Thursday 18 December 2014

Smile for a Mile

Smile for a Mile
‘Always carry a smile not just for a while but for the duration of a mile and in complete style.’
Quote of the day
‘A smile a day keeps you all bright and gay. A smile is worth your while and keeps you compiled. A smile should be as long as the Nile and as beautiful as the lilies of the Nile.’

Taking on 2015 with an arduous attitude will never see you through. You will meet difficulties on a daily basis, you will work laboriously day in and day out with no visible or viable results. Your day will be strenuous at work as well as at home. You will feel tired and you will just want to be left alone. To overcome this you need to change your mind-set and bring out the best in you. The best in you is all about the rest of you. A smile extenuates exactly that. A smile a day makes you bright and gay. It makes the world see that you are well, cheerful, happy and ready to take and make the right actions and decisions. A smile a day makes you shine like the lilies of the Nile, so colourful and so pretty. People often latch onto a smile and carry this image of you with them. They think about you all the time and try to emulate your exactness. A smile generates an aura of perfection and people generally want to sniff the chemistry around you. A smile makes friends and a smile eliminates enemies. A smile sends a message of hope that scents the air with your distinct persona. A smile brings home a cluster of fond memories. A smile is always worth your while for you can see the warmth that it carries with it.  A smile renders you with a unique style that becomes your trait throughout your life on Earth. A smile is compiled of friendliness, homeliness, togetherness and lovingness. A smile can beguile you like a mysterious calling from an old acquaintance or a long lost memory. A smile brings forth what the subconscious mind is thinking. A smile makes you less hostile and creates a profound profile of you. A smile is as long as the Nile meandering through miles of historic news to be learnt from and to be guided upon and beyond. Don’t take on 2015 without the appearance of a smile for you shall stick to older styles and ignore newer styles. A smile can make 2015 a pivotal turning point in your life, in your career and in your retirement. A smile can send of millions of messages each carrying a distinct sound of hope, courage and faith. A smile is so versatile that you do not have to utter a word or a syllable because your smile can speak in so many different accents, tones and languages. A smile illustrates a person’s happiness, joy and laughter. The more constant a smile is the more content a person is. Do having a smiling life in 2015. Let your smiles capture your files and compile them into real goals and noted resolutions. Never ever take on 2015 without a smile!

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