Thursday, 23 October 2014

‘The Expansibility of Life’

Quote of the day
‘The Expansibility of Life is 3 Dimensional originating from above and resonating downwards right to the core of the Earth. In the 1st dimension there is The Heavens above, in the 2nd there is us grounded and secure and in the 3rd dimension below ground is life that we cannot understand teeming with migrant workers to make possible the expansion of life.’

This is the expansibility of life. Life is not just confined to you or to me. Life is 3 dimensional and infinite. In action above us is the heavens deplored in many manifestations visible and invisible to the naked eye. There is the atmosphere, the sky, the firmament, The Universe, Infinite Paradises and finally the seat of our Heavenly Father. On the ground we stand firmly affixed and walk the Earth knowing that the Employees watching from above give us the key mechanisms to carry on living on a day to day basis. Scientists call it gravity, I call it hope and confidence. The Earth is covered in a liveable membrane called the crust and we maketh our home. Demarcated through centuries of conflict little do we realise that all of the Earth’s crust is one, unified with enrichment for all. Yes, it is for all, all 7 billion of us. Underneath the tabernacle of the Earth’s Crust is an immensity of life classified by science by endeared by nature? There is life enriched with specific life starting with basic elements and moving forth with complex individuals that may look bizarre to us but work harmoniously to make life possible. Why the 3 dimensional expansibility of life on a Thursday morning, well it is written to inspire you to have hope and confidence like I do. I know if any of the 3 dimensional aspects or spheres of life was removed I or you shall not or never exist. So, when obstacles come my way I shall know that because I have acknowledged hope and confidence in a 3 dimensional way I shall always overcome these obstacles no matter how big or small they are. I must respect the 3 dimensional concept of life. For The Heavens above I shall pray incessantly acknowledging the existence of our Heavenly Father and to be a loyal servant throughout my Earthly existence. For the ground staff I shall honour and respect them no matter who they are or what they are. I shall love every human being irrespective of their colour, creed or culture. I shall love and manage the flora and fauna and avoid their extinction. I shall treasure the soil below and respect their inhabitants. As long as I have hope and confidence my life on Earth shall be filled with happiness, security and purpose. I want you to consider the same too. I don’t want you to accept it but at least consider it. If it is my passage to hope and confidence I am sure it shall be yours too. Grasp onto hope and confidence in a 3 dimensional form and trample all obstacles that cometh your way. Have a hopeful and confident day and a hopeful and confident life ahead of you.

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