Monday, 27 October 2014

‘What is my World?’

Quote of the day
‘I have entered the corridors of my new world in a transported life cycle of spiritual guidance and self-realisation. I can tell you quite openly that it is a world that you simply want to hold hands with me and follow me on a journey that is never ending.’

Twenty years ago I was transported spiritually into a new world, a world I call nirvana. It is a world of joy, happiness, elation and rapture. It was a journey lasting 20 years of spiritual enlightenment that has taught me so much, that has showed me a great deal and it is about to show me even more and more. I have started my new journey penniless, homeless and very suicidal. I say very suicidal without hesitation because I had already transcribed my suicidal note ready for those who I selfishly wanted to leave behind to read and remember me. A spiritual revelation had come my way and intervened. I call this intervention an Elevation from a Revelation. You can read my journey in detail listed for your perusal in my Trilogy Series called ‘The Modern Day Trilogy.’ My spiritual journey was a lesson to be learnt in daily doses of a spiritual awakening. I was like a new-born, born into a logical world from an earthly womb of illogicality. Whatever I learnt in the past 20 years had been a journey of lifetime. It was a journey of ecstasy and not fantasy. It was a journey into heaven on a spiritual 747. It was a cloud nine experience with a divine appearance. It was one of joy filling my heart with pleasure. It was a journey of bliss that I was sure glad not to miss. It was a journey of happiness without the feeling of sadness, madness and badness that construed my last 35 years. It was a rapture that would capture my imagination and turn it into glorification. I had seen The Heavens and I have seen the earths. I have seen The Eden and I have become to reason. I have seen how it all started in a volumetric archive of spiritual footage that made sense and still keeps making sense. This is my world. A new beginning from an old adage. Live your life to the fullest in the timespan allocated to you. Live it logically and become enlightened ideologically. This is a journey for you too. You do not need a credit card to make a purchase but instead a good heart to reason and to start believing. Follow me daily and become enlightened with inspiration. Don’t let your inspiration be like a firework that lights up the sky for the brief moment and then fades away into the bleakness of a lonely night. Let your inspiration glow as bright as the Sun. Let it awe you with a magical connotation of action and satisfaction. Let the journey begin and let it flow like a river from the source to the mouth meandering its way to new life and to older lifestyles and vice versa.

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