Sunday 7 December 2014

The Differences between Laws and Rules

Laws and Rules – What is the difference
Quote of the day
‘Laws are for confirmation and not complication. Rules on the other hand are for one’s contemplation and certainly not for one’s aggravation.’

Laws have been laid down in specific commands in various faculties over the years. Laws are meant to confirm before following. Confirmation is about validation that has been approved and endorsed before implementing. A driver for example confirms that the speed limit in urban areas is 30mphs but does he or she follow this to the T. Laws are really for confirmation and not complication. We may disagree and feel that the speed limit should be higher whereas some may feel it should be lower. It is really a process of ratification. Laws are decrees that governs the affairs of people to live civil in a civilised country. Rules on the other are specific and constitute methods, instructions or guidelines for people to follow in niche areas of their lives. The rules to bake is pertinent to a baker or someone baking at home or as a home industries business. These rules are not applicable to people that do not engage in baking. This is applicable to all rules. Rules are generally for instance contemplation. So, if you wanted to become a Baker you could contemplate the scenario and observe someone like your Mum baking and copy the idea. It is a process of consideration and is not intended to aggravate you in anyway. If you feel that you become aggravated easily because of the results of your input than perhaps Baking is not meant for you. All ideas develop if you have passion and desire in you rather than in someone else. A few days ago I spoke about the Laws of Success. Following these Laws are vital to your overall success. However if you needed to succeed in a specific niche area than you need to follow the rules of that specific niche. Driving has its rules and regulations, so does baking, carpentry, electronics and the various categories that make up the employment sector of our lives. What would you think precedes Laws and Rules? This would be knowledge. Knowledge is from above. It is derived from the Opulence of The Universe. It is free and it is available for all. If you are sick and your GP cures you, do you give credit to your GP or do you give credit to the miracle of our Heavenly Father. The doctor performs his service and gets paid to do so, however he or she gets their knowledge from The Universe, the laboratory of our Heavenly Father. So when we get cured, instead of offering praise to our Heavenly Father we just acknowledge the Doctor who treated us. You need to change your entire concept of your life which is a miracle in itself. If you want to succeed seek knowledge first. Then follow this by abiding by Laws from daybreak to dusk and follow rules for specific areas of employment. Throw in enjoyment to the equation and you have the perfect recipe to succeed.

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