Friday 31 October 2014

‘Farewell to an Old Period and welcome to a new one.’

Quote of the day

 ’All things that are good somehow seems to fade away into oblivion. Keeping the memories of the good days helps to generate new light to the future in a similar fashion.’

Dear Friends, welcome to the final day of October 2014. October was a very touching month for me. In that period of time I wrote 31 articles with inspiring content to help me and you improve our lives in a world that has gone a bit bizarre. I say bizarre because people are making it bizarre despite our attempts to live a life that is fulfilling and challenging. Going back twenty years ago I would never have dreamt that I could tap into The Universe and pluck fresh from its source inspiration that will help fire my day and inspire my life. Today as I pen these words I know that tomorrow awaits me with good moments, dull moments and bad moments even though I am determined to keep trying to do well in all aspects of my life. One of the key features to promote my day is to constantly think of the good memories of my life that I hold in my mind ready to delve into should I feel a sense of remorse, dismay or sad. It is hard to say farewell to fond memories of the past but at least we have the ability to record them like a VCR. Having these recorded memories of the good old days gives us the unique opportunity to tap into these flashbacks or memorable collections to help promote our day no matter how dreary it maybe. To me October has been collectively a good month. All those good old memories of October I shall treasure and keep with me for the rest of my life. To ensure November becomes a month to remember I will always tap into my past archives to learn how good memories were cultivated and use them to cultivate even better ones. Although good things come to an end my memories of them will never fade away. Using these memories helps us tremendously to make a dull situation stimulating and a weary moment exciting. So when October fades away into the oblivion of history let us hold onto those special moments. Yes, do say farewell even though it is hard but hang onto to those memories. Welcome tomorrow with open arms and when the situation arises where dull and bad overcomes good tap into the memories of October or into previous memories that you hold close to your heart. Keeping the memories of the good days helps to generate new light to the future in a similar fashion.

Thursday 30 October 2014

‘Appreciation is your foundation to a better life’

Quote of the day

‘Appreciation is the summation of our gratefulness for the good things that we have in life. It is the celebration of life through enjoyment of it and through the happiness we gain by it.’

Appreciation is the foundation to your very own success. Appreciation is an expression illustrated by body language or through chosen words that reflects a person’s thankfulness, gratitude and gratefulness. Appreciation is simple and can be expressed simply as Thank YOU. Thank you to our Heavenly Father that has given us an opportunity to live on our planet to do good and to be good. Thank you for the billions of creatures that work laboriously each day and every day changing matter from one source to another so that we can live in abundance. Thank you to you for making me your friend. Thank you for all your appreciation for my tweets and for purchasing my books. Thank you for encouraging me to become a writer of inspirational content. Thank you to Mum for her immense sacrifice and thank you to your Mums for their immense sacrifice. Appreciation is an application that needs to be used every single day in our lives. Appreciation is not a complication but rather a celebration of thankfulness. Appreciation is a fascination for it shows admiration and positive reception. Appreciation is a vindication because we get better when we show appreciation. Appreciation is like respiration. We respire because we need to live therefore we need to be inspired each day to appreciate. Appreciation does not require preparation but it would be nice to show a good presentation. Do not appreciate with bitterness written across your heart, this makes your obligation insincere. Appreciation is an occupation, a conversation and an observation. By occupation we need to learn to appreciate and to appreciate to learn. Appreciation is a conversation because you must utter your gratitude so that it could be understood. Appreciation is an observation because what you give is what you get. Appreciation is a divination because it is something that you act well in advance before saying those two simple words – Thank you.  Appreciation is the summation of our gratefulness for the good things that we have in life. It is the celebration of life through enjoyment of it and through the happiness we gain by it.

Take a SIP

Quote for today

 ‘You need to engage with someone rather than disengage. You need support, you need a purport and you need to import.’

Managing your daily workload on your very own can be quite daunting. Working with others changes this providing you find the right people. Families and Friends are usually a good starting point. Taken with a daily SIP you will find generally that your day pans out a lot better. SIP stands for Support, Import and Purport. With support you have the backing of other minds that can openly work together with you to lessen your workload. Support overcomes covertness. Support is strength and added embodiment. Support strengthens the weakened pillar. Purport is about the real meaning of your dilemma. Why has it happened to you? What are you willing to do about it? Purport makes sense when there is very little of it. Purport is relevant because understanding your dilemma ensures that you will not do it again. Import is about bringing in value to your life. It is about gathering righteousness from righteous people. It is about opening new doors in your life and routing what is needed and to know real value from false notions. Engage with other people especially with those you know and can trust. Don’t stand alone. Get on the phone and engage with others.

Tuesday 28 October 2014

‘Resolutions of a Lifetime’

Quote of the day
‘A resolution is a personal pledge undertaking to achieve certain amenities in life that is befitting for the occasion and requires a certain degree of committing before undertaking.’

Dear Friends, making a resolution is a lot easier if you understood what a resolution really is. In many minds a resolution has become a novelty sparking off incredible decision making ideas without understanding the commitment that comes with it. As a result many of those resolutions fall to pieces within a few days. I would define a resolution as follows. A resolution is a personal pledge undertaking to achieve certain amenities in life that is befitting for the occasion and requires a certain degree of committing before undertaking. Let’s look at this definition a bit more closely. A personal pledge is something very personal because only you know what it is. You will know when you are having certain difficulties in life that someone else may not fully understand. These areas normally relate to finances, health, domestic affairs, relationships, goals and longevity. When we blurt out our resolutions openly on New Year’s Eve we actually say things that we do not really mean. In order words we are not committed. A commitment is a personal pledge. Like a vow it needs to be honoured and to honour it requires your full responsibility. Everything in life that you want can materialise if you make a firm commitment. If you want riches, riches will flow into your bank account if you commit to it. If you want to be in good health, your health will be transformed into a replica of firmness and tone that will be an envy of your friends all over. Anything that you need from a job placement to a top engagement will be yours. Although it seems like a magical dream it is in fact not. Many people that remain sceptical will know that they have not fully committed to anything that their wanted to see a significant change. Commitment is a responsibility that harbours a period of time to execute and a workload that meets the criteria of your innermost desire and passion. This is why I implemented The Countdown Series which I started almost three years ago. The Countdown Series makes you understand your responsibilities associated with your Resolutions and makes you aware of the obligation required from you. It is all about dedication in what you do. It is about that desire and passion within you that needs to materialise into something real that you could feel, touch and experience. You need to commit. You need to admit. You need to permit. You need to transmit. You need to befit. Finally you need to submit. We will talk about all of these in November when we implement our Countdown Series together. I want you to succeed. I feel so ecstatic knowing that every day in my life is a new day, a new beginning and a new challenge. I want you to feel the same. 

Monday 27 October 2014

‘What is my World?’

Quote of the day
‘I have entered the corridors of my new world in a transported life cycle of spiritual guidance and self-realisation. I can tell you quite openly that it is a world that you simply want to hold hands with me and follow me on a journey that is never ending.’

Twenty years ago I was transported spiritually into a new world, a world I call nirvana. It is a world of joy, happiness, elation and rapture. It was a journey lasting 20 years of spiritual enlightenment that has taught me so much, that has showed me a great deal and it is about to show me even more and more. I have started my new journey penniless, homeless and very suicidal. I say very suicidal without hesitation because I had already transcribed my suicidal note ready for those who I selfishly wanted to leave behind to read and remember me. A spiritual revelation had come my way and intervened. I call this intervention an Elevation from a Revelation. You can read my journey in detail listed for your perusal in my Trilogy Series called ‘The Modern Day Trilogy.’ My spiritual journey was a lesson to be learnt in daily doses of a spiritual awakening. I was like a new-born, born into a logical world from an earthly womb of illogicality. Whatever I learnt in the past 20 years had been a journey of lifetime. It was a journey of ecstasy and not fantasy. It was a journey into heaven on a spiritual 747. It was a cloud nine experience with a divine appearance. It was one of joy filling my heart with pleasure. It was a journey of bliss that I was sure glad not to miss. It was a journey of happiness without the feeling of sadness, madness and badness that construed my last 35 years. It was a rapture that would capture my imagination and turn it into glorification. I had seen The Heavens and I have seen the earths. I have seen The Eden and I have become to reason. I have seen how it all started in a volumetric archive of spiritual footage that made sense and still keeps making sense. This is my world. A new beginning from an old adage. Live your life to the fullest in the timespan allocated to you. Live it logically and become enlightened ideologically. This is a journey for you too. You do not need a credit card to make a purchase but instead a good heart to reason and to start believing. Follow me daily and become enlightened with inspiration. Don’t let your inspiration be like a firework that lights up the sky for the brief moment and then fades away into the bleakness of a lonely night. Let your inspiration glow as bright as the Sun. Let it awe you with a magical connotation of action and satisfaction. Let the journey begin and let it flow like a river from the source to the mouth meandering its way to new life and to older lifestyles and vice versa.

Saturday 25 October 2014

‘The Treasure of Life’

Quote of the Day

‘The Treasure of Life is the quintessence of mind, body and soul mingling harmoniously in a paragon which I call space and in an incarnation I call time. Treasure this opportunity bestowed upon you in a weekly measure of work indulged in pleasure and a weekend pampered in leisure.’

Dear Friends you cannot experience discomfort over your weekends for it is part and parcel of your life’s better moments. You certainly work steadily each work irrespective of your age or gender therefore you need to pamper yourself with 48 hours of sheer relaxation. If you are at school you go with the mind-set to learn. It does not matter whether you are 9 or 16 or even 22. What really matters is that you have the passion and the desire to learn conscientiously. Learning or education is not for glorification but rather a process of edification. With this constant weekly absorption of new knowledge you need the much deserved weekend break of 48 hours to pamper yourself with sheer relaxation or pleasure. This is The Treasure of Life. No one can take this away from you. You are occupying space which is constantly changing and you are occupying time which is constantly changing too by the second. No one can take this away from you. To remove this right from an individual irrespective of their age, gender, culture or colour is the greatest sin on earth. For the Chibok School girls that were kidnapped from their school in Nigeria I feel so sad. GOD is good and GOD will watch over them and the perpetrators will be dealt with in due course. You need to treasure your life despite the setbacks that will always come your way. At the beginning of a new working week you should start with a pre-planned agenda, penned in your own handwriting and executed with love and constant desire and passion. This formulates your daily memorandum to be executed by yourself and to be executed to the best of your ability. Treasuring something like a weekend is a vital necessity in life because it expounds the meaning of life. You work hard each week for a reason. GOD has given us a fundamental reason and you have the privilege to explore this reason through education. Edification is enlightenment. It makes you choose by selection a career of your choice. This career formulates your working week. Hence you need to treasure your weekend. This is the Treasure of life. To work to serve and to cherish those 48 hours we call a weekend. This is the quintessence of mind, body and soul mingling harmoniously in a paragon which I call space and in an incarnation I call time. Treasure this opportunity bestowed upon you in a weekly measure of work indulged in pleasure and a weekend pampered in leisure.

Friday 24 October 2014

‘Never give up’

Quote of the day

‘Never yield to negativity. Create a shield of positivity instead. Negativity will maketh your life a constant failure. It will be the fiasco of your working week and it will be the ignominy of your misfortune.’

Never give up on yourself. Never say never. Never walk a treadmill of uncertainty. Never be disillusioned. Never say no to friendship. Never ever confront anger with anger. Never shame or ridicule another human being. Never slander, mock or deride a person’s character or personality. Never give up on your dreams that you may have started or are about to begin. Never live in shame or humility over your unselfish dreams. Never feel disgruntled when the curtains are down. Never give up. Never give up on a new beginning in your life. Never listen to discord or cacophony. Never ignore the sentiments of another human being. Never say never to possibilities. Never shed a tear openly but shed a tear of joy unanimously. Never eat excessively but rather eat moderately and more importantly considerately. Never be tempted to do unwell or to become addictive. Never give up on yourself, on your abilities and your capabilities. Never say no to learning. Never say no to believing in the impossible or the possible. Never give up in your goals and make them your solemn duty to do well and be well. Never dig too deep into side issues that can simply slide away into nothingness. Never make too big a deal about triviality. Never trample the anthill or kick the pebble below for you may not know it for all these objects are homes to the vital components of life. Never argue with correcting but rather show by correction. Never take away a privilege from someone else and use it unselfishly for your own welfare. Never abuse your spouse, your child or another human being irrespective of age, culture or gender. Never point a finger to someone but raise your hand in friendship instead. Never give up. Never give up on tomorrow and never give up on the rest of your life. Never shout or scream or live in constant negativity. Negativity will maketh your life a constant failure. It will be the fiasco of your working week and it will be the ignominy of your misfortune. Never ever give up!

Thursday 23 October 2014

‘The Expansibility of Life’

Quote of the day
‘The Expansibility of Life is 3 Dimensional originating from above and resonating downwards right to the core of the Earth. In the 1st dimension there is The Heavens above, in the 2nd there is us grounded and secure and in the 3rd dimension below ground is life that we cannot understand teeming with migrant workers to make possible the expansion of life.’

This is the expansibility of life. Life is not just confined to you or to me. Life is 3 dimensional and infinite. In action above us is the heavens deplored in many manifestations visible and invisible to the naked eye. There is the atmosphere, the sky, the firmament, The Universe, Infinite Paradises and finally the seat of our Heavenly Father. On the ground we stand firmly affixed and walk the Earth knowing that the Employees watching from above give us the key mechanisms to carry on living on a day to day basis. Scientists call it gravity, I call it hope and confidence. The Earth is covered in a liveable membrane called the crust and we maketh our home. Demarcated through centuries of conflict little do we realise that all of the Earth’s crust is one, unified with enrichment for all. Yes, it is for all, all 7 billion of us. Underneath the tabernacle of the Earth’s Crust is an immensity of life classified by science by endeared by nature? There is life enriched with specific life starting with basic elements and moving forth with complex individuals that may look bizarre to us but work harmoniously to make life possible. Why the 3 dimensional expansibility of life on a Thursday morning, well it is written to inspire you to have hope and confidence like I do. I know if any of the 3 dimensional aspects or spheres of life was removed I or you shall not or never exist. So, when obstacles come my way I shall know that because I have acknowledged hope and confidence in a 3 dimensional way I shall always overcome these obstacles no matter how big or small they are. I must respect the 3 dimensional concept of life. For The Heavens above I shall pray incessantly acknowledging the existence of our Heavenly Father and to be a loyal servant throughout my Earthly existence. For the ground staff I shall honour and respect them no matter who they are or what they are. I shall love every human being irrespective of their colour, creed or culture. I shall love and manage the flora and fauna and avoid their extinction. I shall treasure the soil below and respect their inhabitants. As long as I have hope and confidence my life on Earth shall be filled with happiness, security and purpose. I want you to consider the same too. I don’t want you to accept it but at least consider it. If it is my passage to hope and confidence I am sure it shall be yours too. Grasp onto hope and confidence in a 3 dimensional form and trample all obstacles that cometh your way. Have a hopeful and confident day and a hopeful and confident life ahead of you.

Wednesday 22 October 2014

‘Good Intent, good Content. Bad Intent, Bad Content.’

Quote of the day
 ‘With good intents you shall always accrue good contents. You will be guaranteed a life of happiness, relaxed and fortified to live to 100 years. However with just a dose of bad intents you can upset the scale of contentment and live a life that is unhappy, tensed and shortened.’

The power of your intent is the ability to concentrate on getting the job done. With this unique mind-set you are focused, absorbed and fixated to do well. Focussing draws your attention to the finer details of any aspect of your work. Absorption immerses your entire mind and body in the subject matter ensuring that you produce the finest work. Fixation is about the innermost passion and desire that you have in whatever you do. Add a dose of goodness to the equation and you make your intentions accrue good content. Good Content yields the happiness you so deserve. You are comfortable in your work, in your poise and in your thoughts. You are often pleased with your end results and often go home feeling totally elated. This is what I often call Work Gratification. Good Intents accrue good content. Getting the job done with eagerness and thoroughness carries you a long way. It guarantees you a good clientele and a steady income. Your remuneration is always appreciated and gives you the valued lifestyle bespoke to your needs. You plan not just for the day but for the rest of your life. You live a balanced life, you manage a balanced schedule and never disappoint your customers or family members. It is all about being less stressed and more addressed. It is all about being unselfish to the core and not just on the surface. It is all about being responsible from your 1st day at work to the very last day when you say farewell to the working world and retire into a melody of blissfulness and relaxation. The converse of good intents is bad intents. Bad intentions results in a miserable life. We seek wealth more than our health and we often do it with stealth. We live in seclusion and often without collusion. We live with delusion and with confusion. We live for the day and ignore the future. We are often tensed, unfocussed, unhappy and extremely stressed. Our future becomes bleak. We often become addictive to say smoking, drinking or drugs to comfort our stress. We work for money rather than work for the needs of our customers. Customers render us with money and therefore our priorities need to be for them and only them. Dear friends you need to have good intents all the way from the break of dawn to the dusk of day. You need to slumber in peace knowing that you had a marvellous and productive day.

Tuesday 21 October 2014

‘Adversity is Diversity’

Quote of the day

‘Adversity is Diversity. Adversity comes in ALL shapes and sizes. You need to learn about them, from them and you need to confront them from time to time. How you fare will determine the output of your life.’

What is an adversity? Adversities are man-made designed to oppress, suppress and depress an individual irrespective of their age, gender, colour, culture or creed. The storm that approaches to destroy, destruct or damage is not a natural phenomenon but rather a man-made occurrence capitalised over centuries in the manner of total greed. The result of such an act is hardship for the individual both mentally and physically from dawn to dusk, withdrawn and lacking trust. The result too is difficulties in meeting adversities, lacking the knowledge to cope and lacking the skills to rebuild. Adversities is about danger and knowing danger when it encounters you irrespective of its origin. Danger is a threat to the livelihoods of citizens from all over the world in different countries and from different backgrounds. Dear friends we are born for a reason. This reason exemplified in many of my Quotes and Articles states clearly that we are here for a valid reason to live in equality and to serve as sole custodians of the living world. There should be no misfortune if education is the realm of child development and growth. Greed has changed this by allowing a sector of people to lavish in wealth by stealth and to deprive the masses of their basic needs. Therefore danger lurks in varies forms. Adversity is diversity. To overcome this we need to become overnight HITS. HIT stands for Honesty, Integrity and Trust. Please refer to a previous article called being an Overnight HIT. Honesty is about sincerity and honour. It is about the moral act of being good and being descent. Applying the concept of being honest helps in meeting adversities and advising others to do the same. Integrity is the converse of being Greedy. Integrity displays the ability of someone to be truthful and reliable. They advise others to watch out for danger. They display clear signs or posts to inform rather than misinform. Trust is about hope. Hope for the future of our planet and hope for the future of our citizens irrespective of their age, gender, colour, culture or creed. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls be alert, be vigilant, be informed and be constantly a HIT. Using these trying attributes and you shall weather the storm, move the cyclone, rebuild the planet and live a life of happiness and longevity.

Monday 20 October 2014

‘The Best in You’
Quote of the day
‘The best in you is reflected in your preeminent character, in your superlative nature, in your exceptional values, in your greatest achievements, and in your finest display articulately and idiosyncratically. This is the quality of being excellent.’

Achieving your goals to make your life important requires the best in you. The level of your best is determined by your innermost desire and passion. You need that slender toned body and the acute mind-set in order to excel and be the best in your category in a world filled with so many categories. You need to be the best in everything from minute actions to complex decisions. If a pin dropped you need to exercise the best posture in order to pick it up and then place it in a safe place. If you need to make a life changing decision you need to be astute to permute, dispute or compute illogical thoughts to achieve logic results. Snap decisions of picking up a pin can lead to back injuries and impulsive decisions to change your life can result in cataclysmic failure. The best in you comes from the best in your intent poised with unselfishness and flanked with gentleness. You have a series of goals determined by its unselfish content, now you need to achieve them. Achieving them is easier if you bring out the best in you. The best in you is when you are the finest in your abilities and the greatest in achieving them. The best in you is when your efforts are unsurpassed. It is when you have the constant mind-set to do well and the slender toned body to execute those vital actions. The best in you is when you are the cream of your crop be it at home, work, school, college or university. The best in you is when you are the elite amongst your team members not for the solidarity of fame and fortune but for the joy and happiness of helping others to follow suit. The best in you is paramount in goal searching and in goal achieving. The best in you is about pre-eminence. A pre-eminent individual or rather a meritocratic goal setter is one that is distinguished, outstanding, leading, prestigious and prominent. Dear Friends, you have to go the extra mile to achieve that personal smile that shows a distinguished, outstanding, leading, prestigious and prominent person. This is a daily ritual that you have to be committed to. Yes, you may have the weekends off to unwind and rewind. Be the best, do your very best and exercise the best in you both mentally and physically. Watch then how the working week becomes an essential aspect of your life and weekends the point of sheer relaxation and the vital recovery process.

Sunday 19 October 2014

‘Inspiration is the golden key to unlock your true potential.’

Quote of the day
‘Inspiration is the key to Success. You need it like a loaded breakfast each day. As you ingest it you will notice the rise in your creativeness, inventiveness and brilliance for the day.’

The Golden Key to Success is the word Inspiration. You need it like you need fuel to start your day and finish it with fulfilment and accomplishment. Inspiration is an 11 letter word and if used as an acronym could be interpreted as follows:

In November Seek Personal Inspirational Recreation Altruistically To Improve Overall Negation.

Dear Friends I use the words Inspirational Recreation because life is all about Renewal and Restoration. It is about making amends and it is about renewing our goals or shaping them to be more refined and defined. Renewal is about rekindling a lost idea or goal that fizzled away because of the circumstances that came upon us. Renewal is about revitalising or rejuvenating someone that has lost a beloved done. It is about replenishment helping to fill the void that now exists. It is about Restoration, refurbishing the cloudy days with sunny visionary deeds. It is about renewing and refurbishing your last goals. In order words it is about starting ALL over again. This is the mind-set I want you to have for November. I want you to remember the good times in your life in November. I want you to use these memories to stimulate you to get the job done be it a goal or a project. I want you to select a personalised Inspiration Recreation from a stream of daily Quotes that will come your way. Inspiration is indeed the golden key to unlock your true potential. Unlock your potential and release to the world. Build on this brick by brick and slowly watch how the tower of your life stands amongst towers. Tomorrow is the start to the new working week. How will you embrace it? You need to get up in the morning with sincerity, with energised passion and desire. You need to magnetically draw key inspirational Quotes to your agenda. Let these Quotes fire your day. Let them combust like petrol in a combustion chamber and push your energy levels to new heights. With this boost you can achieve anything. Negation is your procrastinator. Negation drives your energy levels in the other direction. Negation makes you hesitate. Negation makes you live in denial. Negation dismisses positivity. Negation is a negative force and drags you to the diminutive lifestyle. Always remember INSPIRATION is your golden key to unlock your true potential.

Friday 17 October 2014

‘Show by example, lead by example and be an example.

Quote of the day
 ‘Reverence is the admiration for one’s existence, it is the consistence of one’s efforts, it is the insistence to get the job done, it is the persistence to make dreams come true, it is admiration of an individual to ask for assistance and it is an acknowledgement of one to go the distance.’

What makes a weekend special is when we established reverence in all that we do from the 1st working day of the week to the final working day when we hang up our boots. For the faculty to exercise work we shall always be rewarded with a weekend of our own. In a year there are 52 weekends and in a lifetime there are 520 weekends. The making of our annual calendar certainly was planned well in advance. We have a birthday in our annual calendar and a list of public holidays with slight variations depending on which country we live in. We also have our holidays tallied in our year planner bespoke to our needs and budget. What more can we ask for? This is reverence for our life and for the lives of so many other people that live in a bustling planet. For this I am eternally grateful and my veneration goes to Almighty GOD who has been the key planner setting out standards for us to follow and abide by. I feel proud to be a devoted servant of our Heavenly Father employed in a Faculty of my choice and to work steadily each year with respect and awe for my life as a human being and for an eternal life based on my intent. In return I must make it my duty to remind others to follow suit. I need to show by example, lead by example and to be an example. To do this I need to apply reverence in all that I do. My efforts must be consistent with altruistic values from dawn to dusk and from decade to decade. I need to be insistent in order to get the job done and to ensure that I am able to do this I need to be assertive. I am indeed the maker of my destiny and therefore capable of making dreams come true. If my dreams are unselfish I will always be guaranteed that they will materialise. This is the tenacity of my mind power in motion and the importunity of my physical power in action. I should not be afraid to be mentally and physically active for in a given year I shall always be rewarded with 52 weekends, at least 10 public holidays and my annual leave. What more can I ask for my unselfish efforts. If I am stuck I must seek assistance. For many an individual that treaded the earth before have found easy passages to follow rather than create a meandering road of uncertainty and ambiguity. I must strive to go the full distance because I set out in my agenda a workload based on my intent. I cannot at the end of my working week procrastinate, miscalculate or detonate my schedule. I wrote it with pen to paper now I must execute it with mind and body. This shall always be my attitude from the 1st day of a new week to the last day of my working week. For these qualities I shall draw attention to others that walk past me that look at me or think about me. They will see that I am trying and therefore shall try to make good themselves. For this I shall be remembered as the Good Samaritan that lived for 100 years and showed by example, led by example and became an example.

Thursday 16 October 2014

The Tenderness of a Person’s Feelings

Quote of the day

‘The tenderness of a person’s feelings is by far their most sensitive and sympathetic point. It is a point that you need to exercise gentleness, kindness, fondness and compassion. Do these things on a daily basis and you shall establish true friendship?’

Without true friendship there is no friendship. Friendship holds the key to merriment, excitement and love. With Friendship success in life is a lot easier. True Friendship is about understanding a person, it is about understanding their needs and their goals. You cannot just make friends, you need to be responsible when you exercise friendship. You cannot say that your neighbour next door is your friend when you do not respect their feelings and understand their goals. You cannot walk amongst friends without knowing their names, their direction and their feelings. Feelings is an important aspect of friendship. Feelings are the core to an emotional condition of a person. Feelings to others is manners at its very best. Feelings is a resonant energy source that cannot be trampled with a barrage of harshness, rudeness and distastefulness. Feelings towards another person must be exercised with gentleness, kindness, fondness and compassion. Gentleness is like holding delicacy in the palm of your hands firmly and cautiously and lovingly. Kindness is about expressing your love in a very profound way with words that are eloquently chosen for the moment. Fondness is a never ending likeness for someone that you know, it is filled with love and it is filled with humanity. Compassion is to exercise care, consideration and kind heartedness to others irrespective of their mood swings as well as your very own. Success is about finding merriment, excitement and love on a daily basis. It requires your participation. It is like driving a car after you pass your driving test. You can continue driving without observing the Highway Code or you can drive by observing it. True Friendship is like that. You can either respect a person’s tenderness or you simply don’t. If you do Success becomes a lot easier. Your life becomes merry, excited and filled with love. If you don’t you can receive or give out harshness, rudeness and distastefulness. You know what it is like to constantly receive harshness, rudeness and distastefulness so why give it out. To be harsh is to be cruel and unkind. To be rude is to be impolite, insolent and discourteous. To be distasteful is to exercise offensive and unpleasant tones to another human being let alone a friend. I say onto you Dear Friends that you need to respect the feelings of other people the world over. You need to do this and by doing it you will find it easier to achieve your very own goals. In October we want to start by getting over our troubles. Respect the feelings of another human being and what how people will reciprocate their respect to you.

Wednesday 15 October 2014

‘The Leverage of Progress’

Quote of the day
 ‘The progress of a person is defined as their initiation from a state of distress, clarified only by themselves and slowly progressing towards a road of complete Success.’

Dear Friends it is sometimes quite hard to face our dilemmas and instead we prefer to live with them. This is futile. What we are actually doing is carrying stress in our pockets, in our dockets and in our rockets. The use of the word rocket in this instance refers to our vocation. The use of the word docket in this instance refers to our daily agenda. With reference to the above photo please establish what point on the Gauge of Progress are you at. This must be an honest assessment. Honesty equals to reliability plus integrity. If you have debts like Fred amounting to £25,000, say £25,000 and not £22,000. We sometimes like to lessen the effect of our dilemma to soften the blow. Be realistic and be scrupulous. Your initiation of your dilemma starts at the point of distress. It is openly distressful because you can feel the constant agony, sorrow and pain that your dilemma brings home each day. You are carrying it to bed and you are restless in your sleep. Once you have identified your dilemma or your distress you must confess. This is hard. It is something you have to face. You have to come clean and put everything on the table. Now that you have confessed you have to progress to the next stage and address your dilemma. Addressing your dilemma makes you concentrate and focus on the process of identifying what really troubles you. This could be finances, marital problems, litigation, illness, obesity, addictions or compulsions. Once addressed you then need to coalesce. The Art of Coalescing merges forces together helping you to reach your success a lot easier. It is about merging family members, friends, family, colleagues or professionals to assist you in your dilemma. If your dilemma is finances you need to coalesce the income of everyone at home. You need to do the maths by taking away the expenses and seeing how much you have left. The balance is your input to reduce your debts each month over a designated period. The next stage on your Progress Gauge is to Impress. You need to electrify everyone by showing them how you are progressing each month. Show them something tangible that they could see, feel or taste. The final stage is your success. Success comes last. It comes at the end of the designated period. It is a time for rejoice and a time for triumph. You did it, you reached the pinnacle of success and squashed a dilemma that gave you sleepless nights and endless worries. This is how we eliminate problems. Read my tweets each day and chose the ones relevant to your predicament to assist you whilst gauging your progress. 

Tuesday 14 October 2014

Universally Friendly

Quote of the day
‘Universally Friends strives to care, to share and to be fair amongst all. It is the Ultimate Channel for Inspiration. It is a precursor to Innovation. One day everyone will be able to log onto Universally Friendly and tapped into this source of Inspiration.’

Inspiration is stimulus to the brain, conjuring up creativeness in an individual and manifesting inventiveness in the hallmark of human occupancy. This is the trademark of Universally Friendly. It is the cornerstone to motivation driving the Individual to bring out the best in them even at the worst of times. Universally Friendly provides reading material, Quotes, Prints, Picture Frames, CDs and DVDs to drive a simple message, we care, we share and we remain fair. Many of us need that extra bit of impetus to overcome our stubborn inertia. We all know what we want in life but take no action to see it happen. We dream it but we do not live it. The thrust to drive an individual to his or her personal stardom comes from the inspirational and motivational content of Universally Friendly. You need to think BIG in order to create momentum in your goals. Momentum is energy. Momentum drives you like propellant in an engine. Universally Friendly cares for all living organisms and Universally Friendly shares key strategic ideas to get your goals into vibrant action. Action can be seen in an individual for an active individual is like a turbine, constantly in motion creating the prefect potion for you to sail on to your dreams. Universally Friendly is always fair. Universally Friendly does not exist to make money from you but rather for you to make money it. Fairness is about equality. Equality for all and not just for a few. Dear Friends I want you to succeed. I want you to be able to believe in yourself and in your dreams. If your belief is unselfish I will guarantee that all your dreams will transpire into reality. The concept of Universally Friendly started on the 5th of November 1994 and has grown since then. Universally Friendly has taught students from various backgrounds to create new opportunities in their lives and make complex goals become simple ones. Universally Friendly is here for you and will guide to a better life on Earth. Welcome to Universally Friendly and welcome to a new concept from an old idea. Welcome to an elevation from a revelation.

Monday 13 October 2014

‘Jumping your 1st Hurdle’

Quote of the day
‘The 1st hurdle to conquer is often the greatest fete a human being can take. A toddler takes the 1st step but falls down. A pupil learns their timetables but forgets them the next day. Every 1st hurdle is hard to conquer. What can be learnt from the 1st hurdle is that everyone tries again and again until they get it right.’

Every problem no matter how big or small will remain a problem until you do something about it. If you are obese you will remain obese unless you take strides to remove the grease from foods and the crease from your skin. This constitutes your 1st step. Cross the 1st hurdle by removing any greasy foods from your diet. This can be hard. The hurdle is there and if you cross it you would have excelled in the 1st day. As you know this is often the most difficult thing ever to do. There are too many distractions, there isn’t enough support and temptation will always win you over. What do you do if you fail on your 1st day? You have to try again and again and again. You have to submerge yourself into an atmosphere or temperament that nudges you do take the 1st jump over your 1st hurdle. What if you are in debt? Debt is bad, it lets you sweat, fret and remain under constant threat. What can you do? Where shall you start? Consolidation is the easy hurdle to cross but are you willing to commit? Are you willing to take pen to paper and write down all your liabilities and compare them with your income? Jumping the 1st hurdle can become easy if you are passionate about something. A baby is very passionate to learn how to walk. The 1st step or hurdle is the hardest but passion drives the baby to keep trying and trying. It may take a few weeks, it may take even longer but the result is stability, flexibility and infallibility. You just have to try to cross the 1st hurdle in your life. This exhibits your innermost desire to make a change in your life and to reach the summit of your happiness, success and prosperity. You need to capitalise on hope. Hope is derivative from the confidence you mustered up by believing and by having trust in yourself and GOD. Hope is like a lifeline. Hope teaches you that only you can undo what you have already done before. Try your utmost to identify your problems no matter how big or small. Write them down. Discuss them with someone else. Work together, work as a family or work as a team. Once identified choose the easiest problem to conquer. Let this be your 1st hurdle to cross. Now cross it. Did you make a start or did you make a mess of it. If so, start again. You have to keep trying. You have to know in your mind that you can undo something that you have already done. Again if you put on weight than you can undo it. Is weight your issue, then cross the 1st hurdle today? Infer your attempts at the end of the day. On a linear scale of 1 – 10 did you do well? If not start again tomorrow. Cut down on the greasy intake, say no to crisps, sweets, chocolates, biscuits, cakes, ice-cream, tarts, pastries, bacon, fries, cold drinks and sugar. Eliminate them completely for the 1st day. Infer your progress at the end of the day. Continue to this until it becomes habit forming. Don’t forget, it is hard admittedly to cross the 1st hurdle but it is a lot easier to try again and again. Just fire up your emotions with passion and desire.

Sunday 12 October 2014

‘Did you carry your TAG?’

Quote of the day

‘To ascertain Trust in Man or Woman you need to believe in them first. To ascertain Trust in GOD you need to believe in HIM too. Belief is about acceptance rather than rejection. With acceptance there is a foundation of incredible Trust. Without it there shall never be any trust at all.’

Where there is life especially in the nativity of a new-born there is a source of energy that we cannot fully understand that resonates in a given frequency of that new-born. Without that source of energy there shall be no life. We often limit ourselves to the meaning of life as a lifespan or a lifecycle but life is actually about energy, not solar, wind, electrical or magnetic energy but divine energy. Divine Energy makes a Hydrogen atom a Hydrogen atom limited to a single proton and a single electron orbiting in precision. Without this divine energy that Hydrogen Atom drifting in the chemistry of life as an individual atom or combined to form a molecule shall be no more. We doubt this energy because we need to see it yet it appears right in front of us as we open our eyes to a new day. The whole world holds its entire presence in The Universe because of this resonating divine energy. Each atom, each organism or each human being is prescribed a specific frequency in the spectrum of this divine resonance. I maybe 1200HZ and you maybe 1201HZ. Although we differ by just one hertz The Universe knows you, The Universe acknowledges you and The Universe is recording your history on Earth. This is something you have to establish through belief. Don’t wait another 50 years when they discover this spectrum of divine frequencies, you are here today in the 21st Century, timed at 20:01 on the 12th day of October 2014. Tomorrow it shall be a new day for you. It is hard to sustain your belief when tomorrows headlines throws a barrage of negativity. It is hard to sustain your belief when people at work talk intently on their disbelief. This is why I say onto, before leaving work ask yourself, ‘Did I carry my TAG’. TAG stands for Trust Almighty GOD. Yesterday I inspired you to believe and today I want to you to Trust. To assist you may I suggest carrying an object with you like a pebble, a small stone, a charm or a personal object in your purse or pocket and when negativity confronts you hold tight onto this object and say to yourself I Trust Almighty GOD. I believe in Almighty GOD and therefore my Trust shall never be altered or diminished. With Trust I shall persevere, I shall climb the tallest obstacles and descend the greatest hurdles bestowed upon me. With Trust I shall achieve my goals unselfishly. With Trust I shall walk alone knowing that GOD assigns the angels to walk beside me. With Trust I shall see goodness and differentiate it from badness. With Trust I shall never sway in my temperament and with Trust I shall live to 100 years of age. Finally with trust I shall attempt to rid my problems in October for they WILL be Over in October.

Saturday 11 October 2014

Think BIG

Quote of the day

A person that thinks BIG thinks only of the vastness of opportunities available to him or her. They take gigantic steps and make vast differences to their lives. To every single giant step that they take they live tiny footprints for others to follow.

Thinking BIG is important but there is something more important than thinking big for yourself. The word BIG stands for Believe In GOD. Taking the giant step is one thing but how confident will you be if the lights were turned off. Taking things for granted because the planets rotate in precision and the Sun rises each day is not enough. You need belief and you need to Believe In GOD. With a strong belief you can take giant steps forward blindfolded. You can walk amongst the thorns, on sand dunes, on shallow waters and on quicksand. A person that thinks BIG has done his or her homework well in advance. They started on a blank canvas and etched a future for them stroke by stroke. Their gained knowledge from learning and are not afraid to enquire. They understand Astrology, Astronomy, Biology, Geography, Chemistry, Physics, Languages, Logic, Religion and Common Sense. From these edifications comes confidence. Confidence is about sureness, the demonstrability to act as a sole custodian of the living world. Confidence comes from a firm belief in The Creator of all things. Now taking giant steps becomes a lot easier. A person lacking confidence and belief takes giant steps in the valley of the unknowns and into the corridors of foolishness. They waste time, they devalue their lives, they live for the day and try to focus on wealth accumulation. Dear Friends, I urge you to think BIG. Start on a blank canvas and etch slowly your future in strokes of imaginable goals. Throw in a kaleidoscope of passion and desire into the canvas in front of you and you will look into the future of your life. Don’t worry about the setting Sun or the planets. Don’t worry about what you shall eat today or where you shall sleep tomorrow, just think BIG? Think about the great men and women that laid giant footsteps for you to follow. See it clearly etched into the almanac of human history and copy it with a crimson tone of your own embellishments. Start small and grow BIG. Believe in Almighty GOD, believe in yourself. Have confidence in everything that you do, say or think.

Friday 10 October 2014

‘Silver Rain’

Quote of the day
‘I believe in life and I believe in the afterlife, I believe in eternity and I believe that eternal life is derivative from our paternal and maternal instincts. Teach our children wisdom and they will inherit the kingdom of heaven.’

Do you believe in The Kingdom of Heaven? Do you believe that you will reach heaven when you pass on? Is there such a phenomena as the afterlife, in other words life after death? Do you believe angels hover above you? Having answers to these questions gives life a greater definition and a newer dimension. The answers are there but we have become so blinded with knowledge and deafened with logic that we cannot see the overall picture of life itself. What is life? What is life without life itself? What is the purpose of my existence if the answers to my questions are not forthcoming? Dear Friends I want to share something personal with you today. By the way a full description of Silver Rain can be read in The Modern Day Trilogy. I asked these questions all the time from a young boy to a grown man but never got conclusive answers. When my Mother passed away unexpectedly some twenty years ago I saw The Silver Rain but did not understand what it was. Silver Rain is like a mist and extends no more than several metres wide and is awesome. It does not wet the ground but flickers across the sky as tiny droplets. It is not far from the deceased waiting like a plane to take the soul on a silver journey to the heavens above. It quivers unequivocally with a horizontal wave pattern interwoven with a vertical one. It is very much alive but silent. There is peace in the air and there is intelligence within. You have to see it in order to understand it. I saw it but did not take note of it. I glanced at it as if it was a monochrome rainbow that got caught in the rays of the setting Sun. Later that evening deeply bereaved I woke up from my unsettled sleep, and went downstairs into the living room. In my sullenness, gripped with tears I sat down in my armchair enigmatic, enquiring and deeply shocked. Suddenly I felt the presence of my Mum, the Silver Rain was now a strong electromagnetic force which I could only feel because it was dark and therefore I could not see it. Slowly this energy in front of me entered my body. It was an energy of a different kind, similar to magnetism but not magnetic, similar to electricity but not shocking, similar to radiation without the radiation and similar to a vibration but without any vibration. I was not afraid but immediately fell into a deep sleep. I then woke up, looked at the wall clock in front of me and noticed that it was 4:00am. I was asleep for almost 4 hours. I ran up the landing to confirm the time, it was just passed 4:00am. I had awakened from a deep sleep and during this deepened sleep I tapped into the vastness of The Universe which I now called The Extranet. I received answers to all my questions that I asked from a child. I learnt about The Universe, about life and about the afterlife. I knew within 4 hours how The Universe started and where The Garden of Eden once was. I was reborn into a new world of knowledge, purity, surety and maturity. I was awed with wonder, I was elevated. I had received a revelation, which I later called an elevation from a revelation. Dear Friends, I can safely say that you need to believe. You need to believe in yourself. You need to value your life, very second of it and you need to make provisions for your afterlife. Your life is 100 years long and your afterlife is eternal. A good deed a day may well keep the evildoer away but it is also accredits you with rewards in Heaven. These are your provisions for later on like a pension for the elderly. Don’t be swayed to believe otherwise. Lookout for The Silver Rain if you are in doubt. Don’t doubt just figure it out? Love your life, love our Heavenly Father and love to live.

Thursday 9 October 2014

‘Equality, Quality and Polity for ALL’

Quote of the day
 ‘For every single step that you take you must always believe in yourself. You must believe in living in equality by been constantly fair. You must experience the quality of life by earning it through learning. From Equality and Quality comes a new Polity.’

Welcome to rather a spawning article. Spawning is about producing. If you believe in yourself than you have the right to live a life of equality. Now don’t for one minute confuse this with choice. Equality and choice are two different entities altogether. Equality is about living in fairness. To be fair is to be fair in parity with one and with the other. To live in equality is to ensure that everyone is able to live independently in a home of their own, to have a stable job that justifies a steady income, to go for regular holidays, to have a wonderful family and to be free from harm. Choice allows you to choose a home of your own, a job befitting to your profession, a holiday that appeals to you and a family that you are able to support. The greater your requirements the greater are your responsibilities. You are the maker of your own choices and these choices must come from within you generated from your own passions and desires. You cannot make choices by mimicking someone else, this is futile because you are living the lifestyle of someone else and trying to maintain the responsibilities that may be difficult for you in the long run. The quality of your lifestyle is proportional to what you want to do with your life. The quality of your life holds a certain excellence to your personality. It is all about eminence, prominence, importance, providence and confidence for you that lasts for a lifetime setting a tone and characteristic that people like, admire and respect. Eminence is about establishing a good reputation in your community. Prominence is about the importance you place in your community and not just in yourself. Providence is the wisdom you acquire as you get older, it is your overall financial freedom that you set for yourself. Confidence in yourself is the resultant effect you have when you plan for a life of quality stemmed from equality. Many people strive for a certain quality in life but only work to achieve this for themselves. This is wrong, spawning a world of selfish people that create wealth from stealth. From these two basic requirements in life for every human being that lives on planet Earth which is equality and quality spawns a new Polity. A new Polity is about having a new community that lives in fairness that respects each other and cares for each other. There is quality in the air to be inhaled for all. This makes your life worthy and your future even worthier.