Sunday 14 December 2014

Friendship - The Ultimate Key to your Success

‘Love everyone. Start strengthening your bond with those that are close to you. Every piece of the friendship puzzle is vital to your overall success.’
Quote of the day
‘The Friendship puzzle is a vital link to your Success. Without Friendship life is lonely. Without Friendship there is no support. Friendship is a solid bond between one or more people. You have an incredibly long road to reach a target friendship of 7 billion, it is worth the journey.’

Dear Friends, one of the greatest mistakes we make is that we broaden the bandwidth of our enemies and narrow the bandwidth of our friends. Enemies will always be our adversaries blocking our progress in 2015. Enemies will always be our competitors pushing us away from our dreams. Enemies will appear as pseudo friends misleading, misguiding and misadvising us. Friendship on the other changes this. Friendship is about networking true friends in a real world where support, help and advice can readily be extracted. Friendship is the key to success. Friendship is the key to unleashing your goals for the New Year. I call this picture in the hearts of lonely souls a Friendship Puzzle. Friendship Puzzles comes in many pieces from just 2 to 7 billion. To start your friendship puzzle you need love. Love is a genuine affection that create genuine friends. Love shows that you are genuine. Love is tender, emotional and passionate. Love shows that you care, share and remain fair and all you require is care, share and fairness from your friends. Love moves mountains that blocks our vision and fills the oceans with freshness that adversaries pollute. Love is like a bond that unites people together and makes the Friendship Puzzle more clear and complete. Every human being alive should be your friend and should remain as your friends. Every human being forms a vital link to our survival and as we receive we should equally give. Every friend holds a magic crystal that gives a burst of happiness and a sparkle of hope. Make friends and not enemies and watch how your life will grow and grow. 

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