Monday, 13 October 2014

‘Jumping your 1st Hurdle’

Quote of the day
‘The 1st hurdle to conquer is often the greatest fete a human being can take. A toddler takes the 1st step but falls down. A pupil learns their timetables but forgets them the next day. Every 1st hurdle is hard to conquer. What can be learnt from the 1st hurdle is that everyone tries again and again until they get it right.’

Every problem no matter how big or small will remain a problem until you do something about it. If you are obese you will remain obese unless you take strides to remove the grease from foods and the crease from your skin. This constitutes your 1st step. Cross the 1st hurdle by removing any greasy foods from your diet. This can be hard. The hurdle is there and if you cross it you would have excelled in the 1st day. As you know this is often the most difficult thing ever to do. There are too many distractions, there isn’t enough support and temptation will always win you over. What do you do if you fail on your 1st day? You have to try again and again and again. You have to submerge yourself into an atmosphere or temperament that nudges you do take the 1st jump over your 1st hurdle. What if you are in debt? Debt is bad, it lets you sweat, fret and remain under constant threat. What can you do? Where shall you start? Consolidation is the easy hurdle to cross but are you willing to commit? Are you willing to take pen to paper and write down all your liabilities and compare them with your income? Jumping the 1st hurdle can become easy if you are passionate about something. A baby is very passionate to learn how to walk. The 1st step or hurdle is the hardest but passion drives the baby to keep trying and trying. It may take a few weeks, it may take even longer but the result is stability, flexibility and infallibility. You just have to try to cross the 1st hurdle in your life. This exhibits your innermost desire to make a change in your life and to reach the summit of your happiness, success and prosperity. You need to capitalise on hope. Hope is derivative from the confidence you mustered up by believing and by having trust in yourself and GOD. Hope is like a lifeline. Hope teaches you that only you can undo what you have already done before. Try your utmost to identify your problems no matter how big or small. Write them down. Discuss them with someone else. Work together, work as a family or work as a team. Once identified choose the easiest problem to conquer. Let this be your 1st hurdle to cross. Now cross it. Did you make a start or did you make a mess of it. If so, start again. You have to keep trying. You have to know in your mind that you can undo something that you have already done. Again if you put on weight than you can undo it. Is weight your issue, then cross the 1st hurdle today? Infer your attempts at the end of the day. On a linear scale of 1 – 10 did you do well? If not start again tomorrow. Cut down on the greasy intake, say no to crisps, sweets, chocolates, biscuits, cakes, ice-cream, tarts, pastries, bacon, fries, cold drinks and sugar. Eliminate them completely for the 1st day. Infer your progress at the end of the day. Continue to this until it becomes habit forming. Don’t forget, it is hard admittedly to cross the 1st hurdle but it is a lot easier to try again and again. Just fire up your emotions with passion and desire.

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