Friday 5 December 2014

The Flaws of Success

‘The Flaws of Success’
Quote of the day
‘All great men and women look at their failures as a stepping stone to success. They rationalise their failures by understanding exactly what went wrong and then start all over again. It is like a game of snakes and ladders, once bitten twice shy.’

It is often sad to see hard work turn into wasted time and in some cases loss of money. We all try hard, day in and day out. Some of us try much harder than others. We seek the best in us to establish good health, ample wealth and prosperity. Only a certain percentage of the population seem to find the right Chemistry to do just that. Why is it that we all struggle to become successful? Today I list ten possibilities that often make us lose hope. Does any of the following possibilities makes your life a common impossibility?

No matter how hard I try to please people, it seems very few try to please me.
I want to become financially wealthy but I lack the ability to do it.  
I have a debilitating disease, is there any hope for me? 
I receive so much of junk mail through the Post or by email claiming to make me fortunes, is it a hoax or is it a joke. 
I have been made redundant. There are no further opportunities in my field, what can I possibly do? 
I feel a certain level of insecurity when I walk down the street. I am not sure if I will be attacked, abused or ridiculed.  
My life has always been a financial tragedy. I never found stability at work or at home. Do I have a chance to make 2015 my year for change? 
I have quite a few skills especially in making products but I seem to lack the marketing ability to succeed in selling them.
 I always seem to be unlucky. I never get a promotion, a pay rise, incentives, a company car or a 13th cheque.  
I have been to seminars, webinars, boot camps, studied by correspondence, bought bestselling books but the secret of success still daunts me.

On one side of the coin you have 10 valid Laws to create overwhelming success which we discussed yesterday, whilst on the other side of the coin there is the common cause for flaws that create common failures. These have been listed above. We all are capable of hard work but somehow we tend to fall in the snare of common flaws. Meritocratic Goal Settings look at failures as a stepping stone towards success. They acknowledge failures in life and move on, wasting no further time. For the next 20 days we will look at each law and flaw, all 20 of them and try to understand the importance of making crucial decisions in your life that does not consume your time, energy and resources.

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