Thursday, 2 October 2014

‘Rewards on Earth are not necessarily as important as our rewards in Heaven.’
Quote of the day
‘It pays to have a good day. It pays to have your collective say. It pays to simply turn away. It pays to get away. It pays to play a little today. It pays to pray and it certainly pays to obey.’
We need to work steadily in order to achieve our collective goals. Can a plant grow overnight? It starts as a seed and waits for the right moment to start growing. Encased in its pod there is enough nutrients to get it started like working capital for a new business. At launch when the soil conditions and the weather is fine the doors of the pod opens into life generating properties. There are two significant forms of growth, one into the soil called roots like an overdraft that seeks assistance from the bank. Here in the plants case it is the nutrients in the soil that it relies entirely on. The other growth is up into the open air waiting to use the energy from the Sun in the form of photosynthesis. The can be likened to a business waiting on its potential customers to keep its doors opened. Patience is certainly the core to your success. Each day must be taken with careful planning and coordination, otherwise it is like trying to open a business in the desert. There are no banks under the soil and the Sun is too hot for a sapling to even survive let alone grow. Your Success in life has to start like a seed. It is a slow process but fortunately you have time on your hands and equated with patience you have the perfect recipe to reap the benefits of your hard work. This is why it always pays to have a good day. You need to have an open working environment to engage and disengage. Collective ideas pays great dividends even though you may have the last say. Listen attentively to those that work with you or live with you. It is like planting two or more seeds in a single pot. How can they grow but if their work collectively and have sufficient resources they have a good chance to flourish. Your day can sometimes become dismal. I have seen this happen to me constantly and I have found the perfect solution, I turn away from my adversaries rather than confront them. In other words avoidance is always better than pursuance. It pays to break away by getting away from the hustle and bustle of life. A change in environment such as a holiday creates magical moments when you need them most. It helps you to unwind, rewind and to be more defined. It also pays to have a bit of a play to break the intensity of your day. A playing break can make you more productive. You amuse yourself by just having fun, a bit of pun and a desirable run. It pays too to pray. I always start my day with a prayer and end it sincerely with gratitude. I know well that without my ardent belief my life is not worth pursuing. Taking all the above into careful consideration I must remember in order for me to succeed in life I need to obey. Yes, it certainly pays to obey. Obey the rules indoors and obey the rules outdoors. Don’t break the rules, don’t make them either just obey, obey and obey for nothing will go wrong if you do.

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