Wednesday 24 December 2014

The Glory of Christmas

‘The Glory of Christmas’
Quote of the day
‘Christmas brings hope for you and miracles for all. Christmas creates walkways in space and portholes to heavens.’

Christmas 2015 stands along the horizon of a new day shining its true meaning into your heart. It brings the goodness of hope and the wonders of miracles with it. Like sunshine that warms your body let Christmas warm your heart with a resonance of positivity and a breath of awe and astonishment. Dear Friends, the meaning of Christmas plays a pivotal role in your life. Not only is it the annual celebration by billions of people around the world of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ but it is also the nativity of hope for everyone that has no hope or the lack of it. Hope is faith and faith is confidence. Faith is belief in life and in the life of our Lord. Faith changes the concept of everything and reinstates sanity in man and woman. Faith is a driving force that creates miracles. It gives sight to those that are blinded with knowledge. It gives speech to those that are deafened with logic. A miracle for you is awaiting in the appearance of tomorrow. You need to believe and you need to believe in yourself. You need to look at the New Year in a new light. You need to mould a pattern for you that will take shape in a clear tone that will make sense out of folly. Nothing will stop you from becoming a successful individual. The greatest inhibitor in your life is you. Without faith you have no belief and without any belief you will have no confidence. I say onto you and verily too let Christmas bring a spark in your dying flame of success and fulfilment. Let merriment become a natural phenomenon in your daily task and let everything that you touch turn into a miracle of working wonders. Let no man or woman make you feel otherwise. Never feel that you are not entitled to a fair life. Fairness is a trademark of the real meaning of Christmas. Let your hands hold onto tight to your vision and when The New Year is dawn let your hands coordinate with your feet and make your vision a highlight in human history. Let Christmas Eve be a reminder of the true importance of the Celebration of Christmas. As mass begins at midnight ensure that you are in front of the altar praying with solemnity. Give praise to Almighty GOD and let the new dawn in your life set sail.

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