Sunday, 12 October 2014

‘Did you carry your TAG?’

Quote of the day

‘To ascertain Trust in Man or Woman you need to believe in them first. To ascertain Trust in GOD you need to believe in HIM too. Belief is about acceptance rather than rejection. With acceptance there is a foundation of incredible Trust. Without it there shall never be any trust at all.’

Where there is life especially in the nativity of a new-born there is a source of energy that we cannot fully understand that resonates in a given frequency of that new-born. Without that source of energy there shall be no life. We often limit ourselves to the meaning of life as a lifespan or a lifecycle but life is actually about energy, not solar, wind, electrical or magnetic energy but divine energy. Divine Energy makes a Hydrogen atom a Hydrogen atom limited to a single proton and a single electron orbiting in precision. Without this divine energy that Hydrogen Atom drifting in the chemistry of life as an individual atom or combined to form a molecule shall be no more. We doubt this energy because we need to see it yet it appears right in front of us as we open our eyes to a new day. The whole world holds its entire presence in The Universe because of this resonating divine energy. Each atom, each organism or each human being is prescribed a specific frequency in the spectrum of this divine resonance. I maybe 1200HZ and you maybe 1201HZ. Although we differ by just one hertz The Universe knows you, The Universe acknowledges you and The Universe is recording your history on Earth. This is something you have to establish through belief. Don’t wait another 50 years when they discover this spectrum of divine frequencies, you are here today in the 21st Century, timed at 20:01 on the 12th day of October 2014. Tomorrow it shall be a new day for you. It is hard to sustain your belief when tomorrows headlines throws a barrage of negativity. It is hard to sustain your belief when people at work talk intently on their disbelief. This is why I say onto, before leaving work ask yourself, ‘Did I carry my TAG’. TAG stands for Trust Almighty GOD. Yesterday I inspired you to believe and today I want to you to Trust. To assist you may I suggest carrying an object with you like a pebble, a small stone, a charm or a personal object in your purse or pocket and when negativity confronts you hold tight onto this object and say to yourself I Trust Almighty GOD. I believe in Almighty GOD and therefore my Trust shall never be altered or diminished. With Trust I shall persevere, I shall climb the tallest obstacles and descend the greatest hurdles bestowed upon me. With Trust I shall achieve my goals unselfishly. With Trust I shall walk alone knowing that GOD assigns the angels to walk beside me. With Trust I shall see goodness and differentiate it from badness. With Trust I shall never sway in my temperament and with Trust I shall live to 100 years of age. Finally with trust I shall attempt to rid my problems in October for they WILL be Over in October.

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