Saturday, 11 October 2014

Think BIG

Quote of the day

A person that thinks BIG thinks only of the vastness of opportunities available to him or her. They take gigantic steps and make vast differences to their lives. To every single giant step that they take they live tiny footprints for others to follow.

Thinking BIG is important but there is something more important than thinking big for yourself. The word BIG stands for Believe In GOD. Taking the giant step is one thing but how confident will you be if the lights were turned off. Taking things for granted because the planets rotate in precision and the Sun rises each day is not enough. You need belief and you need to Believe In GOD. With a strong belief you can take giant steps forward blindfolded. You can walk amongst the thorns, on sand dunes, on shallow waters and on quicksand. A person that thinks BIG has done his or her homework well in advance. They started on a blank canvas and etched a future for them stroke by stroke. Their gained knowledge from learning and are not afraid to enquire. They understand Astrology, Astronomy, Biology, Geography, Chemistry, Physics, Languages, Logic, Religion and Common Sense. From these edifications comes confidence. Confidence is about sureness, the demonstrability to act as a sole custodian of the living world. Confidence comes from a firm belief in The Creator of all things. Now taking giant steps becomes a lot easier. A person lacking confidence and belief takes giant steps in the valley of the unknowns and into the corridors of foolishness. They waste time, they devalue their lives, they live for the day and try to focus on wealth accumulation. Dear Friends, I urge you to think BIG. Start on a blank canvas and etch slowly your future in strokes of imaginable goals. Throw in a kaleidoscope of passion and desire into the canvas in front of you and you will look into the future of your life. Don’t worry about the setting Sun or the planets. Don’t worry about what you shall eat today or where you shall sleep tomorrow, just think BIG? Think about the great men and women that laid giant footsteps for you to follow. See it clearly etched into the almanac of human history and copy it with a crimson tone of your own embellishments. Start small and grow BIG. Believe in Almighty GOD, believe in yourself. Have confidence in everything that you do, say or think.

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