Saturday, 4 October 2014

‘The Value of a Second’

Quote of the day
 ‘The dawn of a new 48 hours of sheer relaxation is upon you, how you use it will determine what becomes of next week.’

Every week holds a key of seven days of human activity. As you unlock each day an aperture of unique opportunities is bestowed upon you. If you heavily inundated with serious issues as you unlock the Pandora’s Box to your day all you will see is clutter, mutter and constant stutter. Your day still divisible into 86,400 valuable seconds can become a daunting task because all you see is clutter. You only see disorder in bills, chills and thrills. Your environment is a mess. There is confusion in the household as well as at work or school, college or university. There is muddle in your words, people cannot understand you and this creates a day of tension. Ultimately your whole day or week becomes one of complete chaos. This is all the result of clutter in your Pandora’s Box. You opened it and now you saw it. What are you going to do about it? A cluttered life invites a muttered atmosphere. Everything becomes a grumble, a stumble, a fumble or ultimate trouble. You complain, she complains, he complains and then everyone is complaining. Sounds like the start to your usual weekend? A griped life is one that just fills your days with grumbling, quarrelling, protesting, objecting, whinging and moaning. How can you possibly have a weekend of sheer relaxation when you woke up to clutter and mutter? Hiding at the back of your Pandora’s Box is constant stutter. With stutter in your life you are unable to make decisions because clutter and mutter preceded this. Every suggestion ends up in the falter bin, rejected and unappreciated. How can a weekend designed especially for you be one of sheer relaxation. You need order rather than disorder. You need harmony rather than discord. You need love rather than hate. You energy rather than lethargy. You need determination rather than weakness. You need to assess, address and progress. Assessment evaluates your dilemmas and the intensity of it. Addressing it starts by talking about it to all concerned and then tackling the gremlins so to speak. It is obviously time to deal with it. Do this diligently and watch how you will progress in your life. You will float amongst the clouds and look in awe at the diversity of your life. Your life in particular starting this weekend should be indulged in joy, happiness and sheer pleasure. Your 172,800 seconds must be spent with appreciation.

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