Monday, 20 October 2014

‘The Best in You’
Quote of the day
‘The best in you is reflected in your preeminent character, in your superlative nature, in your exceptional values, in your greatest achievements, and in your finest display articulately and idiosyncratically. This is the quality of being excellent.’

Achieving your goals to make your life important requires the best in you. The level of your best is determined by your innermost desire and passion. You need that slender toned body and the acute mind-set in order to excel and be the best in your category in a world filled with so many categories. You need to be the best in everything from minute actions to complex decisions. If a pin dropped you need to exercise the best posture in order to pick it up and then place it in a safe place. If you need to make a life changing decision you need to be astute to permute, dispute or compute illogical thoughts to achieve logic results. Snap decisions of picking up a pin can lead to back injuries and impulsive decisions to change your life can result in cataclysmic failure. The best in you comes from the best in your intent poised with unselfishness and flanked with gentleness. You have a series of goals determined by its unselfish content, now you need to achieve them. Achieving them is easier if you bring out the best in you. The best in you is when you are the finest in your abilities and the greatest in achieving them. The best in you is when your efforts are unsurpassed. It is when you have the constant mind-set to do well and the slender toned body to execute those vital actions. The best in you is when you are the cream of your crop be it at home, work, school, college or university. The best in you is when you are the elite amongst your team members not for the solidarity of fame and fortune but for the joy and happiness of helping others to follow suit. The best in you is paramount in goal searching and in goal achieving. The best in you is about pre-eminence. A pre-eminent individual or rather a meritocratic goal setter is one that is distinguished, outstanding, leading, prestigious and prominent. Dear Friends, you have to go the extra mile to achieve that personal smile that shows a distinguished, outstanding, leading, prestigious and prominent person. This is a daily ritual that you have to be committed to. Yes, you may have the weekends off to unwind and rewind. Be the best, do your very best and exercise the best in you both mentally and physically. Watch then how the working week becomes an essential aspect of your life and weekends the point of sheer relaxation and the vital recovery process.

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