and for those that hunger.’

356 days is about to pass. 30, 153,600 seconds has already past you. Now the New Year awaits you with open arms. The Earth is about to make another majestic trip around the Sun, and on board this celestial craft amongst 7 billion other cosmonauts is you. Can your celestial journey in 2015 be acknowledged as one of a great humane sacrifice? By this I mean are you willing to go the extra mile with a constant smile. You have learnt the perils of life in years gone by either through personal experiences or by knowing someone that shared a calamity or two in their celestial journey around the Sun. It is indeed a journey of immense sacrifice because apart from seeing to your needs you also have to be familiar with the needs of others. It is hard and it is certainly not easy. If you are in need you expect some form of feed. That is also hard because man is full of greed. He thinks of himself and not of others. A greedy man calculates his assets in dollars and cents and hoards all his assets in a secret cove. Success will never be a happy one for you if you are studded with greed. You need to be a lot more liberal in 2015. You need to give and to take just enough for your own survival. You need to pace the Earth with acts of good and worthy deeds. You need to care about the forest, about the ocean floor and the flora and fauna that occupies it. You need to acknowledge that hunger, poverty and diseases still exist in the modern technological world. You need to give back a part of your salary that you feel comfortable with to those that need a helping hand. You need to shine the torch to those that are weak and feeble in their actions. Starting 2015 with an altruistic approach will render you with solid crates of worthy rewards that befits your personal lifestyle. Life is a challenge but living it should be a personal challenge. As we near the end of 2015 I want you to write down your goals or resolutions again and see if some of them include catering for the needs of others. If not, please include them in your journal to carry with you on your new celestial journey around the Sun.

Wednesday 24 December 2014

The Glory of Christmas

‘The Glory of Christmas’
Quote of the day
‘Christmas brings hope for you and miracles for all. Christmas creates walkways in space and portholes to heavens.’

Christmas 2015 stands along the horizon of a new day shining its true meaning into your heart. It brings the goodness of hope and the wonders of miracles with it. Like sunshine that warms your body let Christmas warm your heart with a resonance of positivity and a breath of awe and astonishment. Dear Friends, the meaning of Christmas plays a pivotal role in your life. Not only is it the annual celebration by billions of people around the world of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ but it is also the nativity of hope for everyone that has no hope or the lack of it. Hope is faith and faith is confidence. Faith is belief in life and in the life of our Lord. Faith changes the concept of everything and reinstates sanity in man and woman. Faith is a driving force that creates miracles. It gives sight to those that are blinded with knowledge. It gives speech to those that are deafened with logic. A miracle for you is awaiting in the appearance of tomorrow. You need to believe and you need to believe in yourself. You need to look at the New Year in a new light. You need to mould a pattern for you that will take shape in a clear tone that will make sense out of folly. Nothing will stop you from becoming a successful individual. The greatest inhibitor in your life is you. Without faith you have no belief and without any belief you will have no confidence. I say onto you and verily too let Christmas bring a spark in your dying flame of success and fulfilment. Let merriment become a natural phenomenon in your daily task and let everything that you touch turn into a miracle of working wonders. Let no man or woman make you feel otherwise. Never feel that you are not entitled to a fair life. Fairness is a trademark of the real meaning of Christmas. Let your hands hold onto tight to your vision and when The New Year is dawn let your hands coordinate with your feet and make your vision a highlight in human history. Let Christmas Eve be a reminder of the true importance of the Celebration of Christmas. As mass begins at midnight ensure that you are in front of the altar praying with solemnity. Give praise to Almighty GOD and let the new dawn in your life set sail.

Tuesday 23 December 2014

Freeze your Disease and use your expertise like a trapeze

‘Freeze your disease and use your expertise like a trapeze.’
Quote of the day
‘Hope is a restitution to cope during difficult times. Difficult times is like a debilitating disease sapping your energy reserves and making you feel inadequate and unable to cope with life.’

Can you recall the 1st of January 2014. Was it just another day or did it blossom into another wonderful year for you? Many of us will admit that the spirit of a New Year will always been there. There is rejoice, there is celebration and there is laughter. This generally wears out as soon as the concept of the daily grind sets in. Resolutions become weaker when they were stronger at the end of 2013. We commit but then we quit. Can you admit to this? Can you wholly say that your resolutions worked 100%? This is the sole purpose of my motivational articles. It is to get you to 100%. It is to cure you from debilitating diseases and make you pure and sure. How do successful people become successful? They do things the right way. They are energetic, they are magnetic, they are genetic and they are athletic. These quadruple qualities makes them free form debilitating diseases. They eat well and they feel well. They learn before they earn. They gain passion with compassion. They have the desire to be on fire for their entire working life until they retire. I say freeze your debilitating diseases right away and develop the expertise like a trapeze artist that practices and practises until they get it right. Dear Friends I urge you to have hope in all that you do. I pray sincerely for you to be cured from any debilitating diseases that you may incurred over the years. I hope that you will be pure and sure about yourself from the first day in January 2015 to the last day in December 2015. This is the mind-set to victory. This is victory with the right attitude, this is how you make a New Year become a successful one.

Sunday 21 December 2014

Financially Wealthy, Substantially Healthy

‘Financially Wealthy, Substantially Healthy’

I want to become financially wealthy but I lack the ability to do it.’
Don’t measure your finances in Dollars and Cents but rather in Scholars and Sense.

One of the stumbling blocks that we all encounter is money. Money is just a five letter word but yet it is the pallbearer to all evil. People search for wealth with stealth and often neglect their health. People will stash their cash, others will flash their cash and some will splash their cash. Why is it that this 5 letter word available in so many different denominations throughout the world creates problems such as heartaches, headaches, backaches, aches, bellyaches and stomach-aches? Money is indeed a necessity, without it we cannot live, we cannot eat, sleep or have the occasional treat. Money is indeed the pallbearer of all evil. I say onto you change your concept of money. Don’t valuate it in dollars and cents but rather value it with scholarly sense. Are you wealthy, healthy and prosperous or are you poor, unhealthy and a constant failure. If you analyse these two probabilities you will find that they do not really exist. In fact no one is poor, no one is unhealthy and no one is a failure. These are labels that other people attach to you. They drive pass you in faster cars, they want to be waited upon in their luxurious homes or to be pampered from head to toe. At the end of the day we all are millionaires. The only difference is that most people classify millionaires as people with money at their disposable. I say that we are all millionaires. We all millionaires at heart and as for the pocket we are all millionaires if we want to become one. To do that you need to become a scholar. A scholar is someone that researches his or her plight before he or she takes flight. They know the heights of their needs or resolutions and always write them down. They always smite the right buttons and are generally bright from head to toe. They are aware of any slight variations to their cause and always do things right. Making money is a vocation and not a vacation. Making money is not about being funny but rather about being sunny. Money is a requirement in life that can be manufactured. You just need to learn how to and from the right sources. This is the scholarly sense. This is the academic approach to your life and to a possible change to your life in 2015. You cannot say that you lack the ability if the skills are out there to be grasped. Save a pound today and watch how it shall grow in a week, in a month and over a lifetime.

Saturday 20 December 2014

No matter how hard I try to please people, it seems very few try to please me.’
Quote of the day
‘To please is the virtue of every human being to fill a distinct lattice that lacks joy, delight, contentment and satisfaction in another human being.’

Dear Friends how promising our lives are when we care constantly, share indefinitely and be fair amongst the fairest of all. To exhibit these fine qualities can be quite a task but nevertheless it has to be done for it is a great virtuosity of any human being alive today, and that is to please. We sometimes become disgruntled when other people do not acknowledge the good that we do for them. A Bus Driver feels ignored despite waiting for a passenger who shows no appreciation for his gesture of good will.  A motorist feels disappointed that a fellow motorist does not appreciate his or her courtesy. A child shows no remorse for the penance that she or he made. Life seems so filled with disappointments. Disappointments are constantly made whist appointments are constantly been broken. I say onto you do what you can do to the best of your ability but don’t expect any rewards for the good that you. However you’re Heavenly Father watches constantly over you and knows the good that you do and keeps your treasures in heaven. Dear Friends don’t let any inhibition come your way be it a suspicion, an admission, an inquisition or a supposition. Just propel forward knowing that you are a human being functioning to be humane at all times. Exercise the principle of doing well. Do everything right and you shall be assured that nothing will ever go wrong. Please people all the time even though they show little or no signs of appreciation. Go the extra mile and do more and more and still expect nothing in return. You must exercise altruistic values in your portfolio. You must give generously. You must donate with a smile and with a good heart. You must exercise friendliness despite the unfriendliness of the millions out there that are too absorbed in their own affairs. You must shine a beacon to show others how to please. It is a symbol of altruism that can catch on quite quickly. Make the most of your life. Live it, enjoy, it, share some of your wealth and demonstrate openly how important it is to remain healthy. Do these things with sincerity and watch how 2015 shall be for you and your new friends. In conclusion, I say be grateful for the good things that you have in life, leave something behind for someone else. Don’t hog all your treasures in a cove but instead await your treasures in heaven that do not depreciate, rust or get stolen

Friday 19 December 2014


Quote of the day
‘Don’t separate man or woman, child or infant. Don’t categorise nations, relations or organisations. Don’t distinguish rich from poor, weak from strong and bad from good.’

The word DISCRIMINATE holds 12 magical words that will assist you in 2015 if you implement them with confidence. These magical words like a rabbit from a hat will transform your life into a melody of achievements. It will make each day in 2015 worthwhile, accomplished and fulfilled. It will rid your bank arrears into credit. It will shed the fat form under your skin. It will break barriers that inhibit your progress. It will lengthen your life. It will create health, wealth and prosperity for you and for your family. It will enrich you with new friends and reunite you with old acquaintances. It will transform your ventures into great adventures. It will create accolades for you that you could never imagined before. It will shine a glow from every aperture in your home that will get the neighbours curious. It will dust the cobwebs from under your nose and you shall breathe in the freshness of a New Year like never before. Today is the story of 12 power words for you to print off and keep in your heart, to use when there is darkness in front of you. Take heed of these words for if you neglect to implement them then 2015 will be just another year when the earth shall make a long journey around the Sun feeling stressed yet again holding the torment of man beneath its crust. The following 12 potent words are your tools for success – please don’t DISCRIMINATE!

·Discriminate - Don’t separate man or woman, child or infant. Don’t categorise nations, relations or organisations. Don’t distinguish rich from poor, weak from strong and bad form good
·Incriminate – Don’t blame someone else, you cannot be the judge, juror and executor to other people affairs when you should focus on your own affairs.
· Segregate – Don’t segregate, separate or keep apart people from being people. Give others an equal chance in the same way that you require a similar chance.
· Complicate – Don’t take easy resolutions and make them complex ones and don’t take on complex resolutions that you know you cannot accomplish.
·Relegate – Don’t downgrade another human being that has an equal chance to make 2015 an important and significant year for them.
·Instigate – Don’t look for trouble when there isn't any. Move away from trouble whenever it is initiated.
·Manipulate – Don’t take control of someone by being arrogant, forceful or manipulative. Treat everyone fairly as you would expect others to treat you.
·Interrogate – Don’t make people feel low, unwanted and rejected by interrogation, cross-examination or quizzing.
·Negate – Don’t contradict someone, disprove a suggestion, deny a complement, refuse someone a gesture of goodwill or exclude someone from entering.
·Abdicate – Don’t give up on your abilities to make a success of your life. Start 2015 feeling positive and determined.
·Terminate – Don’t terminate a project that you have started, don’t terminate a friendship that you cultivated and sack someone for the fun of it.
·Eradicate – Don’t destroy the goodness that Mother Nature provides. Don’t remove the goodness from the Earth and discard it into the fiery furnace.

I say onto you and verily too that if you follow the above criteria for eventual success you will be astounded by the results that you will achieve in the first day of your implementation. It is important to follow the above even though sometimes it is hard to swallow or at times when you suddenly wallow. Just persevere. Hold onto tightly to these magical, profound and potent words in your heart and unleash them when the moment comes.

Thursday 18 December 2014

Smile for a Mile

Smile for a Mile
‘Always carry a smile not just for a while but for the duration of a mile and in complete style.’
Quote of the day
‘A smile a day keeps you all bright and gay. A smile is worth your while and keeps you compiled. A smile should be as long as the Nile and as beautiful as the lilies of the Nile.’

Taking on 2015 with an arduous attitude will never see you through. You will meet difficulties on a daily basis, you will work laboriously day in and day out with no visible or viable results. Your day will be strenuous at work as well as at home. You will feel tired and you will just want to be left alone. To overcome this you need to change your mind-set and bring out the best in you. The best in you is all about the rest of you. A smile extenuates exactly that. A smile a day makes you bright and gay. It makes the world see that you are well, cheerful, happy and ready to take and make the right actions and decisions. A smile a day makes you shine like the lilies of the Nile, so colourful and so pretty. People often latch onto a smile and carry this image of you with them. They think about you all the time and try to emulate your exactness. A smile generates an aura of perfection and people generally want to sniff the chemistry around you. A smile makes friends and a smile eliminates enemies. A smile sends a message of hope that scents the air with your distinct persona. A smile brings home a cluster of fond memories. A smile is always worth your while for you can see the warmth that it carries with it.  A smile renders you with a unique style that becomes your trait throughout your life on Earth. A smile is compiled of friendliness, homeliness, togetherness and lovingness. A smile can beguile you like a mysterious calling from an old acquaintance or a long lost memory. A smile brings forth what the subconscious mind is thinking. A smile makes you less hostile and creates a profound profile of you. A smile is as long as the Nile meandering through miles of historic news to be learnt from and to be guided upon and beyond. Don’t take on 2015 without the appearance of a smile for you shall stick to older styles and ignore newer styles. A smile can make 2015 a pivotal turning point in your life, in your career and in your retirement. A smile can send of millions of messages each carrying a distinct sound of hope, courage and faith. A smile is so versatile that you do not have to utter a word or a syllable because your smile can speak in so many different accents, tones and languages. A smile illustrates a person’s happiness, joy and laughter. The more constant a smile is the more content a person is. Do having a smiling life in 2015. Let your smiles capture your files and compile them into real goals and noted resolutions. Never ever take on 2015 without a smile!

Wednesday 17 December 2014

Gain Success without Pain

They often say no pain, no gain. I say you can make every gain without any pain by using your brain to attain all your humane goals.
Quote of the day
‘We often want big things in life but are sometimes not willing to go the extra mile. We feel that we will be hurt and that there will be pain. I say onto you success starts small like Christmas and ends quite big in just 2000 years.

You do not have to move mountains to create valleys, let nature take care of that. You do not have to break the bank to reach a million, honest work will do just fine. You do not have to fast to win the lotto you just need to stick to a solid motto. Many people confuse hard work and success.  Hard work gives you something at the end of the day but success gives you a lot more. Hard work will eventually move the mountain but success creates mountains, valleys, dunes and clefts. Dear friends whatever your goals are think first over them and then tally the ground work needed to get started. Calculate your timeframe and deliver with your body frame. Use your mind to judge and your body to nudge. Think big, think about today, about tomorrow and about the rest of your life. Think about how much you will need to live, to entertain, to study, to venture out and to cultivate family and friends. Now use your body to deliver but not through punishment but instead through accomplishment. Think big, think beyond the rainbow. Think within the box and think beyond the box. Think of possibilities and think of impossibilities. Think about hardships and about possible partnerships. Think about your needs and about their needs. Think not just for one but for all. Think about the hungry and compare them to the ones that are full. Think about yourself, are you going to be hungry? Think about the rich and compare them to the poor. What are the real differences? Did the rich get richer with pain and are the poor living in pain? Life is fair and not an affair. Man is not fair and confuses work and success.Every individual has the right to an equal life, differing only by their individual choices. Whatever your choices are you need to just think about them first to see if it is something that you really want and then use your body to get it. Do it without punishing yourself. Do it with accomplishment by enjoying every second of it. You can make 2015 your victorious year. It is all about mental calculation and physical translation. It is about moving objects form one point to another with a point. It is about getting on your feet and staying on your feet. It is about that inner feeling to know that you got it right, you have achieved it and made something out of nothing and without hurting yourself or hurting someone else.

Monday 15 December 2014

Every Venture has its Adventures

‘Every venture has its adventures’
Quote of the day
‘To meet your New Year with the least amount of problems you must beware of the snake, watch out for fakes and be ready to put on the brakes when the time comes.’

Every venture in life holds its own perils and safeties. There is danger in everything that we venture out to do from small endeavours to large projects. Careful harnessing of your thoughts and actions can make your New Year a successful one. To every Resolution you commit to you will always experience difficulties or negation. The road ahead of you will not be easy. There will be distractions, attractions and eerie transactions. Simple goals like going on a diet could last for a few days and disappear from your plate or palate forever. Complex goals like amassing a fortune can be equally hard. To meet your New Year with the least amount of problems you must beware of the snake, watch out for fakes and be ready to put on the brakes when the time comes. Snakes come in all shapes and sizes. They lure you to your doom and groom you till you are gloom. Watch out too for the common fakes that are like pseudo friends who portray friendship as genuine but deep down have a plan to make your dreams fall apart. I encountered many of these fakes friends in my life that want to rake in your fortune for themselves. You need to know also when to stop. You need to master the art of stopping. You need to stop when danger is at the forefront of your daily endeavours. You need to stop the financial hoodlums from sapping you, slapping you, strapping you and trapping you. You need to know when to say no. if it is too good to be true then it is not true at all. Don’t accelerate into something that looks too enticing. Just slam on the brakes and wait a few moments until you are able to grasp and understand the situation. 

Sunday 14 December 2014

Friendship - The Ultimate Key to your Success

‘Love everyone. Start strengthening your bond with those that are close to you. Every piece of the friendship puzzle is vital to your overall success.’
Quote of the day
‘The Friendship puzzle is a vital link to your Success. Without Friendship life is lonely. Without Friendship there is no support. Friendship is a solid bond between one or more people. You have an incredibly long road to reach a target friendship of 7 billion, it is worth the journey.’

Dear Friends, one of the greatest mistakes we make is that we broaden the bandwidth of our enemies and narrow the bandwidth of our friends. Enemies will always be our adversaries blocking our progress in 2015. Enemies will always be our competitors pushing us away from our dreams. Enemies will appear as pseudo friends misleading, misguiding and misadvising us. Friendship on the other changes this. Friendship is about networking true friends in a real world where support, help and advice can readily be extracted. Friendship is the key to success. Friendship is the key to unleashing your goals for the New Year. I call this picture in the hearts of lonely souls a Friendship Puzzle. Friendship Puzzles comes in many pieces from just 2 to 7 billion. To start your friendship puzzle you need love. Love is a genuine affection that create genuine friends. Love shows that you are genuine. Love is tender, emotional and passionate. Love shows that you care, share and remain fair and all you require is care, share and fairness from your friends. Love moves mountains that blocks our vision and fills the oceans with freshness that adversaries pollute. Love is like a bond that unites people together and makes the Friendship Puzzle more clear and complete. Every human being alive should be your friend and should remain as your friends. Every human being forms a vital link to our survival and as we receive we should equally give. Every friend holds a magic crystal that gives a burst of happiness and a sparkle of hope. Make friends and not enemies and watch how your life will grow and grow. 

Saturday 13 December 2014

Moderation and Consideration for 2015

There is consideration and moderation to be considered when implementing a strategy’
Quote of the day
‘Every New Year or a new beginning must be met with eloquent grace, a warming embrace and a steady pace. In other words you must apply moderation and consideration before committing to a goal or resolution.’

One of the easiest things to do is to commit to something on a personal level. It is easy because you are making a pact with yourself and not with someone else or an institution or organisation. When you make a pact with yourself you don’t mind if the pact is broken. Commonly we say on New Year’s Eve I will go on a strict diet from tomorrow. You make this pact with yourself but have no real intention to commit to it. The common result is your resolution fades away before it could even start. As usual I already made firm resolutions for the New Year and I did make a pact with myself. I did this weeks ago, instead of on New Year's Eve. This pact with myself is bounded with a firm promise. It is a promise and agreement illustrating that I will conquer my goals or resolutions in a given time. I already matched my finances with my strategies and took on resolutions that are realistic, holistic, logistic, simplistic and optimistic. The pact between myself will to be honoured simply because I believe in me. I believe that I have a fundamental purpose in life to do well and to be altruistic in everything that I do, say or even think. To do this I must be able to meet 2015 with eloquent grace, a warming embrace and a steady pace. To have eloquent grace I need to be refine, kind and divine. I need to embrace the New Year with goodness in my heart, honesty in my mind and virtuosity in my actions. I need to realise that whatever I want to do in 2015 must be done at a steady pace. I must realise that every workload has a time segment attached to it. In other words in order for me to honour my personal pact I need to be moderate and considerate in my heart, my thoughts and my actions. My predetermined goals must be realistic, tailored according to my capabilities and abilities. My goals must be holistic and not just highlighting a segment of my life. It must be as a whole taking into account everything that I do, think or say.  I need to be logistic exercising sense and sensibility in all my predetermined goals. I need to be simplistic as well reaching for goals that are not too complex or too fragile. I need to be optimistic as well, catering for possibilities that my goals may become rather slow or struggling. I cannot give up, I know that I MUST try again and again. This attitude has worked for me before and I know that it will work again. I also know that if you follow my footsteps you too will be successful and prosperous.

Friday 12 December 2014

Always match your strategy with your finances

‘You must match your strategies with your finances, from little projects to overwhelming ones.’
Quote of the day

‘Every strategy in life works if there is a counterstrategy in place, if not then catastrophe stands next in line’

Creating Resolutions for the New Year is something that is not taken seriously by most of us, including myself especially in the years gone by. I lacked confidence in myself and did not have faith in people that I associated with. As a result Resolutions have become more of a fad than a novelty. Resolutions tend to conjure up visions in people to effectively make changes in their lives for the betterment of their living standards but the passion and desire stops after the first few days after New Year. It is an annual practise that we all verbally commit to, usually on the 31st of December without any thought or predetermined plans. When the clock strikes New Year we celebrate, we rejoice and then forget completely about our resolutions. One of the noted areas of failure is when one chooses unwisely over what they effectively need to change. They choose a project, a goal or a resolution without carefully thinking of the finances involved in that particular strategy. They simply do not match their finances with their strategies and finally when New Year arrives they do not know what to do. Some people subscribe to diet plans, weight loss programs, correspondences courses and a whole lot more. At the end of the day, when they have to pay for these subscriptions and prescriptions they realise that they no longer have the passion and desire to lose weight, gain wealth or live in prosperity. They soon get back on the band wagon and carry on in the New Year with similar patterns like the previous year. Dear Friends finding out what changes you need to make in your life comes from within you. Only YOU can see, feel, touch and experience the problems that vexes you. Resolutions are absolutions. They detach you from the perils of confinements. Once you know your confinements be it wealth, health or any of the disengagements that entangles you, write it down. It maybe just one problems or many problems. Writing it down makes you realise what needs to be done to make changes to your life. It is like getting a quotation. Can you afford it? Do you have the time to commit to it? Can you match your strategy with your finances? Some strategies could be miniscule such as changing from white to brown flour to help you reduce weight. Brown bread and rice is a bit more expensive that white bread and rice. Other strategies could be larger such as opening a MacDonald’s Franchise. To commit to resolutions you need time and you need money. You are the only judge for that. You may need more time than money or vice versa, once committed stick to it and you will be amazed with the results.

Wednesday 10 December 2014

You need to identify your weaknesses and in turn strengthen them with all your might and energies.

You need to identify your weaknesses and in turn strengthen them with all your might and energies.
Quote of the day
‘Weaknesses can best described as our blatant flaws incurred over the decades, characterised by our obvious feebleness in making decisions and our softness in confronting adversaries. These constitute our limitations in life and to overcome them we need to develop our strength.’

A weakness in an individual can be quite debilitating. When we are weak we do not perform according to our abilities. When we are weak we often feel tired before even starting our day. We feel mentally drained. We often have a negative outlook to our day, with premonitions that our day will be bad. Our outlook to our future is equally despondent and incapacitating. Our weaknesses is often portrayed in our stance, our expressions and in our speech. People latch onto these weaknesses and then casually take advantage of us. This is something that we need to put a stop to. But how, you may well ask? How do we develop strengths when we are obviously so weak. The question to ask yourself how you can lift a pocket of potatoes when you struggle to peel a single potato. It all starts with a bit of patience. Patience is a true virtuosity of a successful meritocratic individual. Like a seed patience takes time to cultivate. Fortunately time is something that we have a lot of. To cultivate patience you need to understand the true meaning of the word patience. Similarly to cultivate a seed you need to know a little bit about the seed. You cannot plant a daffodil bulb in November and expect to see a flowering plant in January, the following year. You need to exercise patience. You need to endure the time period for growth and development. You need to be tolerant over unforeseen setbacks. You need to be persistent despite distractions that come in front of you. You need to have the staying power and stamina to see your goals through. This is what patience is all about. Knowledge forms the basic foundation to your start. Knowing when to sow will tell you when to reap. This comes from knowledge. Knowledge comes from above. To determine what your weaknesses are you need to extrapolate key and distinct flaws in your character. What is it that holds you back? What is your fear? What makes someone more successful than you? Why aren’t you doing something about it? Is it fear that holds you back? Are you afraid to venture forward and prefer to be stuck in the same old rut again and again. You need to be like the seed. You need power and your body certainly holds that. You need a forte of stronger points that overcomes the weaker ones. You need to be forceful and assertive and make inanimate objects move away from your positional state. You need to tone your muscles to make them perform at their level best. You need to be metier. You need to concentrate on the next second and contemplate on the previous one and vice versa. You need to develop vigour in your blood that drives you to overcome your weaknesses. This is the clear cut steeping stones for you. 

Tuesday 9 December 2014

Have 5 a day, not just in the goodness of foods but in the fondness of your moods

‘Have 5 a day, not just in the goodness of foods but in the fondness of your moods.’
Quote of the day
‘5 a day makes you sway, gay and play. 5 a day boosts your moods and makes you feel excessively good. 5 a day is like rays of sunshine so full of brightness and so delight with kindness.’

Five foods that changes your lifestyle and reduces unnecessary and unwanted fats are commonly known as broccoli, blueberries, flax seeds, spinach and beans. Flax seeds for example contain high levels of fibre and are known to lower cholesterol. What would you say are 5 things like food that you could consume that will create incredibly good moods? Over the years I asked this question over and over again and the inference was:
Laughter, Enthusiasm, Energy, Friendliness and Spirituality.
Laughter brings about harmony within and outside of our mind and our body. Laughter is about generating true happiness. Laughter is the Faculty of Merriment, enjoyment and Glee. Laughter is the converse of sadness. It brings joy to your heart and brighten your day.
Enthusiasm is an individual’s passion and desire to execute a dream, idea or hobby from start to finish. It is their eagerness that wants to soar above 100% and burst out from their minds into a reality. Eagerness makes an individual’s world less surreal and more real. Enthusiasm makes you get up each day with a purpose in life, to make you deliver your best in every possible situation.
Energy comes from foods which we have highlighted before. Good sources of energy gets the job done professionally, academically and honestly. Eating well in daily does of balanced moderation and careful consideration for those around you promotes good energy. Energy is your vigour and can be tweaked to push you through unparalleled limits. Energy makes you operate like a dynamo, silently but yet so progressively.
Friendliness should be your trademark to success. Friendliness illustrates that you are easy-going, likeable, approachable, kind, gentle, honest, sincere, special, loving, generous, charitable, sociable, unselfish, wise, talented, exceptional and devout. Friendliness creates harmony in your home, streets, city and country. Friendliness reduces enemies.
Spirituality is about believing and about serving. Spirituality holds the key to your future and your eternal life. A prayer a day helps you make the most of your day. A prayer is like a song that chimes a millions pertinent words to rid the meanness of life and to establish the greenness of the outdoors. Spirituality is a vital intake in your life, it opens new doors and closes unwanted ones.
Like the 5 foods you need these 5 words in your system day in and day out. You need to practise it, you need to implement it and you need to respect it. Consume these potent words daily and see how enriched your life will become. 5 words a day will certainly make you sway, gay and play. 5 words a day will make you joyous filled with an encore of love and happiness. 5 words a day shall brighten your day like the rays of sunshine over the horizon and above the ocean floor.