Friday, 31 October 2014

‘Farewell to an Old Period and welcome to a new one.’

Quote of the day

 ’All things that are good somehow seems to fade away into oblivion. Keeping the memories of the good days helps to generate new light to the future in a similar fashion.’

Dear Friends, welcome to the final day of October 2014. October was a very touching month for me. In that period of time I wrote 31 articles with inspiring content to help me and you improve our lives in a world that has gone a bit bizarre. I say bizarre because people are making it bizarre despite our attempts to live a life that is fulfilling and challenging. Going back twenty years ago I would never have dreamt that I could tap into The Universe and pluck fresh from its source inspiration that will help fire my day and inspire my life. Today as I pen these words I know that tomorrow awaits me with good moments, dull moments and bad moments even though I am determined to keep trying to do well in all aspects of my life. One of the key features to promote my day is to constantly think of the good memories of my life that I hold in my mind ready to delve into should I feel a sense of remorse, dismay or sad. It is hard to say farewell to fond memories of the past but at least we have the ability to record them like a VCR. Having these recorded memories of the good old days gives us the unique opportunity to tap into these flashbacks or memorable collections to help promote our day no matter how dreary it maybe. To me October has been collectively a good month. All those good old memories of October I shall treasure and keep with me for the rest of my life. To ensure November becomes a month to remember I will always tap into my past archives to learn how good memories were cultivated and use them to cultivate even better ones. Although good things come to an end my memories of them will never fade away. Using these memories helps us tremendously to make a dull situation stimulating and a weary moment exciting. So when October fades away into the oblivion of history let us hold onto those special moments. Yes, do say farewell even though it is hard but hang onto to those memories. Welcome tomorrow with open arms and when the situation arises where dull and bad overcomes good tap into the memories of October or into previous memories that you hold close to your heart. Keeping the memories of the good days helps to generate new light to the future in a similar fashion.

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