Sunday, 5 October 2014

‘The Crispness of Our Lives as we get older by the day’

Quote of the day

 ‘The crispness of life must inhaled on a daily basis to trigger your innermost desires and passions to infuse your scope with that of the living world.’

Many of us fail to acknowledge the advent of a new day from the perspective of the surroundings and its inhabitants. The Earthworm sees the rising Sun differently and appears precarious preferring to remain under the soil rather than above it. The bird sees the rising Sun quite differently for it knows well that the early bird does catch the worm. The flowers open up with juiciness drawing attention to birds, bees and the Sun. They all acknowledge a new day. A new day is about the crispness of life. It is about the freshness of the air and a Sunday morning accelerates the peacefulness of everything, not a pin drop can be heard. Meritocratic Goal setters find this the best time to inhale wisdom from The Universe and to digest their most profound and deepest passions and desires. Dear Friends, it is all about the crispness of life rather than the staleness that bestows us day upon day. You see the crispness of life is like the beginning of life. It is about freshness, cleanliness, brightness, sparkle, bloom and newness. It is collectively about wholesomeness. This is where you need to sap your energy and rise them to unlimited levels. Cleanliness is about purity and the beginning of a day is like the heavens above. Brightness is a glow that you see peering through your window or along the horizon where nature speaks to you in a faint tone. Sparkle is the enthusiasm that you retrieve when you see the gentle autumn wind blow the leaf below. Bloom is about the autumn flora that scents the air and colours the greenery with distinct colouration. Newness is about you as you become inspired to be innovative. This is the crispness of life irrespective of your age, this is about you as you view the charisma of a new day. This is about you as you acknowledge that you are a day older but a tonne wiser. This is about your life and the lives of billions of other individuals that not only paces the Earth but paces planets beyond your wildest dreams. This is about the concept of life, embracing newness and respecting oldness. This is about transcendental knowledge inspired by the raindrop, awed by the stream along the meadow, moved by the sway of the leaves on the oak tree, mystified by your presence but acknowledged by your reverence. This is you living here on Earth dated the 5th of October 2014. This is about acknowledgement, love and desire. This is about understanding and this is about enduring. This is about finding the right path to move forward to a newer day and a newer week and as you get older each day you are accumulating wisdom not just only for yourself but to liberally distribute to a multitude of others that await in awe. Today you shall appreciate the seasons but tomorrow you shall know that it is time to rake the leaves and to recycle them so that the trees may grow again and again and again. Take a bite of the crispness of a new day Dear Friends and say to yourself that by the end of October all your troubles will be over. Troubles can be dissolved, absorbing the crispness of life into your heart helps to mediate your innermost troubles.

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