Saturday 20 December 2014

No matter how hard I try to please people, it seems very few try to please me.’
Quote of the day
‘To please is the virtue of every human being to fill a distinct lattice that lacks joy, delight, contentment and satisfaction in another human being.’

Dear Friends how promising our lives are when we care constantly, share indefinitely and be fair amongst the fairest of all. To exhibit these fine qualities can be quite a task but nevertheless it has to be done for it is a great virtuosity of any human being alive today, and that is to please. We sometimes become disgruntled when other people do not acknowledge the good that we do for them. A Bus Driver feels ignored despite waiting for a passenger who shows no appreciation for his gesture of good will.  A motorist feels disappointed that a fellow motorist does not appreciate his or her courtesy. A child shows no remorse for the penance that she or he made. Life seems so filled with disappointments. Disappointments are constantly made whist appointments are constantly been broken. I say onto you do what you can do to the best of your ability but don’t expect any rewards for the good that you. However you’re Heavenly Father watches constantly over you and knows the good that you do and keeps your treasures in heaven. Dear Friends don’t let any inhibition come your way be it a suspicion, an admission, an inquisition or a supposition. Just propel forward knowing that you are a human being functioning to be humane at all times. Exercise the principle of doing well. Do everything right and you shall be assured that nothing will ever go wrong. Please people all the time even though they show little or no signs of appreciation. Go the extra mile and do more and more and still expect nothing in return. You must exercise altruistic values in your portfolio. You must give generously. You must donate with a smile and with a good heart. You must exercise friendliness despite the unfriendliness of the millions out there that are too absorbed in their own affairs. You must shine a beacon to show others how to please. It is a symbol of altruism that can catch on quite quickly. Make the most of your life. Live it, enjoy, it, share some of your wealth and demonstrate openly how important it is to remain healthy. Do these things with sincerity and watch how 2015 shall be for you and your new friends. In conclusion, I say be grateful for the good things that you have in life, leave something behind for someone else. Don’t hog all your treasures in a cove but instead await your treasures in heaven that do not depreciate, rust or get stolen

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