Friday 19 December 2014


Quote of the day
‘Don’t separate man or woman, child or infant. Don’t categorise nations, relations or organisations. Don’t distinguish rich from poor, weak from strong and bad from good.’

The word DISCRIMINATE holds 12 magical words that will assist you in 2015 if you implement them with confidence. These magical words like a rabbit from a hat will transform your life into a melody of achievements. It will make each day in 2015 worthwhile, accomplished and fulfilled. It will rid your bank arrears into credit. It will shed the fat form under your skin. It will break barriers that inhibit your progress. It will lengthen your life. It will create health, wealth and prosperity for you and for your family. It will enrich you with new friends and reunite you with old acquaintances. It will transform your ventures into great adventures. It will create accolades for you that you could never imagined before. It will shine a glow from every aperture in your home that will get the neighbours curious. It will dust the cobwebs from under your nose and you shall breathe in the freshness of a New Year like never before. Today is the story of 12 power words for you to print off and keep in your heart, to use when there is darkness in front of you. Take heed of these words for if you neglect to implement them then 2015 will be just another year when the earth shall make a long journey around the Sun feeling stressed yet again holding the torment of man beneath its crust. The following 12 potent words are your tools for success – please don’t DISCRIMINATE!

·Discriminate - Don’t separate man or woman, child or infant. Don’t categorise nations, relations or organisations. Don’t distinguish rich from poor, weak from strong and bad form good
·Incriminate – Don’t blame someone else, you cannot be the judge, juror and executor to other people affairs when you should focus on your own affairs.
· Segregate – Don’t segregate, separate or keep apart people from being people. Give others an equal chance in the same way that you require a similar chance.
· Complicate – Don’t take easy resolutions and make them complex ones and don’t take on complex resolutions that you know you cannot accomplish.
·Relegate – Don’t downgrade another human being that has an equal chance to make 2015 an important and significant year for them.
·Instigate – Don’t look for trouble when there isn't any. Move away from trouble whenever it is initiated.
·Manipulate – Don’t take control of someone by being arrogant, forceful or manipulative. Treat everyone fairly as you would expect others to treat you.
·Interrogate – Don’t make people feel low, unwanted and rejected by interrogation, cross-examination or quizzing.
·Negate – Don’t contradict someone, disprove a suggestion, deny a complement, refuse someone a gesture of goodwill or exclude someone from entering.
·Abdicate – Don’t give up on your abilities to make a success of your life. Start 2015 feeling positive and determined.
·Terminate – Don’t terminate a project that you have started, don’t terminate a friendship that you cultivated and sack someone for the fun of it.
·Eradicate – Don’t destroy the goodness that Mother Nature provides. Don’t remove the goodness from the Earth and discard it into the fiery furnace.

I say onto you and verily too that if you follow the above criteria for eventual success you will be astounded by the results that you will achieve in the first day of your implementation. It is important to follow the above even though sometimes it is hard to swallow or at times when you suddenly wallow. Just persevere. Hold onto tightly to these magical, profound and potent words in your heart and unleash them when the moment comes.

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