Friday, 3 October 2014

‘Don’t rebuff Criticism, Correction and Consolidation.’
Quote of the day
‘It pays to receive criticism, it pays to accept correction and it pays to consolidate, for all of these magical words makes you a better person.’

Sometimes it is hard to face criticism even though you feel that you have done your level best. It is even harder to accept correction because you can feel intimidated, ridiculed or possibly overthrown. Consolidation is by far the most demeaning aspect of one’s character. To the contrary, accepting Criticism, Correction and Consolidation can have a heightening effect on your life both at work or at home. We spoke about getting those gremlins off our chest so to speak, now we need to take daily action in October to activate such an onslaught. Dear Friends, you are indeed special in this world and sometimes when Criticism, Correction and Consolidation comes upon it feels like an inhibition stifling our senses and our progress for the day. Let us investigate these three dynamic words and see if we can turn the tables around. The word Criticism when viewed in an annular mode, in other words in a different perspective rather than the conventional way we see a different meaning. We see that criticism can be appreciative comments or reviews of your status quo. It shows that the critic is giving good assessment of a good person with the view that he or she could take cognisance and improve their situation. They are being analysed for their betterment but scrutinised for an overall performance. They are being analysed but not glamorised. We always expect the critics to see the best in our performance but actually we should seek or want our work to improve, to reach a higher level and to remain there. Correction is the implementation of improvement. Improvement develops a person’s character, it creates perfect individual or employee, and it enhances not only the working environment but the domestic enclosure. Consolidation is about getting all viewpoints together, creating partnerships with all and amalgamating resources. Primarily the object is to get the job done but to achieve it unselfishly, Dear Friends, when the bells chime at work accepting criticism, correction and consolidation plays an important aspect of your overall progress and ultimate success. Accept criticism for it will only make you a better person. Accept correction for it is better to get the job done the right way. Consolidation marks the final settlement in your situation. It portrays a plan or an agenda to make wrongs both morally and financially right.

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