Friday 26 December 2014

Give a little, get a lot

‘Give a little, get a lot’
Quote of the day
‘So many gifts, so much of food. Start giving some away to those that did not get any gifts and for those that hunger.’

356 days is about to pass. 30, 153,600 seconds has already past you. Now the New Year awaits you with open arms. The Earth is about to make another majestic trip around the Sun, and on board this celestial craft amongst 7 billion other cosmonauts is you. Can your celestial journey in 2015 be acknowledged as one of a great humane sacrifice? By this I mean are you willing to go the extra mile with a constant smile. You have learnt the perils of life in years gone by either through personal experiences or by knowing someone that shared a calamity or two in their celestial journey around the Sun. It is indeed a journey of immense sacrifice because apart from seeing to your needs you also have to be familiar with the needs of others. It is hard and it is certainly not easy. If you are in need you expect some form of feed. That is also hard because man is full of greed. He thinks of himself and not of others. A greedy man calculates his assets in dollars and cents and hoards all his assets in a secret cove. Success will never be a happy one for you if you are studded with greed. You need to be a lot more liberal in 2015. You need to give and to take just enough for your own survival. You need to pace the Earth with acts of good and worthy deeds. You need to care about the forest, about the ocean floor and the flora and fauna that occupies it. You need to acknowledge that hunger, poverty and diseases still exist in the modern technological world. You need to give back a part of your salary that you feel comfortable with to those that need a helping hand. You need to shine the torch to those that are weak and feeble in their actions. Starting 2015 with an altruistic approach will render you with solid crates of worthy rewards that befits your personal lifestyle. Life is a challenge but living it should be a personal challenge. As we near the end of 2015 I want you to write down your goals or resolutions again and see if some of them include catering for the needs of others. If not, please include them in your journal to carry with you on your new celestial journey around the Sun.

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