Sunday, 19 October 2014

‘Inspiration is the golden key to unlock your true potential.’

Quote of the day
‘Inspiration is the key to Success. You need it like a loaded breakfast each day. As you ingest it you will notice the rise in your creativeness, inventiveness and brilliance for the day.’

The Golden Key to Success is the word Inspiration. You need it like you need fuel to start your day and finish it with fulfilment and accomplishment. Inspiration is an 11 letter word and if used as an acronym could be interpreted as follows:

In November Seek Personal Inspirational Recreation Altruistically To Improve Overall Negation.

Dear Friends I use the words Inspirational Recreation because life is all about Renewal and Restoration. It is about making amends and it is about renewing our goals or shaping them to be more refined and defined. Renewal is about rekindling a lost idea or goal that fizzled away because of the circumstances that came upon us. Renewal is about revitalising or rejuvenating someone that has lost a beloved done. It is about replenishment helping to fill the void that now exists. It is about Restoration, refurbishing the cloudy days with sunny visionary deeds. It is about renewing and refurbishing your last goals. In order words it is about starting ALL over again. This is the mind-set I want you to have for November. I want you to remember the good times in your life in November. I want you to use these memories to stimulate you to get the job done be it a goal or a project. I want you to select a personalised Inspiration Recreation from a stream of daily Quotes that will come your way. Inspiration is indeed the golden key to unlock your true potential. Unlock your potential and release to the world. Build on this brick by brick and slowly watch how the tower of your life stands amongst towers. Tomorrow is the start to the new working week. How will you embrace it? You need to get up in the morning with sincerity, with energised passion and desire. You need to magnetically draw key inspirational Quotes to your agenda. Let these Quotes fire your day. Let them combust like petrol in a combustion chamber and push your energy levels to new heights. With this boost you can achieve anything. Negation is your procrastinator. Negation drives your energy levels in the other direction. Negation makes you hesitate. Negation makes you live in denial. Negation dismisses positivity. Negation is a negative force and drags you to the diminutive lifestyle. Always remember INSPIRATION is your golden key to unlock your true potential.

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