Thursday, 16 October 2014

The Tenderness of a Person’s Feelings

Quote of the day

‘The tenderness of a person’s feelings is by far their most sensitive and sympathetic point. It is a point that you need to exercise gentleness, kindness, fondness and compassion. Do these things on a daily basis and you shall establish true friendship?’

Without true friendship there is no friendship. Friendship holds the key to merriment, excitement and love. With Friendship success in life is a lot easier. True Friendship is about understanding a person, it is about understanding their needs and their goals. You cannot just make friends, you need to be responsible when you exercise friendship. You cannot say that your neighbour next door is your friend when you do not respect their feelings and understand their goals. You cannot walk amongst friends without knowing their names, their direction and their feelings. Feelings is an important aspect of friendship. Feelings are the core to an emotional condition of a person. Feelings to others is manners at its very best. Feelings is a resonant energy source that cannot be trampled with a barrage of harshness, rudeness and distastefulness. Feelings towards another person must be exercised with gentleness, kindness, fondness and compassion. Gentleness is like holding delicacy in the palm of your hands firmly and cautiously and lovingly. Kindness is about expressing your love in a very profound way with words that are eloquently chosen for the moment. Fondness is a never ending likeness for someone that you know, it is filled with love and it is filled with humanity. Compassion is to exercise care, consideration and kind heartedness to others irrespective of their mood swings as well as your very own. Success is about finding merriment, excitement and love on a daily basis. It requires your participation. It is like driving a car after you pass your driving test. You can continue driving without observing the Highway Code or you can drive by observing it. True Friendship is like that. You can either respect a person’s tenderness or you simply don’t. If you do Success becomes a lot easier. Your life becomes merry, excited and filled with love. If you don’t you can receive or give out harshness, rudeness and distastefulness. You know what it is like to constantly receive harshness, rudeness and distastefulness so why give it out. To be harsh is to be cruel and unkind. To be rude is to be impolite, insolent and discourteous. To be distasteful is to exercise offensive and unpleasant tones to another human being let alone a friend. I say onto you Dear Friends that you need to respect the feelings of other people the world over. You need to do this and by doing it you will find it easier to achieve your very own goals. In October we want to start by getting over our troubles. Respect the feelings of another human being and what how people will reciprocate their respect to you.

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