Tuesday 2 December 2014

Become a Member in December

‘Become a Member in December’
Quote of the day
‘To become a Member in December of Universally Friendly is to support the concept of caring, sharing and remaining fair. To care, to share and to remain fair exhibits your true potential as a human being to love your fellowman and women unconditionally and for eternity.’

To become a Member of Universally Friendly is probably the simplest application you have ever filled out. It is simple because there is nothing for you to fill out but just three things for you to do. The first is to care. To care is to show a genuine interest in yourself and in someone else. To care is to illustrate your thoughtfulness over some else’s welfare, physical or mental condition and to be supportive when they need help. It is this pensiveness character that you need to become Universally Friendly. It is not easy to do considering that you have to care for yourself and your family. Caring creates a solid foundation for you to branch out into the complexity of life and in the simplicity of living it. The second is to share. To share is to distribute your wealth according to your innermost calling. Giving out to those that need it so desperately is a tremendous blessing. Donations are quite common but they need to be consistent and done with good intentions. Sharing is a unique character that a person develops and builds on that to create the first step along their journey to success. From a strong foundation creating the first step is a lot easier. You cannot say I share and then don’t care. You have to care before you can share. The Third thing to do is to be fair. A fair person is always reasonable and keeps an open mind. A fair person does not discriminate another individual but looks at them impartially. A fair person will always stand out in the crowd and can be seen as a timid, quiet and rational person. A fair person is generally good, obviously honest and pleasant to the core. With a strong foundation any further steps towards your golden goals will always be sturdy, progressive and successful. Life is about building strong foundations. Foundations forms the basis of all your rudimentary preparatory plans. A solid foundation will sustain any steps you make in life. It will encourage you, it will inspire you and it will motivate you to take action. Please become a Member in December. Follow these three basic words and watch how easy it is for people to understand you, irrespective of their vernacular. Call out to those that need help. Listen to the meek, the weak and the suppressed. Be fair in any situation in life, it just takes 100% patience and 0% impatience. Have a lovely evening, it belongs to you. It is your reward for caring, sharing and remaining fair.

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