Monday 29 December 2014

Newton's 3rd Law of Motion

Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion

Quote of the day
‘To every action is an equal and opposite reaction. To every resolution there will always be an equal and opposite dissolution.’

Newton’s Laws of Motion are so vital for the balance of our lives like objects we too need those governing Laws that keeps us on the ground and off the ground. Newton said that to every action there will be an equal and opposite reaction. Therefore to every resolution you make there will be an opposing dissolution that will want to oppose your moment of success and stardom. This force is something we need to be aware of and to learn how to overcome it. Resolutions are born on the 1st of January each year but are dissolved or crushed before they can become real. It is like someone trying to stop you from being healthy, wealthy and prosperous. Who would want to do that? Who would want to stop you from reaching the pinnacle of your personal success? Do People actually do this? Why is there a constant rift between man and man? Rifts have been around for centuries. Lives have been lost and children have been forgotten. Hearts have been broken and the start to new beginnings have come to a halt. Men go to war for no real apparent reason. Anger breaks homes, violates international laws, and demonises the meek and the weak, shifts assets to a few, multiplies poverty and risk the livelihood of international peace. Yes, this opposing force has been around, don’t just take my word but just flick through the media and you will see it happening constantly in the modern world. Now that you know that it is there at least you can be aware. As you open your curtains or your front door be careful for the scent of evil wants to enter. Pray earnestly, pray daily, be in communion with the Lord and seek shelter from the swelter. Hold the hands of loved ones and keep a watchful eye on them. Go about your day but keep the cards to your chest. Don’t just take a daily dose of your medication but live with a daily dose of anticipation. Anticipate possibilities and expect the worst when impossibilities strikes your front door. Don’t expect snow but be prepared for it. Don’t assume the weather, whether it is cold or hot just be prepared for adversities and changes that have come and gone. Don’t eat the fruit without washing it and you. Smell foods and reject bad foods that inhibit your source of judgement. Keep in touch with those that have lost their touch. Create sparkles of joy by your remarkable zest to live rather than wallow in the darkness where the opposing force awaits you. Be good, exercise good deeds, be patient, exercise patience, be generous and give liberally without falter or hesitation. Give blood, give life, give kindness and give gentleness. Be like the bud that blossoms into the colour of the world. Be active and less inactive. Be occupied rather than unoccupied. Care for those that once cared for you. Carry your goals in your hands and hold them firmly until they blossom like cherries in summer. Never give up on hope. Hope is like the trees that shed their leaves in autumn. They do not pine and whine for they know well that new leaves will come in spring the following year. Trust in Almighty GOD. Don’t walk alone, walk with the phone ready to dial the right tone when trouble lurks. Better still walk with a friend that is willing to spend their time with you and defend you when trouble stands between you and success. Deliver your goals to the world and stay in control of your life. Don’t leave your life in the control of someone else. Love you all but love yourself too. Love is a binding gel that can set permanently or dissolve unexpectedly. Love is just a four letter word but has the power to bond 7 billion people into a strong human race.

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