Wednesday, 15 October 2014

‘The Leverage of Progress’

Quote of the day
 ‘The progress of a person is defined as their initiation from a state of distress, clarified only by themselves and slowly progressing towards a road of complete Success.’

Dear Friends it is sometimes quite hard to face our dilemmas and instead we prefer to live with them. This is futile. What we are actually doing is carrying stress in our pockets, in our dockets and in our rockets. The use of the word rocket in this instance refers to our vocation. The use of the word docket in this instance refers to our daily agenda. With reference to the above photo please establish what point on the Gauge of Progress are you at. This must be an honest assessment. Honesty equals to reliability plus integrity. If you have debts like Fred amounting to £25,000, say £25,000 and not £22,000. We sometimes like to lessen the effect of our dilemma to soften the blow. Be realistic and be scrupulous. Your initiation of your dilemma starts at the point of distress. It is openly distressful because you can feel the constant agony, sorrow and pain that your dilemma brings home each day. You are carrying it to bed and you are restless in your sleep. Once you have identified your dilemma or your distress you must confess. This is hard. It is something you have to face. You have to come clean and put everything on the table. Now that you have confessed you have to progress to the next stage and address your dilemma. Addressing your dilemma makes you concentrate and focus on the process of identifying what really troubles you. This could be finances, marital problems, litigation, illness, obesity, addictions or compulsions. Once addressed you then need to coalesce. The Art of Coalescing merges forces together helping you to reach your success a lot easier. It is about merging family members, friends, family, colleagues or professionals to assist you in your dilemma. If your dilemma is finances you need to coalesce the income of everyone at home. You need to do the maths by taking away the expenses and seeing how much you have left. The balance is your input to reduce your debts each month over a designated period. The next stage on your Progress Gauge is to Impress. You need to electrify everyone by showing them how you are progressing each month. Show them something tangible that they could see, feel or taste. The final stage is your success. Success comes last. It comes at the end of the designated period. It is a time for rejoice and a time for triumph. You did it, you reached the pinnacle of success and squashed a dilemma that gave you sleepless nights and endless worries. This is how we eliminate problems. Read my tweets each day and chose the ones relevant to your predicament to assist you whilst gauging your progress. 

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