Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Gain Success without Pain

They often say no pain, no gain. I say you can make every gain without any pain by using your brain to attain all your humane goals.
Quote of the day
‘We often want big things in life but are sometimes not willing to go the extra mile. We feel that we will be hurt and that there will be pain. I say onto you success starts small like Christmas and ends quite big in just 2000 years.

You do not have to move mountains to create valleys, let nature take care of that. You do not have to break the bank to reach a million, honest work will do just fine. You do not have to fast to win the lotto you just need to stick to a solid motto. Many people confuse hard work and success.  Hard work gives you something at the end of the day but success gives you a lot more. Hard work will eventually move the mountain but success creates mountains, valleys, dunes and clefts. Dear friends whatever your goals are think first over them and then tally the ground work needed to get started. Calculate your timeframe and deliver with your body frame. Use your mind to judge and your body to nudge. Think big, think about today, about tomorrow and about the rest of your life. Think about how much you will need to live, to entertain, to study, to venture out and to cultivate family and friends. Now use your body to deliver but not through punishment but instead through accomplishment. Think big, think beyond the rainbow. Think within the box and think beyond the box. Think of possibilities and think of impossibilities. Think about hardships and about possible partnerships. Think about your needs and about their needs. Think not just for one but for all. Think about the hungry and compare them to the ones that are full. Think about yourself, are you going to be hungry? Think about the rich and compare them to the poor. What are the real differences? Did the rich get richer with pain and are the poor living in pain? Life is fair and not an affair. Man is not fair and confuses work and success.Every individual has the right to an equal life, differing only by their individual choices. Whatever your choices are you need to just think about them first to see if it is something that you really want and then use your body to get it. Do it without punishing yourself. Do it with accomplishment by enjoying every second of it. You can make 2015 your victorious year. It is all about mental calculation and physical translation. It is about moving objects form one point to another with a point. It is about getting on your feet and staying on your feet. It is about that inner feeling to know that you got it right, you have achieved it and made something out of nothing and without hurting yourself or hurting someone else.

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