Tuesday, 21 October 2014

‘Adversity is Diversity’

Quote of the day

‘Adversity is Diversity. Adversity comes in ALL shapes and sizes. You need to learn about them, from them and you need to confront them from time to time. How you fare will determine the output of your life.’

What is an adversity? Adversities are man-made designed to oppress, suppress and depress an individual irrespective of their age, gender, colour, culture or creed. The storm that approaches to destroy, destruct or damage is not a natural phenomenon but rather a man-made occurrence capitalised over centuries in the manner of total greed. The result of such an act is hardship for the individual both mentally and physically from dawn to dusk, withdrawn and lacking trust. The result too is difficulties in meeting adversities, lacking the knowledge to cope and lacking the skills to rebuild. Adversities is about danger and knowing danger when it encounters you irrespective of its origin. Danger is a threat to the livelihoods of citizens from all over the world in different countries and from different backgrounds. Dear friends we are born for a reason. This reason exemplified in many of my Quotes and Articles states clearly that we are here for a valid reason to live in equality and to serve as sole custodians of the living world. There should be no misfortune if education is the realm of child development and growth. Greed has changed this by allowing a sector of people to lavish in wealth by stealth and to deprive the masses of their basic needs. Therefore danger lurks in varies forms. Adversity is diversity. To overcome this we need to become overnight HITS. HIT stands for Honesty, Integrity and Trust. Please refer to a previous article called being an Overnight HIT. Honesty is about sincerity and honour. It is about the moral act of being good and being descent. Applying the concept of being honest helps in meeting adversities and advising others to do the same. Integrity is the converse of being Greedy. Integrity displays the ability of someone to be truthful and reliable. They advise others to watch out for danger. They display clear signs or posts to inform rather than misinform. Trust is about hope. Hope for the future of our planet and hope for the future of our citizens irrespective of their age, gender, colour, culture or creed. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls be alert, be vigilant, be informed and be constantly a HIT. Using these trying attributes and you shall weather the storm, move the cyclone, rebuild the planet and live a life of happiness and longevity.

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