Tuesday 23 December 2014

Freeze your Disease and use your expertise like a trapeze

‘Freeze your disease and use your expertise like a trapeze.’
Quote of the day
‘Hope is a restitution to cope during difficult times. Difficult times is like a debilitating disease sapping your energy reserves and making you feel inadequate and unable to cope with life.’

Can you recall the 1st of January 2014. Was it just another day or did it blossom into another wonderful year for you? Many of us will admit that the spirit of a New Year will always been there. There is rejoice, there is celebration and there is laughter. This generally wears out as soon as the concept of the daily grind sets in. Resolutions become weaker when they were stronger at the end of 2013. We commit but then we quit. Can you admit to this? Can you wholly say that your resolutions worked 100%? This is the sole purpose of my motivational articles. It is to get you to 100%. It is to cure you from debilitating diseases and make you pure and sure. How do successful people become successful? They do things the right way. They are energetic, they are magnetic, they are genetic and they are athletic. These quadruple qualities makes them free form debilitating diseases. They eat well and they feel well. They learn before they earn. They gain passion with compassion. They have the desire to be on fire for their entire working life until they retire. I say freeze your debilitating diseases right away and develop the expertise like a trapeze artist that practices and practises until they get it right. Dear Friends I urge you to have hope in all that you do. I pray sincerely for you to be cured from any debilitating diseases that you may incurred over the years. I hope that you will be pure and sure about yourself from the first day in January 2015 to the last day in December 2015. This is the mind-set to victory. This is victory with the right attitude, this is how you make a New Year become a successful one.

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