Wednesday, 22 October 2014

‘Good Intent, good Content. Bad Intent, Bad Content.’

Quote of the day
 ‘With good intents you shall always accrue good contents. You will be guaranteed a life of happiness, relaxed and fortified to live to 100 years. However with just a dose of bad intents you can upset the scale of contentment and live a life that is unhappy, tensed and shortened.’

The power of your intent is the ability to concentrate on getting the job done. With this unique mind-set you are focused, absorbed and fixated to do well. Focussing draws your attention to the finer details of any aspect of your work. Absorption immerses your entire mind and body in the subject matter ensuring that you produce the finest work. Fixation is about the innermost passion and desire that you have in whatever you do. Add a dose of goodness to the equation and you make your intentions accrue good content. Good Content yields the happiness you so deserve. You are comfortable in your work, in your poise and in your thoughts. You are often pleased with your end results and often go home feeling totally elated. This is what I often call Work Gratification. Good Intents accrue good content. Getting the job done with eagerness and thoroughness carries you a long way. It guarantees you a good clientele and a steady income. Your remuneration is always appreciated and gives you the valued lifestyle bespoke to your needs. You plan not just for the day but for the rest of your life. You live a balanced life, you manage a balanced schedule and never disappoint your customers or family members. It is all about being less stressed and more addressed. It is all about being unselfish to the core and not just on the surface. It is all about being responsible from your 1st day at work to the very last day when you say farewell to the working world and retire into a melody of blissfulness and relaxation. The converse of good intents is bad intents. Bad intentions results in a miserable life. We seek wealth more than our health and we often do it with stealth. We live in seclusion and often without collusion. We live with delusion and with confusion. We live for the day and ignore the future. We are often tensed, unfocussed, unhappy and extremely stressed. Our future becomes bleak. We often become addictive to say smoking, drinking or drugs to comfort our stress. We work for money rather than work for the needs of our customers. Customers render us with money and therefore our priorities need to be for them and only them. Dear friends you need to have good intents all the way from the break of dawn to the dusk of day. You need to slumber in peace knowing that you had a marvellous and productive day.

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