Saturday 13 December 2014

Moderation and Consideration for 2015

There is consideration and moderation to be considered when implementing a strategy’
Quote of the day
‘Every New Year or a new beginning must be met with eloquent grace, a warming embrace and a steady pace. In other words you must apply moderation and consideration before committing to a goal or resolution.’

One of the easiest things to do is to commit to something on a personal level. It is easy because you are making a pact with yourself and not with someone else or an institution or organisation. When you make a pact with yourself you don’t mind if the pact is broken. Commonly we say on New Year’s Eve I will go on a strict diet from tomorrow. You make this pact with yourself but have no real intention to commit to it. The common result is your resolution fades away before it could even start. As usual I already made firm resolutions for the New Year and I did make a pact with myself. I did this weeks ago, instead of on New Year's Eve. This pact with myself is bounded with a firm promise. It is a promise and agreement illustrating that I will conquer my goals or resolutions in a given time. I already matched my finances with my strategies and took on resolutions that are realistic, holistic, logistic, simplistic and optimistic. The pact between myself will to be honoured simply because I believe in me. I believe that I have a fundamental purpose in life to do well and to be altruistic in everything that I do, say or even think. To do this I must be able to meet 2015 with eloquent grace, a warming embrace and a steady pace. To have eloquent grace I need to be refine, kind and divine. I need to embrace the New Year with goodness in my heart, honesty in my mind and virtuosity in my actions. I need to realise that whatever I want to do in 2015 must be done at a steady pace. I must realise that every workload has a time segment attached to it. In other words in order for me to honour my personal pact I need to be moderate and considerate in my heart, my thoughts and my actions. My predetermined goals must be realistic, tailored according to my capabilities and abilities. My goals must be holistic and not just highlighting a segment of my life. It must be as a whole taking into account everything that I do, think or say.  I need to be logistic exercising sense and sensibility in all my predetermined goals. I need to be simplistic as well reaching for goals that are not too complex or too fragile. I need to be optimistic as well, catering for possibilities that my goals may become rather slow or struggling. I cannot give up, I know that I MUST try again and again. This attitude has worked for me before and I know that it will work again. I also know that if you follow my footsteps you too will be successful and prosperous.

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